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Curso de Programação em Bruxelas - Le Wagon

Aprenda a programar uma aplicação web em 9 semanas no Le Wagon.

Próxima turma - Abr 15, 2019 (5.900 €)

Participe do curso

Durante nosso curso de programação de 9 semanas, construa vários aplicativos web e seu próprio projeto. Crie um portfólio sólido no Github e aprenda a trabalhar com uma equipe de tecnologia.

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Where the world feels like home

Brussels City is not only beautiful to live in, it is also the most cosmopolitan city in the world, easy to settle in and to feel at home. It is a place of countless opportunities for companies to expand their network or look for investments. The country’s tech scene has developed rapidly and we've been heavily involved since the start. Now the community is thriving and we are in the middle of the game. Time to join our intensive full stack coding bootcamp in Brussels!

  • Idioma: English

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Cantersteen Street 10, 1000 Brussels

You can find our coding school at Be Central (1st floor of the central station). This shared place is the home of successful startups and initiatives in the tech community, which offer the students all the inspiration and stimulation needed to jump in the tech world. In addition to our full stack coding bootcamp, we're hosting free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks during the week. Come meet us and join the wide network of tech lovers and alumni!

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Aprenda com professores talentosos que são programadores profissionais.

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O próximo curso de programação em Bruxelas começa em Abr 15, 2019