Data Science career guide

With the rise of Big Data, Data Science jobs are in high-demand! Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer… each of these jobs has specific challenges! Here is an overview of their missions and the required skills to succeed in these positions. If you are interested in any of these jobs, our Data Science course could help you develop your skills to achieve your goals.

How to become an AI Developer?

AI developers develop the Artificial Intelligence software and applications that a particular business might use. They program systems that will change to suit the business’s needs based ... Read more

What is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine Learning Engineers are part software engineers and part data scientists, utilizing their coding and programming skills to collect, process, and analyze data. They create algorithm... Read more

What is a Data Analyst?

With so much data in the world, and with data as such a constant in all of our lives, there is a need for professionals who can analyze that data and suss out the human element. The job o... Read more

What is Data Engineering ?

In the world of big data, every job works together in order to understand the data collected and make the best use of it for the business. The role of a data engineer is to prepare the in... Read more

Data Product Owner: job, missions and skills

The role of Data Product Owners is to ensure value comes out of all the data projects of their companies. They need to develop a vision of what the data science team wants to achieve, tog... Read more

What is a Data Scientist?

Using various analytical tools and methods, Data Scientists find meaning and opportunities buried in gigabytes of data, which first they interpret and then translate into actionable busin... Read more

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