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Everything you need to know about Le Wagon Munich

Dive deeper into our campus life in Munich. Learn about our bootcamps and discover our alumni and campus' daily life!

  • Welcome to Le Wagon Munich

    Welcome to Le Wagon Munich

  • Le Wagon Munich Campus Introduction

    Le Wagon Munich Campus Introduction

  • Le Wagon Munich Alumni Video

    Le Wagon Munich Alumni Video

  • Munich Demo Day Batches 668 & 674

    Munich Demo Day Batches 668 & 674

Our courses

Join our immersive bootcamps in Munich

You will learn the most in-demand skills in weeks and land your dream job in tech!


Live classes


2 or 6 months


On site or Online

Web Development Web Development

Web Development 400h


Become a software developer and build web applications from database to user interface.

Learn Web Development
Data Science Data Science

Data Science 400h


Learn the skills of a data scientist and build your own AI products from scratch.

Learn Data Science
Data Analytics Data Analytics

Data Analytics 400h


Learn to turn your data into actionable insights and land a job as data analyst.

Learn Data Analytics


Start your tech journey by attending a free workshop in Munich

In addition to our courses, we host free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks at our Munich campus. Come down and meet us!

Web Development course in Munich

Data Science course in Munich

Le Wagon Munich

Balanstraße 73, 81541 München

In Person workshop: Women’s Coding Day 👩‍💻 Learn to build your first landing page

Online Workshop: Learn to code the basics of JavaScript in 2 hours

Le Wagon Demo Day - Batch #1071 & #1072

You can start for FREE! Join a live workshop for web development, data analytics, or UX design.

Balanstraße 73, 81541 München

Web Development course in Munich

Data Science course in Munich

Le Wagon Munich

Balanstraße 73, 81541 München


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Get hired at top tech companies

Be ready to learn job-ready skills in a matter of weeks with our career change programs.

N26 Spendesk Qonto Trainline Microsoft BCG Getaround Metaverse Backmarket
Amazon Accenture Doctolib Apple Ernst and Young Shopify Hello Fresh IBM Lydia


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See what our students do after their bootcamp in Munich

Campus life

Take a look at our campus in Munich

  • Munich Campus
  • Munich Campus
  • Munich Campus
  • Munich Campus
  • Munich Campus
  • Munich Campus

Meet the staff in Munich

Why you should study in Munich

Some of the world's biggest companies are based in Munich. BMW, Adidas and Infineon are good examples of traditional businesses founded here that today attract top talent. “Hidden Champions” are often family-owned businesses that are world-leading in niche products of our daily life. How niche? Do you know who builds your car engine but who builds the chains used in the engine? Hidden Champion or not, all the companies in the Munich area have one thing in common: They all started to heavily invest in digitalising their workforce and production. With digitalisation comes a high demand for tech workers to participate in the newfound growth. Be it developers, designers or product managers, the Munich job market promises to stay exciting and challenging.

Munich has been called the "Silicon Valley of Europe" and its startup-hub is vibrant, diverse and highly motivated. Many companies that started digitalising cooperate with the local universities and schools when it comes to finding new solutions to old problems. In return the students bring a lot of creative new energy to the established global players, often getting hired in the process.

Of course, everyone thinks of the Oktoberfest when thinking about Munich and to be fair, the beer festival does attract a lot of people and it is a very exciting experience but it doesn't do justice to the rich history and culture that you can find in and around Munich.

Munich has a very established team, with some teachers having taught hundreds of students since the campus launched! But a local team is only as good as the community it’s part of: The city of Munich hosts some of the most important tech events in Germany and is home to a well-connected tech community that we and students regularly get to interact with - come here and get connected!

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