9 intensive weeks - 360 hours of code

Learn all the web stack. From the database to the browser.

1 - Ruby and coding basics
1 week
Get familiar with the command line and Git. Learn the basics of programming with Ruby and code programs playing with variables, methods, loops and conditional statements. Discover how you can read and write in files and how you can collect interesting data by scraping a website or by calling an API (for instance Twitter API).
2 - Software Engineering
1 week
Discover OOP (Object-Oriented programming) and learn to build advanced softwares by structuring your programs into different objects. If you want to build a social network, a market-place, a car-rental system, a restaurant booking platform... then you need to organize your code with a smart architecture. Same as an architect who wants to build a house, he must respect patterns and procedures. During this week, you will code your first applications following the MVC design pattern.
3 - Database & SQL
1 week
Programs need to store information in a database. Without databases, Facebook would lose your information every time you log in! Learn to design a database by defining tables and connections. Then discover SQL, the language used to read/write data and make queries to the database.
4 - Front-end
2 weeks
Improve your UI culture and learn all about HTML, CSS & best practices in web-design (positioning techniques, animations). Get familiar with Bootstrap, a useful library to prototype web-applications. Then move on to Javascript (ES6). Learn to manipulate the DOM, define events, and make AJAX requests with Javascript. You will play with lots of cool APIs during this module (Trello, Slack, Facebook , etc...).
5 - Rails
2 weeks
Time to put all your skills together and dive into Rails. No big deal here, you already know most of its elementary blocks and you will feel right at home! During your Rails training, you will have to code Airbnb from scratch in 5 days. You will work in teams to learn to collaborate on Github using pull requests and deploy your apps on Heroku, using the same workflow as successful startups.
6 - Project
2 weeks
Project Time! Code your own project during the 2 last weeks and build an awesome product!

Learn from the best

Le Wagon is rated 1st coding bootcamp in the world according to Coursereport and Switchup.

We have taught 209 batches (that's more than 3710 students!) and our program has evolved each time to reach perfection. We believe building a great curriculum takes time and it took us nearly 3 years to design the FullStack program. It is our longstanding experience that makes our program so efficient. You will learn in 2 months what you would have learned in 2 years:

An exciting community

3710+ students with various backgrounds (engineers, journalists, architects, designers..) are chatting every day on Slack, questioning our teaching staff, sharing tips, resources, code gists, job offers and news from their products. One of the best tech communities in the world. All the students of le Wagon share the same technical background and apply industry best practices. This mix between diversity & technical expertise makes our community unique.

Your developer portfolio

In only 2 months, build several web applications, including a clone of Airbnb and your own personal project. Deploy these apps and build yourself a solid Github portfolio.