Code the startup way.

Learn web-development

Learn all about Ruby, SQL, and the Rails application framework. Develop your front-end skills by using advanced CSS technics (flexbox, grid, animations, etc..) and go deeper into Javascript by learning jQuery and React.js, the library developed by Facebook. More details.

Become a Software engineer

Become more than a developer, a Software engineer. A person who has the big picture on technical issues, who knows what is a MVC, a DB scheme, an HTTP request, and who can learn a new programming language within a week.

Adopt a technical workflow

There's definitely a good way of building tech products and that's what we will teach you. Write your MVP's user stories, draw your database scheme, build a mockup with Sketch, collaborate using pull-requests and code-reviews on Github. That's how successful startups work.

Get the startup toolkit

Heroku, Stripe, Mandrill, Amazon S3, Algolia... We will teach you how to implement all these services to be more efficient at the launch of your new product. Save time, use the right tool for your specific need, that's our developer mindset.

Build your product

No one will teach you how to build web products as we do. Kudoz has just raised 1.2M, Impact is disrupting politics, MaShareEcole school, MedPics healthcare, Krawd marketing... and there are so many other projects in the starting blocks. Check it out for yourself.

Land a new job

Working as a junior developer for Stripe, Algolia, Molotov, Save, Compass, 55, Save, etc.. We will help you find your dream job, either as a junior dev, product manager or growth hacker. Discuss with any of our alumni to find out more!

Students Reviews

What our students think of us

Challenging, intense, fun, Le Wagon took us from clueless to junior devs in just a few weeks!
It's a whistle stop tour into the world of full stack programming that if you snooze, you lose, there's no going backwards only forwards into the unknown to give birth to new amazing products with your teammates for life.
I feel Le Wagon, gave me the keys to a new world. From here, it's all up to me.
9 weeks of intense coding.Great curriculum, enthusiastic coaches. The MBA of code.
Intense experience full of love and tears. Will do it again.
Le Wagon is THE coding school you should do. period. It's worth the cost. Go and see by yourself.
I was exhausted at the end of the bootcamp with my body still now recovering, but I loved every minute of it.
It was one of the most exciting and challenging time of my life. I felt that I should have learnt all of that 15 years ago, but this power of internet did not exist by then. So Lewagon was the right thing to do in this very right time.
Neophyte in programming, I was amazed about how @lewagon could seed us the proper knowledge to start migration on our own projects. Respect!
I loved it, I was challenged, frustrated, euphoric and down on my rear end some days. I would recommend Le Wagon to anyone with aspirations to code. Just be prepared for an emotional journey.
Really a life changing and amazing experience. I didn't expect to love coding this much!
I couldn't imagine to be so grateful after this 9 weeks. We learned so much about web development and have such a great time

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Teachers in Paris

Romain Paillard

Romain was a lawyer when he co-founded Le Wagon with his brother Boris in 2013. He takes care of students and help other cities to grow as well as Paris :)

Edward Schults

Edward and Le Wagon is a long love story. Former student of Batch #4, teaching assistant during one year, he is now an official teacher and fullstack developer at Le Wagon. Oh, and Edward also founded Lovely Hood.

Kevin Robert

Previously tutor in mathematics, physics and biology, Kevin joined the full stack program in early 2015 and now works as a freelance rails developer for a few startups. Far from having forgotten his first love, he is also teaching assistant here in Paris and takes care that our students fully understand what they are doing and why!

Boris Paillard

After an engineering school, Boris worked for 3 years in financial markets before getting bored. He quit to live his real passion, web-development and product design. Co-founding Le Wagon as CEO, he has been teaching frontend, web-design and Rails for 4 years and also gives frequent talks on technical entrepreneurship in major business & engineering schools.

Sébastien Saunier

Sébastien is a software engineer with more than 8 years of experience. He worked at Google & VirtuOz, and now teaches all you need to know about web programming and the technical workflow used in a startup.

