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Next batches: Jan 13, 2020 (Full-Time - £6,500) and Apr 4, 2020 (Part-Time - £6,500)

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London is the heart of the continent's tech scene. In 2018, London received £6.3bn of start-up investment and the upward trend is set to continue. With more businesses launching, more job opportunities arise. Top flight companies hire our students to take up their next challenges. Partnerships with key players such as Google for Startups Campus London reinforce our presence at the core of this international tech hub filled with opportunities. The perfect setup for learning to code to launch your venture or take your career to the next level.

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Unit 13, 138 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DY

Le Wagon London is located in tech-central Shoreditch. It is surrounded by exciting start-ups and is only a stone's throw from the City, the world's largest financial centre. Our office is located in a lovely free standing, red brick building that was used as horse stables and cart post office from 1880 to 1941. It is now a place dedicated to teaching technical skills to creative people willing to change their lives.

Next batches:
  • Jan 13, 2020 - Mar 13, 2020 (Full-time - £6,500) Apply now
  • Apr 4, 2020 - Sep 26, 2020 (Part-time - £6,500) Apply now

Products built in London.

Our students had 2 weeks to invent, design, code 
and pitch their idea.

  • IDK Fall 2018

    IDK ("I Don't Know") is for indecisive individuals, particularly millennials, constantly active and wanting to make a game plan. This platform generates great ideas using a set of parameters.

    Gabriela Martinez-Campos
  • tunemates Winter 2019

    tunemates is for any group of friends or family together at home with party games that are bland and repetitive! It's a social music quiz game, asking you to select songs based on categories and you win by guessing whose songs and categories they belong to.

    Kieran Doyle
  • We Chef App Fall 2017

    WeChef is marketplace offering business administration tools for chefs, combined with a portal for B2B chef booking and management. Book a freelance chef tailored to your needs without the fees!

    Nathalia De Luccas Filopoulos
  • Winter 2017

    Transform your mind & body with the best instructors around the world, anytime, anywhere. Socialive is a learning video platform offering live courses in yoga, meditation, fitness from world-class instructors.

    Allison Grekin
  • Polyglot Summer 2018

    Polyglot is a video chat application with real-time translation and captioning. Communicate in different languages and receive real-time translated subtitles in your native tongue.

    Rekai Musuka
  • Gifter Winter 2018

    Gifter is an online platform that facilitates meaningful gift giving - contribution towards savings account, experiences and environmentally friendly gifts.

    Kateryna Merkalenko
  • Artem Summer 2017

    Experience art easily. Artem is a web responsive platform to list exhibitions around you, organised by genre, artists, reviews, friend suggestions and previous exhibitions attended.

    Liliane Momeni
  • Frida Spring 2017

    The new online art school! Frida allows you to learn art by receiving personalised feedback from artists. Your perfect learning companion with peer review, regular teacher feedback and the flexibility to include courses in your busy schedule.

    Claudia Terpstra
  • OnTop Fall 2016

    OnTop let you create teams and tournaments to animate your five a side games with friends. Animate your soccer tournaments like pros and challenge your friends. Create, Compete, Compare!

    Romain Campech
  • Kaampus Summer 2017

    Kaampus is a marketplace where firms browse student societies & buy email/SM posts to the society members. Companies and brands can email whole university societies with just a click of a button.

    Charlie Bullock
  • Fast Gardener Fall 2017

    Finding a reliable gardener and maintaining a garden is time consuming. Fastgardener allows you to book a professional gardener in seconds, all your gardening essentials in one standard hourly rate.

    Khaled McGonnell
  • Fantasy Politics Summer 2018

    Flagging levels of political engagement and activism by youth in Britain are leading to disenchantment with the system. Fantasy Politics is an online game like Fantasy Football but for politics. The politicians in the game accumulate based on a scoring system.

    Nayela Wickramasuriya
  • Tripper Summer 2018

    There are to many "must see" for any destination. Tripper helps you build a dynamic map that will automatically generate an itinerary based on length of holiday and that can be dynamically changed based on user inputs.

    Ben Smith
  • Voyagr Winter 2018

    Voyagr is a Facebook chatbot to help plan travel to the right places, with the right people. Find destination ideas that match your taste and that you can afford as well as choose a place that fits everyone’s taste.

    Angele Lenglemetz
  • Raffler Fall 2017

    Win your dream items through raffles. Sellers list their product online and buyers can win it for £1.

    Aurelien Alexandre
  • Kitty Fall 2017

    Want to overcome the painful, arduous process of sharing expenses with a group of friends? Kitty enables you to share expenses through a Messenger Bot. Also get a web dashboard with an overview of who spends on what in your group of friends!

    Jamie Dujardin
  • Fixes Spring 2017

    There is no good word games online... The ones that exist look awful. Good news, now there is Fixes, a head-to-head battle with 21 identical combos, with points awarded for speed of finish and rarity of word.

    Jamie Walden
  • Databall Summer 2017

    Football fans enjoy betting but they lack access to easy to interpret statistical models and data visualisations. Databall is a simple web app for football fans to interpret the data when betting on games.

    Thomas Lees
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