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Le Wagon welcomes students from different walks of life and helps them transition into a role in tech. Get inspired and forge your own path today.

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Once the bootcamps ends, you will benefit from our career services.

Our local team will help you prepare for tech interviews, meet the best local recruiters and connect with relevant alumni. You will also have access to a complete guide to kick-start your tech career after the course: boost your portfolio, prepare for technical interviews, leverage our 23,000+ alumni community, but also to lots of useful Slack channels to find jobs or freelance opportunities.

Our local team will introduce you to the right people depending on your goal and you will meet with inspiring alumni who will come back to share their post-bootcamp experiences, like how they found a job, started their own company or freelancing career.

These are some career services we will provide:

  • Networking events, job fairs, career workshops and office hours with alumni or tech recruiters
  • Coaching sessions with our Talent Manager or local alumni
  • Resources our Career Playbook
  • Introductions to our network of hiring partners through our Hiring Newsletter
  • Career week with practical workshops (from building a portfolio to inspiring talks)

If you're unable to join our full-time course, you can consider joining our part-time cohort. Requiring an approximate commitment of 16 hours per week, enjoy a mix of pre-recorded on-demand lectures and live lectures while engaging in interactive sessions from the comfort of your home. This program is perfect for those looking to balance work and life, and it's led by expert instructors in a collaborative learning environment, complete with teachers, teaching assistants, and fellow students similarly to our full-time bootcamp.

Some cities offer specific financing options with local financial partners, like deferred tuition plans, student loans with interesting conditions or Income Share Agreements (ISA). You will find more details about these options here. Also feel free to reach out to the local admission manager to have more details about their local financing options.

Based on our experience with our bootcamps for the past 10 years, we came up with a complete offer for companies. We create tailored education programs that drive and complement your digital objectives by teaching your employees the basics of Web Development and Data. Depending of your needs we can build the program which will suits your company's interests best. Visit our website for more info!

We’ve had students over 50 in the past and they’ve succeeded in learning Web Development or Data and starting new careers like anyone else. Age doesn’t make any difference in the recruitment process to get onboard, the only thing we consider is your commitment and your motivation.

Depending on your situation and where you would like to do the bootcamp, you will potentially need a tourist or business visa. Please reach out to the city's Admissions Manager for more information and possible assistance.

Some cities offer scholarships for co-founders, locals, women in tech, or in partnership with local organisations. You will find more details about these scholarships on the page of each city on Le Wagon’s website. Also feel free to reach out to the local admission manager for more information and possible assistance.

10 years of experience
Le Wagon was founded in 2013 and has 10 years of experience teaching tech skills and helping people change their life, start a career in tech and thrive in their new job. More than 23,000 alumni have graduated from our bootcamps in 40 cities around the world, and Le Wagon is the most acclaimed coding bootcamp worldwide on Switchup according to student reviews. Feel free to reach out to any of our graduates on Linkedin to hear what they have to say about Le Wagon.

Making you team-ready
We've spent a lot of time improving our bootcamps to teach our students the core concepts and give them solid foundations, but also to make sure they learn how to collaborate in a tech team with the right methodology and workflow, and that they know how to use modern tools and apply best practices in Web Development and Data. This makes Le Wagon's graduates extremely interesting for tech recruiters since lots of other bootcamps don't necessarily teach these extra skills focusing their curriculum more on a specific technology or language.

A unique community
Le Wagon's community is the most active bootcamp network with more than 23,000 alumni, 213 startups founded by alumni (raising more than $1 billion altogether) and 1000 teachers in Web Development and Data. Once you graduate from Le Wagon, you belong to this vibrant family, you will keep learning for life with the support of this community, and access unique job and freelance opportunities.

Many companies share their job offers with our alumni. However, recruitment is a long-term relationship and as such we would love to connect with you first!

You need to be 18 to enroll for the course. However, you can apply if you are 17 as long as you turn 18 before the start of the bootcamp.

We usually open applications 4 to 5 months in advance. You will see the next batch dates on the page of each city on Le Wagon’s website (accessible from the top navigation bar). If you're unsure about anything, feel free to reach out to the Admissions Manager of a specific city. They will gladly answer all of your questions and contact you as soon as we open the applications for the upcoming batch.

Data scientists are experts adept at extracting valuable insights from large datasets to aid organizations in solving complex problems, including those encountered in AI projects. They collaborate closely with business stakeholders to pinpoint opportunities for growth and areas needing improvement.
Their role involves selecting and refining the appropriate datasets, and utilizing machine learning, statistical modeling, and artificial intelligence to analyze them and identify patterns and trends. In AI projects, they develop intelligent algorithms and predictive models, enhancing the business with data-driven strategies and automated solutions.
Data scientists convey their findings clearly to other team members, offering data-backed recommendations to guide organizational strategies and decisions.