Cecile Veneziani

After 7 years working on e-commerce apps, Cecile now likes sharing her passion for Ruby and Rails. Coming from Lille, she's an active member of the local Ruby & Rails community (co-organizing Rails Girls & Ruby Burgers events). Initially a teacher at Le Wagon Paris, she then joined the Amsterdam and Brussels gangs to bring our students all her efficiency and expertise!

Gabriel Dehan

Gabriel has been coding with Ruby & Rails for 5 years. He likes to understand what happens under the hood. He has worked at Tigerlilyapps and he is a king in teaching techniques!

Karine Bialobroda

Karine is the perfect frontend teacher. With a graphic design background, she has worked in web agencies for several years before getting bored and joining Le Wagon 2 years ago. Since then, she has worked on a lots of different project as freelance (design, frontend, backend) listed on her portfolio. Above all, she's got taste, patience, and talent, which makes here an awesome frontend and web-design teacher for our students.

Front-End Teacher




Thomas Sertorio

Thomas is a full-stack developper with a great engineering background. After 5 years as a Project Manager in the Intelligent Transport area, he spent 18 months in Shanghai as a professional squash coach. Then, he went back to Paris to join Le Wagon and launched Open Loge at the end of the program. From then, Thomas has kept coding on dozens of Rails applications as a freelance. He has a strong experience now and can help entrepreneurs build exactly what they want.

Maxime Delpit

From a Business School to Le Wagon, Maxime created Goose, a web agency creating MVPs for corporates. He has been working closely with Le Wagon students to help them keep on coding after the bootcamp!

Claire Counilh

With Le Wagon, Claire began teaching what she loves : Yoga! She is the breath of fresh air, offering to the students and the team a deep moment of relaxation for the brain and the back. Thanks to her, our alumni are by far the most flexible :)

Yoga Master



Edouard Foussier

After building several communities of entrepreneurs around the world, Edouard fell in love with LeWagon’s one! This fan of serendipity and the pay-it-forward attitude will know how to properly welcome you!

Cedric Menteau

After a couple of year working for the surf industry, Cedric, pioneer from batch #1, is now a freelancer front-end developer in Bordeaux. Never far away from Paris, he helps us tackle some underground marketing tasks and often come back here and meet our alumni in order to write stuff down about them !

All Things Marketing




Tatiana Perillo

After a Masters in Business Law at la Sorbonne, Tatiana did the FullStack program in 2015, Batch # 10 . Passionate by code and innovation and after a MBA she joined the team to bring the expertise of le wagon in the corporate world!

Business Developer



Beloved Teaching Assistants


Dimitri Bosch


Claire Antoine


Julien Da Silva


Alice Morin


Manou Febvret


Romain Morlevat


Oscar Friedel


Thomas Desmoulins


Damien Le Thiec


Hedi Jabri


Pierre-Henri Coustenoble


William Grenier Godard


Jean-Philippe Roy


Coline Colnat

They hired our students

Where our students are working


Olivier Godement

Country Operations


Jean-Edern Lorillon

Business Development


Louis Pinot

Web Developer


Amélie Beurrier

Product Manager

Scalr bis

Jean-Baptiste Beck

Business Development

Clustree bis

Grégoire Charles

Product Manager


Alice Clavel

Back-end Developer


Fabien Loup

Software Engineer


Maxime Braud

Product Manager


Camille Delbove

Front-end Developer


Michael Monin

Back-end developer


Sébastien Ferre

FullStack developer


Ilias Hicham

Junior Ruby developer


Marina Starkova

Developer Ruby on Rails


Thomas Deschamps

Backend Developer


Nordine Slimani

Product Manager

Rectangle 3 copy 2   bitmap

Mehdi Ayouche

Product Manager

Screen shot 2016 07 01 at 13.17.28

Vincent Rolea

Fullstack developer

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Thomas Joët

Product Manager

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Edward Schults

Fullstack developer

"an Impressive coding bootcamp"

In Paris, lectures are given in French. Next batch will start on April 10, 2017. Apply Now