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A taste of Lisbon.

Why would you relocate to Lisbon?

Shannon graybill Published by Shannon Graybill on 12 Jun 2017

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Programe do jeito startup.

Aprenda desenvolvimento web

Aprenda tudo sobre Ruby, SQL e Rails Desenvolva suas habilidades em front-end usando técnicas avançadas de CSS (flexbox, grid, animações, etc..) e mergulhe em Javascript ES6. Mais detalhes.

Pense como um desenvolvedor

Aprenda a pensar como um engenheiro de software. Entenda as questões técnicas, saiba o que é um MVC, um DB scheme, um request HTTP. E o mais importante: capaz de aprender novas linguagens em pouco tempo.

Adote um workflow técnico

Certamente existe uma maneira certa de construir produtos tech e é isso que vamos te ensinar. Escreva as user stories do seu MVP, desenhe o esquema da sua base de dados, construa um mockup com Sketch, colabore usando pull-requests e code-reviews no Github. Assim trabalham as startups de sucesso.

Use as ferramentas do mundo startup

Heroku, Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary, Algolia... Nós vamos te ensinar como implementar todos esses serviços para ser mais eficiente ao lançar seu produto. Poupe tempo, use a ferramenta certa para necessidades específicas, esse é o nosso mindset de desenvolvedor.

Construa o seu produto

Ninguém vai te ensinar a construir produtos web como nós. Kudoz levantou 1.2 milhões de euros, Impact esta impactando a política, MaShareEcole escolas, Medpics o sistema de saúde, Krawd o marketing... e vários outros projetos estão começando a aparecer. Descubra você mesmo.

Encontre o trabalho dos seus sonhos

Trabalhe como desenvolvedor junior para Stripe, Gympass, PSafe, Vindi, etc.. Nós vamos te ajudar a encontrar o trabalho dos seus sonhos, seja como dev junior, product manager ou growth hacker. Discuta com algum de nossos estudantes para saber mais!

O que nossos estudantes pensam da gente

Andre Pires

My experience in the bootcamp was more than I could have expected. It started a bit scary and overwhelming in the ... Leia mais

Andre Pires
Batch #49, Lisbon
Publicado em Course Report, 23 Mar 2017
Rui Freitas

Le Wagon is worth the investment and lives up to its reputation. Before joining the bootcamp I was trying to follo... Leia mais

Rui Freitas
Batch #49, Lisbon
Publicado em Switchup, 26 Mar 2017
Bruna Siloto

I have a background in Graphic Design, working with front end for two years when I decided to do a programing boot... Leia mais

Bruna Siloto
Batch #49, Lisbon
Publicado em Course Report, 28 May 2017
Tom Gauthier

November 2016. I just turned 27, I was broke like a millennial online-entrepreneur and Trump was president of the ... Leia mais

Tom Gauthier
Batch #49, Lisbon
Publicado em Course Report, 28 May 2017
Rui Jorge

Le Wagon is worth the investment and lives up to its reputation. Before joining the bootcamp I was trying to follo... Leia mais

Rui Jorge
Batch #49, Lisbon
Publicado em Course Report, 26 Mar 2017
Lina Garcia Jordan

I started studying computational linguistic a year before I joined Le Wagon. Before my studies, I had zero compute... Leia mais

Lina Garcia Jordan
Batch #28, Lisbon
Publicado em Course Report, 23 Mar 2017

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Le Wagon é ranqueado o melhor coding bootcamp pelo SwitchUp

Professores em Lisbon

Carlos Mendes

After a master and a PhD in computer engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, Carlos founded Pricious, an ecommerce platform with discounts financed with advertisements. He has been programming in ruby on Rails for a long time now, and he loves to teach and communicate his passion for software development and for building creative digital solutions. He joined a Toastmaster club in 2014 to improve his communication skills and become a better public speaker and leader, which makes him an awesome teacher!

André Costa

A true adventurer in life. Once an architecture student, André changed his course to follow 3D animation and Augmented Reality at a time no one was speaking of it. A self-taught programmer, he kept pushing his boundaries and went on to co-found BeyonIdeas and to serve in several projects as a Frontend developer. Nowadays he’s an ambitious entrepreneur who loves technology, travel, learning new things and giving back his knowledge. You can also find him at Advicefront.

Filipe Paiva

Filipe goes through great lengths not to be bored, coding and launching new projects are where his heart lies! Filipe studied International Business and Strategy in England, and taught English in Brazil. After working to setup the information system for his family run business, he decided it was time to dive deep into code. Now he one of the lead teachers at Le Wagon and is provides tech support for clients.



