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  • What was your favourite thing about Le Wagon Online?

    What was your favourite thing about Le Wagon Online?

  • Learn to code from home | A day in the life of a Le Wagon Online Student

    Learn to code from home | A day in the life of a Le Wagon Online Student

  • Start your tech career remotely with Le Wagon Online

    Start your tech career remotely with Le Wagon Online

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    Ernst & Young

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    Nicolas Huyghe

    Senior Data Analyst


Meet our Online staff


The Flex part-time bootcamp is a 24-week programme, which requires students to commit to around 16 hours of study per week on evenings or weekends. It includes 3 hours of scheduled live sessions & 13 hours of 1:1 supported practice, peer-to-peer learning, recorded content & personal study.

Flex part-time is designed to be studied online, from either the comfort of your home, or in a suitable remote environment.

Here's a brief summary of how you will learn:

  • Live sessions - Choose your two preferred live learning sessions each week, on selected weekday evenings or Saturday afternoon.
  • On-demand TA support - reach out to your teaching assistants via Slack or Zoom and get support on challenging topics and answers to specific questions.
  • Helpdesk - Access out of hours online teaching support via our forums & our exclusive online helpdesk.
  • Pair-programming - team up with your online buddy & work together to solve coding challenges & reinforce the learning you've built up so far on the course together.
  • Recorded lectures - Keep up the pace and find a time that suits you to watch the weekly lectures & complete your quizzes before you start the next topic in the upcoming live sessions.

The bootcamp has been designed to fit around a full-time job or other personal commitments. It’s perfect for students who want to have more options when it comes to choosing their study schedule.

Students can participate in their preferred Live Sessions either on selected weekday evenings, or on Saturday afternoons. This means that they can opt to not study at all on the weekend. We remind students to be mindful that the bi-weekly assessment deadlines need to be adhered to, in order to ensure everybody studies at the same pace & benefits from every live session equally.

Le Wagon fulfils the exact same mission everywhere whether you study online or in-person.
The curriculum is the same, alongside all of the course materials, lectures and exercises. Teachers and teaching assistants are hired and trained in the same way all around the globe, and all students have access to our global community and post-bootcamp careers services.

Here are some of the key benefits of our online bootcamps:

  • Learn from anywhere in the world, in your preferred time zone and language.
  • Access live online support from our teachers throughout the day and partake in interactive peer-to-peer learning with your online classmates.
  • Learn how to collaborate remotely on projects using a variety of online tools, just like in a real software engineering or data science team.
  • Become a part of an international online community of over 16,000 global alumni.

Want to know more?

Funding options are available for many of our online students, depending on your country of residence and any eligibility criteria to obtain funding support within that country.

To find out, simply select your country of residence on our financing page to discover what options are available to you. 

If you have more than one option, during your admissions interview we will help you to choose the best option available for you.

If you're unsure, feel free to reach out by email to our admissions team at to learn more about local funding options in your country.

Our online student community comes from a range of different backgrounds, both professionally and personally. As the course is fully online, our cohorts typically have a wider range of student nationalities than our in-person bootcamps, meaning the Online Bootcamp is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals from around the world. Plus it never hurts to get to know some fellow students living somewhere you might like to go and visit!

After you join the course, you'll be welcomed into our Le Wagon Slack server with over 16,000 current students & alumni. This is where you will interact with Le Wagoners from around the world and discuss a variety of professional topics, helpful threads and shared interests; allowing you to become fully immersed in our global community from the moment you join!

In short, the answer is yes! You simply need to ensure that you’re studying in a location where you have a good, stable internet connection. We also highly recommend that you join a course in a location as near as possible to the time zone you will be studying in.

If you're unable to locate a Le Wagon Online course available in your region just yet, be sure to still reach out to us; as there's a good chance we'll be opening up a course nearby soon!

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