Veja o que nossos alunos podem fazer em 9 semanas, assista ao demoday ⚛️

Programe do jeito startup.

Aprenda desenvolvimento web

Aprenda tudo sobre Ruby, SQL e Rails Desenvolva suas habilidades em front-end usando técnicas avançadas de CSS (flexbox, grid, animações, etc..) e mergulhe em Javascript ES6. Mais detalhes.

Pense como um desenvolvedor

Aprenda a pensar como um engenheiro de software. Uma pessoa que entende as questões técnicas, que sabe o que é um MVC, um DB scheme, um request HTTP, e capaz de aprender novas linguagens em pouco tempo.

Adote um workflow técnico

Certamente existe uma maneira certa de construir produtos tech e é isso que vamos te ensinar. Escreva as user stories do seu MVP, desenhe o esquema da sua base de dados, construa um mockup com Sketch, colabore usando pull-requests e code-reviews no Github. Assim trabalham as startups de sucesso.

Use as ferramentas do mundo startup

Heroku, Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary, Algolia... Nós vamos te ensinar como implementar todos esses serviços para ser mais eficiente ao lançar seu produto. Poupe tempo, use a ferramenta certa para necessidades específicias, esse é o nosso mindset de desenvolvedor.

Construa o seu produto

Ninguém vai te ensinar a construir produtos web como nós. Kudoz levantou 1.2 milhões de euros, Impact esta impactando a política, MaShareEcole escolas, Medpics o sistema de saúde, Krawd o marketing... e vários outros projetos estão começando a aparecer. Descubra você mesmo.

Encontre o trabalho dos seus sonhos

Trabalhe como desenvolvedor junior para Stripe, Gympass, PSafe, Vindi, etc.. Nós vamos te ajudar a encontrar o trabalho dos seus sonhos, seja como dev junior, product manager ou growth hacker. Discuta com algum de nossos estudantes para saber mais!

What our students think of us

Quentin Coray

I just graduated from a Business School with a Master of Science in Digital Marketing. During my internships, I ha... Read more

Quentin Coray
Batch #59, Paris
Published on Course Report, 22 May 2017
Anne-Sophie Chambon

My name is Anne-Sophie, and I was part of Le Wagon Batch #59 in Paris - which ended in March 2017. I was nothing c... Read more

Anne-Sophie Chambon
Batch #59, Paris
Published on Course Report, 22 May 2017
Jonathan Parisot

I had been wanting to learn coding for a while before enrolling to Le Wagon. I started learning with some online s... Read more

Jonathan Parisot
Batch #59, Paris
Published on Course Report, 25 Apr 2017
Timothée Goguely

After studying graphic design and working for two years as a freelance UI/UX designer in Paris, I decided to join ... Read more

Timothée Goguely
Batch #48, Paris
Published on Course Report, 07 Apr 2017
Julie Ehrmann

I graduated in 2013 from a business school with a specialisation in finance, then worked for 3 years in startups b... Read more

Julie Ehrmann
Batch #48, Paris
Published on Course Report, 13 Mar 2017
Isabelle Bonnard

You are a creative individual and you don't have the tech skills to make your ideas real? You feel that your studi... Read more

Isabelle Bonnard
Batch #43, Paris
Published on Course Report, 07 Apr 2017

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Professores em Paris

Romain Paillard

Romain was a lawyer when he co-founded Le Wagon with his brother Boris in 2013. He takes care of students and help other cities to grow as well as Paris :)

Edward Schults

Edward and Le Wagon is a long love story. Former student of Batch #4, teaching assistant during one year, he is now an official teacher and fullstack developer at Le Wagon. Oh, and Edward also founded Lovely Hood.

Kevin Robert

Previously tutor in mathematics, physics and biology, Kevin joined the full stack program in early 2015 and now works as a freelance rails developer for a few startups. Far from having forgotten his first love, he is also teaching assistant here in Paris and takes care that our students fully understand what they are doing and why!

Cecile Veneziani

After 8 years working on e-commerce apps, Cecile now likes sharing her passion for Ruby and Rails. Coming from Lille, she's an active member of the local Ruby & Rails community (co-organizing Rails Girls & Ruby Burgers events). Initially a teacher at Le Wagon Paris, she also teaches in various European cities to bring our students all her experience and expertise!

Gabriel Dehan

With 10+ years experience of programming, using Ruby & Rails for more than 5 years, Gabriel has been teaching Le Wagon students from batch #1, all around Europe! Now a freelance developer, digital nomad and meditation practitioner, Gabriel is a king in teaching techniques...

Teacher, Rails mentor




Karine Bialobroda

Karine is the perfect frontend teacher. With a graphic design background, she has worked in web agencies for several years before getting bored and joining Le Wagon 2 years ago. Since, she worked as a Freelance before launching Poulpe with Alice Morin, a Digital Agency. Above all, she's got taste, patience, and talent, which makes here an awesome frontend and web-design teacher for our students.

