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Learn the basics of JavaScript in less than 2 hours 🚀

  • Javascript

Let's go through JavaScript core notions together. This programming language is very popular. It's been used by all web browsers for more than 15 years and every web developer will code some JS during their career. In addition to that, lots of cool JS frameworks were built recently, like React.js from Facebook.

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Women's Coding Day - Learn to code your first landing page 🙋‍♀️

  • HTML
  • CSS

Le Wagon Women's Coding Day is a full morning of coding dedicated to all women who want to gain coding skills. If you are interested or know women who want to discover to code, this is the place! Our team of female teachers will assist you during this workshop on the basics of HTML and CSS. At the end of this workshop, you will learn how you can build your first landing page!

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Get started in UI Design

  • Figma
  • UI
  • Prototyping

In this workshop, we will go over some general knowledge about standard UI components and how they are built. You’ll learn to quickly build a set of icons, a newsletter banner or even a mockup for your app. After giving you all the best tips, you’ll get a short demo of Figma, a great design tool for UX & UI designers.

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