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São Paulo Campus


Everything you need to know about Le Wagon São Paulo

Dive deeper into our campus life in São Paulo. Learn about our bootcamps and discover our alumni and campus' daily life!

  • Dia a Dia no campus de São Paulo

    Dia a Dia no campus de São Paulo

  • From Lawyer to Coder in 3 months

    From Lawyer to Coder in 3 months

  • Le Wagon in GloboNews

    Le Wagon in GloboNews

  • Le Wagon in 6 minutes (Pt-Br)

    Le Wagon in 6 minutes (Pt-Br)

  • Le Wagon as told by Alumni

    Le Wagon as told by Alumni

  • Alumni telling how Le Wagon was for them

    Alumni telling how Le Wagon was for them

  • Back on Campus (!)

    Back on Campus (!)

  • Is Data Science for me?

    Is Data Science for me?

Our courses

Join our immersive bootcamps in São Paulo

You will learn the most in-demand skills in weeks and land your dream job in tech!


Live classes


2 or 6 months


On site or Online


Start your tech journey by attending a free workshop in São Paulo

In addition to our courses, we host free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks at our São Paulo campus. Come down and meet us!

Web Development course in São Paulo

Data Science course in São Paulo

Le Wagon São Paulo

R. Jericó, 193 - cj. 72 - Vila Madalena, São Paulo

You can start for FREE! Join a live workshop for web development, data analytics, or UX design.

R. Jericó, 193 - cj. 72 - Vila Madalena, São Paulo

Web Development course in São Paulo

Data Science course in São Paulo

Le Wagon São Paulo

R. Jericó, 193 - cj. 72 - Vila Madalena, São Paulo


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  • Income Share Agreement (ISA) - Study now and repay only once you land a job.
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Be ready to learn job-ready skills in a matter of weeks with our career change programs.

N26 Spendesk Qonto Trainline Microsoft BCG Getaround Metaverse Backmarket
Amazon Accenture Doctolib Apple Ernst and Young Shopify Hello Fresh IBM Lydia


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employment rate

3 months

on average to find a job

See what our students do after their bootcamp in São Paulo

  • Guilherme Chacon

    Guilherme Chacon

    Data Scientist


  • Daniela Ichikawa

    Daniela Ichikawa

    Software Engineer


  • Rodrigo Goulart

    Rodrigo Goulart

    Data Analyst


  • Alana Nobrega

    Alana Nobrega

    Full-Stack Developer


  • Pedro Costa

    Pedro Costa

    Software Engineer


  • Thamiris Brandão

    Thamiris Brandão

    Data Scientist


  • Alexandre Stamm

    Alexandre Stamm

    Business Analyst


  • Beatriz Fernandes

    Beatriz Fernandes

    Software Engineer


  • Renan Moises

    Renan Moises

    Data Science & Engineering Manager, VP

    JP Morgan Chase & Co

  • Vitor Dal Pra

    Vitor Dal Pra

    Product Manager


  • João Pedro Thompson

    João Pedro Thompson



  • Armando Rangel

    Armando Rangel

    Business Analyst


  • Pedro Mesquita

    Pedro Mesquita

    Junior Data Analyst


  • Luciano Montezzo

    Luciano Montezzo



  • Riza Braga

    Riza Braga



  • Eduardo Scovino

    Eduardo Scovino

    Senior Data Analyst


  • Beto Caffaro

    Beto Caffaro

    Analytics Manager


  • Cícero Vargas

    Cícero Vargas

    Data Analyst

    ABC de Itaperuna

Campus life

Take a look at our campus in São Paulo

  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus
  • São Paulo Campus

Meet the staff in São Paulo

Why you should study in São Paulo

Le Wagon has graduated over 1000 students in Brazil since 2016 and our alumni devs or data scientist have already been hired in companies like Nubank, Loft, XP, Enjoei or Loggi. A bootcamp is much more than just its content, it's an occasion to join the most creative techies of Brazil, with future entrepreneurs, digital nomads and talents from all over. Happy Hours do help.

The content of the bootcamps, created centrally, is the same in any of the 45 campus of Le Wagon and it is updated on a weekly basis. In São Paulo, you'll get a chance to have local teachers giving class in portuguese. Oh, and the access is for life (!).

São Paulo is the epicenter of the fastest growing startup region in the world: Latin America. The recent blockbuster listing of Nubank will be soon followed by others such as Kavak and Creditas. This in turn will fuel a whole new generation of talent and investment, further accelerating the growth of the region.

Le Wagon Web Development bootcamp has always been designed for beginners (motivated beginners!). We won't presuppose that you have any background in technology. 95% of our students never opened a code editor before joining le wagon. And we trained 17000 students all around the world and counting...

Our Web Development course covers everything you need to understand how software works, from back end logic, to database management (SQL) and front end. We teach in a very "hands on" method where 80% of your time, you'll be writing code (and debugging...). Our Data Science course will help you understand the engineer part of Data, not only will you become better at manipulating data (in python) and making stunning vizualisations, but you'll be confronted to the possibilites of playing with Machine Learning and Deep Learning engines. And we teach how to put them in production. It is very much a course teaching you how to make, not how to sound smart :) (even if we hope you may sound smarter afterwards...)

Le Wagon is one of the best coding bootcamp in the world and now available in the State of São Paulo. Learn a programming language right from the middle of the marvellous surroundings of Vila Madalena. There are many ways to become a fullstack developer, but not that many in the heart of the most vibrant city of Latin America.

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