At the end of the bootcamp, you'll be ready to take on roles in Data Science and AI projects. You'll know how to turn data into actionable insights and manage machine & deep learning models from start to finish using the best tools available.

Your next steps could be:

Once a candidate is officially admitted, a down payment will be required upon the training agreement signature to secure the student's seat. The remaining balance shall be paid in one or several instalments, depending on the city policies.

Full-time schedule
The full-time bootcamp is a 9-week program, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm. To get the most out of the program, you need to be fully committed to it as it is a truly demanding experience (360 hours of code in 9 weeks + the additional time for preparation work). Generally, people who keep a side activity during the bootcamp struggle to keep pace.

Part-time schedule
The part-time bootcamp is a 24-week program, where students can learn in their free time when it's most convenient for them. Keep your own pace by watching weekly lectures and completing quizzes at a time that suits you. You can choose two live learning sessions each week to engage with teachers and students.
The part-time program is a marathon of 24 weeks! It requires students to be rigorous, do their homework, and be even more committed than full-time.

Note that the part-time schedule can be slightly adapted in each city and include some breaks for public holidays.

We hold regular recruitment events, during which our hiring partners meet our students and alumnis. From regular events to great workshops to promote your company's culture, we would love to discuss the best format fitting your needs around a coffee. Tell us a bit more about you and join our alumni network right here!

Our students all have very different profiles. They are between 18 and 55, and they all share the same curiosity and enthusiasm for coding and data. They all come from various backgrounds: marketers, engineers, sales, lawyers, journalists, architects, musicians... Thus, spending weeks at Le Wagon is not only an incredible human experience, but it also helps you build an astonishing network for your after-bootcamp life to keep learning and find amazing job or freelance opportunities!

Le Wagon fulfils the exact same mission in all of our locations. The curriculum is the same everywhere as are all of our materials (lectures and exercises). Teachers and teaching assistants are hired and trained in the same way all around the globe.

Our advice to help choosing a city would be:

  • Environment: it is ideal to do the bootcamp in a city where you would like to build something - either take part in its tech community, launch your startup, or find a job
  • Quality of life: can I afford it ? Would I like the climate ? etc.
  • Language: check the language in which the bootcamp is done (our bootcamp is taught in English in most of our cities, but there are several exceptions - in Sāo Paulo and Belo Horizonte, the lectures are in Portuguese, in France the bootcamp is in French, etc.)

At the end of bootcamp, you will have a junior developer level. This means you will be able to quickly prototype your ideas by creating web applications on your own. For instance, you will know how to include authentication to your web application (simple signin/signup, or Facebook/WeChat connect), add an admin back-office, include payment features, automate e-mails sending, and much more. You will also know how to quickly deploy in production and you will have learned programming best practices used by the best tech companies. You will then have different options at the end of the course:

  • Find a developer job (front-end developer, back-end developer or full-stack developer)
  • Find a tech-related job (e.g. product manager, solution engineer, operations manager, customer success manager, etc.) in a startup or a tech company
  • Continue your entrepreneurial journey
  • Become a freelance web developer

Price may vary depending on the location and its cost of living. You will find prices for our different courses on the page of each city on Le Wagon’s website (accessible from the top navigation bar).

We do not provide accommodation or catering. The price of the course only includes the tuition - and unlimited tea and coffee. Nonetheless, our city managers will be more than happy to recommend some great places for your stay as they are used to helping students find accommodation and have lots of good plans.

Web development course
You don't need any technical background to join our web development bootcamp. We expect 3 things from our students: be (extremely) motivated, be curious, be social. If this sounds like you, then we'll be more than happy to have you on board if you pass all the selection process.

Data science & AI course
The Data science & AI course requires some basic knowledge of programming and mathematics.

  • How much programming do I need to know? Well, you must be comfortable with data types & variables, conditions, loops, functions and data structures like arrays and dictionaries (also called hashes in some programming languages). If you know those topics in other languages than Python (like Ruby, JavaScript, C++, etc.), you have the right programming prerequisites!
  • How much mathematics do I need to know? In order to join our Data Science course, you also need a minimum level in Mathematics and to be familiar with concepts covered in high school's scientific section. We need you to be comfortable with functions, their derivatives & systems of linear equations. To get up to speed, some additional preparation work will be given to you before the bootcamp start to get a refresh of all these concepts as well as more advanced knowledge on linear algebra and statistics.

Data analytics course
The data analytics bootcamp is beginner-friendly, with no prerequisites required. What counts for us is that you’re motivated to start your new tech journey.