Front-End Teacher




Damien Le Thiec

Joining Le Wagon (Batch #30) changed Damien's life. A former business school student, he fell in love with code and is now full-time freelance web developer. When he is not traveling the world, Damien shares his passion with our students in Paris. You can read his blog!

Isabelle Bonnard

After graduating from engineering school, Isabelle has worked for 5+ years as a management consultant. She was part of Le Wagon batch#43 in Paris in fall 2016, and is launching her start-up ZA:DL in Fintech. In parallel, she is a Teacher for new batches of students!

Julie Pierre

Julie graduated from a french Business School and worked for 3 years in 2 start-ups before joigning Le Wagon, Batch #43. Eager to understand and learn how the web works, she became passionate about the code and is now very happy to help new students.

Boris Paillard

After an engineering school, Boris worked for 3 years in financial markets before getting bored. He quit to live his real passion, web-development and product design. Co-founding Le Wagon as CEO, he has been teaching frontend, web-design and Rails for 4 years and also gives frequent talks on technical entrepreneurship in major business & engineering schools.

Maxime Delpit

From a Business School to Le Wagon, Maxime created Goose, a web agency creating MVPs for corporates. He has been working closely with Le Wagon students to help them keep on coding after the bootcamp!

Sébastien Saunier

Sébastien is a software engineer with more than 8 years of experience. He worked at Google & VirtuOz, and now teaches all you need to know about web programming and the technical workflow used in a startup.

Edouard Foussier

After building several communities of entrepreneurs around the world, Edouard fell in love with LeWagon’s one! This fan of serendipity and the pay-it-forward attitude will know how to properly welcome you!

Cedric Menteau

After a couple of year working for the surf industry, Cedric, pioneer from batch #1, is now a freelancer front-end developer in Bordeaux. Never far away from Paris, he helps us tackle some underground marketing tasks and often come back here and meet our alumni in order to write stuff down about them !

All Things Marketing




Benjamin Bignon

After graduating with a BSBA in the US, Benjamin went back to France to join a web agency where he first worked for the French Presidency then he became the Orange account manager, and the sales Director there. After nearly 8 years there, he joined a Powerpoint agency as the B2B Sales Director, yet, not totally satisfied with the market and most of all curious about the startups world he got accepted in the “Lion program” by The Family. Today the adventure continues at Le Wagon where he is in charge of the corporate offers. You can reach him at +33 7 83 59 97 95 or

Key Account Manager



Tatiana Perillo

After a Masters in Business Law at la Sorbonne, Tatiana did the FullStack program in 2015, Batch # 10 . Passionate by code and innovation and after a MBA she joined the team to reinforce the Wagon/Business relationship and organize Job Fairs!

Business Developer



Claire Counilh

With Le Wagon, Claire began teaching what she loves : Yoga! She is the breath of fresh air, offering to the students and the team a deep moment of relaxation for the brain and the back. Thanks to her, our alumni are by far the most flexible :)

Yoga Master



Beloved Teaching Assistants


Alice Morin


Thomas Desmoulins


Camille Franceschi


Benjamin Lambrou


Benjamin Bavuz


Coralie Collignon


Gauthier Levha


Cyrielle Fauré


César Lacaille




Henri Jousse




Lior Besnainou


Matthieu Rouvin


Timothée Goguely

Quem contrata nossos alunos

Onde nossos estudantes estão trabalhando


Olivier Godement

Country Operations


Jean-Edern Lorillon

Business Development


Louis Pinot

Web Developer


Amélie Beurrier

Product Manager

Scalr bis

Jean-Baptiste Beck

Business Development

Clustree bis

Grégoire Charles

Product Manager


Alice Clavel

Back-end Developer


Fabien Loup

Software Engineer


Maxime Braud

Product Manager


Camille Delbove

Front-end Developer


Michael Monin

Back-end developer


Sébastien Ferre

FullStack developer


Marina Starkova

Developer Ruby on Rails


Thomas Deschamps

Backend Developer


Nordine Slimani

Product Manager

Rectangle 3 copy 2   bitmap

Mehdi Ayouche

Product Manager

Rectangle 3 copy   bitmap

Thomas Joët

Product Manager


Olivier Casassus

Digital Marketing Manager

Drivy logo

Jean Anquetil

Full Stack Developer


Manou Febvret

Front-end Developer


Ilias Hicham

Junior Ruby Developer

Doctolib logo1

Alice Gillet

Strategic Partnerships Manager


Mia Wardé

Customer Success Manager


Eric Lacaille

Software Engineer


Edouard Winia

Product Manager

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Ariane Coulon

Fullstack Developer

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Nicolas Biencourt

Product Manager

Logo uber

Emeric Henon

Marketing Manager API

Logo psafe

Louis Robert

Product Manager


Hugo Vandernotte

Data Scientist

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Em Paris, as palestras são em Francês. O próximo batch vai começar em 08 de Janeiro de 2018. Candidate-se