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Feito por Gabriela Martinez-Campos em Londres

IDK ("I Don't Know") is for indecisive individuals, particularly millennials, constantly active and wanting to make a game plan. This platform generates great ideas using a set of parameters.

Seguinte: QuestBoard
feito por Carla Almazora


Feito por Carla Almazora em Tóquio

QuestBoard provides a way for you to organize board game events, meet fellow board gamers, and track your board game statistics/history through your very own customizable character, complete with a leveling system.

Seguinte: Polyglot
feito por Rekai Musuka


Feito por Rekai Musuka em Londres

Polyglot is a video chat application with real-time translation and captioning. Communicate in different languages and receive real-time translated subtitles in your native tongue.

Seguinte: Recipeasy
feito por Matt Pitt


Feito por Matt Pitt em Berlim

Ever wondered what to cook for dinner when you only have a few items left in your fridge? Recipeasy is a recipe generator from the ingredients you love. Just press the space bar to find the perfect match and start cooking.

Seguinte: Janus
feito por Nicolas Barakat


Feito por Nicolas Barakat em Amsterdã

With Bodydash you will get a better understanding of your health with a quick blood test you can take at one of our many labs in your area. Monitor your improvement over time in your own personalised online dashboard.

Seguinte: Novelty
feito por Meredith Avery


Feito por Meredith Avery em Berlim

Writing a 50k word novel is a huge task, and most people never finish. Novelty is a distraction free text editor that coaches you to meet your goals with tracking, visualization, and prompts.

Seguinte: Dogrunner
feito por John Fish


Feito por John Fish em Berlim

It's difficult for large dogs to get enough exercise, especially in the city. When dogs get enough exercise, they are healthier and happier. Dogrunner connects dog-loving runners with dogs that need more exercise.

Seguinte: OnTop
feito por Romain Campech


Feito por Romain Campech em Londres

OnTop let you create teams and tournaments to animate your five a side games with friends. Animate your soccer tournaments like pros and challenge your friends. Create, Compete, Compare!

Seguinte: Vesper
feito por Simon Guertin


Feito por Simon Guertin em Montreal

Let's connect bar owners directly with their target clientele and provide a more streamlined experience for consumers! Fun should be planned with Vesper.