Shannon Graybill

This cowgirl turned wannabe-European spent the first 5 years after university working and traveling through Asia and Africa before discovering her love of Southern Europe – Portugal in particular. Shannon’s professional focus was mainly marketing and business development, but entering Lisbon’s startup scene has changed her tune. She is now warming up her tech muscles while pursuing her own startup dreams and mobilizing Portugal's inspired-entrepreneurs to bootstrap and build “it” themselves.



João Viana

João has been in love with web development since high school, he has background in Computer Science and Electrical engineering and soon realised that the web was his passion. Former bartender in Lisbon’s busy nightlife, student from Batch #28, teacher assistant in Le Wagon and now devoted to teach code from 0 to hero, hoping to inspire people to be creative and independent in this fast paced, high tech world.

Ricardo Otero

Experienced web developer with Ruby background, proud co-founder of HOKO

Rui Freitas

After a brief affair with Computer Engineering when he was 18, Rui rediscovered his passion for software with Le Wagon. In between, Rui has lived in Asia, founded two small translation companies, walked the Great Wall of China, swam with sharks in the Maldives, crossed Asia into Europe on the Trans-Siberian train and ventured into the Colombian tropical forests to find the Lost City. A former Le Wagon Lisbon alumni, Rui loves to teach and to see software products come to life. Ruby is his favourite language, but he’s also been experimenting with JavaScript frameworks (React.js, Vue.js and Node.js).



Beloved Teaching Assistants

Alexandre Fontes

Manel Sepúlveda

Tamara Jost

Antoine Quellier

Miguel Tavares

Clement Lattelais

Daniel Bugge

David Zwagemaker

Francisco Barreto

Irina Popa

Joana Reis

Aleksandra Kurdo

Mariana Marcelino

Olya Yeremenko

Paolo Kuzminsky

Swen Kunzel

Dicas de Lisbon

Not from Lisbon? Looking for a place to live during the bootcamp? Here are all the resources you need to search efficiently! If you have any question on Lisbon or the program, feel free to reach out to use at

Quem contrata nossos alunos

Onde nossos estudantes estão trabalhando


Valentin Ménard

Product Manager


Jordan Demmouche



Fabienne Bremond

Fullstack dev


Gildas Frémont

Product Manager


Benjamin Hagege

Customer Success Manager


Paul-Etienne Coisne

Fullstack dev


Aoife McDaid

Software engineer


Valentine Langer



Marina Starkova

Engineering Manager


Kara Diaby

Growth hacker


Quentin Brasseur

Assistant Digital Marketing Manager


Stanislas Pollet

Growth Hacker


Simon Baldeyrou



Achille Miklitarian

Customer Success


Antoine Cathelin

Technical Support Engineer


Aurélie Merlo

Fullstack dev


Florence Delannoy

Head of Demand

Toucan Toco

Margot Sylvain

Product Specialist & Client Success Manager


Jesse Ramon

ReactJS Developer


Marine Houzé

Product Manager

Le Collectionist

Romain Martins

Fullstack dev


Rafael Millán

Backend Developer


Nicolas Rouault

R&D engineer

En Voiture Simone

Vincent Brès

FullStack Dev


Romain Fernandes

Industry Lead


Luc Monteil

Head of Business Intelligence

Amazon Web Services

Robby Guerrier

Partner development Representative


Remy Taglang

VP sales operations


Guillaume Lavoisier

Chief Customer Officer


Charles De La Cochetière

Growth & Product Marketing Manager


Yassine Harraj

Data Analyst

Diogo Perin

UX Designer


Fabien Loup

Software Engineer


Camille Delbove

Front-end Developer

Event Corner

Michael Monin

Back-end developer


Thomas Deschamps

Backend Developer


Nordine Slimani

Product Manager


Mehdi Ayouche

Product Manager


Thomas Joët

Product Manager


Olivier Casassus

Digital Marketing Manager


Jean Anquetil

Full Stack Developer


Manou Febvret

Front-end Developer


Alice Gillet

Strategic Partnerships Manager


Mia Wardé

Customer Success Manager

Eric Lacaille

Software Engineer


Edouard Winia

Product Manager


Ariane Coulon

Product Owner


Emeric Henon



Louis Robert

Product Manager


Hugo Vandernotte

Data Scientist

Grégoire Charles

Product Manager

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