Candidates rarely abandon ship once they have been accepted to the course. Nevertheless, we always open a waiting list when bootcamps are full, in case this happens! To join the waiting list, you will have to go through the exact same application process.

You will learn some concepts behind mobile app development. Let’s be clear: you will not learn iOS, Android or Windows Phone development. We really think these skills cannot be taught (honestly) in a few weeks. We prefer teaching you the basics of programming and web development for many reasons. First, these are the core skills of a software engineer, even if you want to dive into mobile development later on. Second, the web is the open platform you need to understand. Thanks to Responsive Web Design (which is part of the program), you will be able to create apps that will display nicely on mobile devices. You will also learn to create APIs that will be used by your mobile apps. It will then be very easy for any mobile developers to code your iOS or Android interface starting from the API you’ve built.

The main difference between an academic degree and a bootcamp is that we don't start from scratch and we learn with a lot of practice using modern tools and methods. In an academic curriculum in CS or DS, you will start learning all the theoretical knowledge (e.g. hardware layer of your computer for a CS degree, or advanced concepts of linear algebra and statistics for a DS degree) before moving to applied topics like web development or machine learning. This is only useful if you want to be able to navigate between these layers. However nowadays, you can build almost anything while only mastering the last part. That's why we designed our bootcamps this way. Of course you won't work at Tesla as a software engineer or at Google as a Deep Learning expert (unless you already have a scientific background when joining our bootcamp) but you will be able to work on your own tech products, web applications and data science projects or find a job as a junior developer, data scientist, data analyst or product manager with enough skills and knowledge to get started in your new company and bring value. Of course, that will be your role to keep learning in your new job and become more expert in specific topics.

Each student must have a laptop. You’ll need Mac OS X, Linux or Windows.

⚠️ A Microsoft Surface or Apple iPad won't do. Those are not real computers. If you need a piece of advice on what to buy, please contact the staff.

Web Development course
Yes, we will send you an online preparation work once you've passed the selection process. This work takes around 60 hours and will give you a basic knowledge of how the web works, terminal basic commands, versioning and basic concepts of web development and tech workflows. This prepwork is mandatory and must be completed before the beginning of the bootcamp.

Data Science course
Yes, we will send you an online preparation work once you've passed all the selection process. This work takes around 40 hours and covers the basics of programming with Python and SQL as well as some key concepts of Mathematics used every day by data scientists. This prepwork is mandatory and must be completed before the beginning of the bootcamp.

The job title "Data Scientist" can correspond to very different roles depending on the company (startup, scale-up, big company), the product you're working on and the team you will join. After Le Wagon's Data Science bootcamp, you will be able to apply to data analyst jobs. For data scientist or data engineer jobs, it will depend on the company and their criteria. For instance, some big tech companies (e.g. Airbnb or Facebook) will only accept data scientists profiles with a PhD in Mathematics, so you will not be able to apply to these positions unless you come to our Data Science bootcamp with a strong background in Mathematics already. In lots of smaller companies (like early-stage startups or data agencies) they will accept candidates with solid foundations in data science but less academic background in Mathematics, so they will be very interested in your profile after the course.

In most cities, the bootcamp is taught in English.

In French cities, the program is in French. You will have a 1h30 lecture in the morning in French, and a 1h30 live-code in the evening in French as well. So, if you don't understand French correctly, you won't be able to attend the bootcamp in France.

In some other cities (São Paulo, Shanghai, Chengdu, Tokyo) specific sessions are organised in other languages (Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese). You can check the language of the next batch on the "Apply" page.

Extra info: all the challenges' instructions and written documentation are in English, so all students must have a good level and understanding or written English, even in cities where lectures are given in another language.

Web Development course
If you pass the interview and complete the online quiz, it means you have the right motivation and are ready to dive into programming for two months. Congratulations, you've passed the selection process and you can now join the web development bootcamp. Our Admissions Manager will get back to you with a contract and send you the preparation work to complete before the beginning of the course.

Data Science course
If you pass the interview with our Admissions Manager and the online assessment, it means you have both the motivation and the prerequisite skills. Congratulations, you can now join the Data Science bootcamp. Our Admissions Manager will get back to you with a contract and send you the preparation work to complete before the beginning of the course.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering exceptional career services to our students. With lifetime access to our premier learning platform, personalized career coaching, and an extensive network of local and global hiring partners, we are dedicated to ensuring your success. Our 1:1 interview coaching will prepare you to shine in any tech interview, while our powerful alumni network of over 25k worldwide opens doors to endless opportunities.

We do teach TDD. Every day, students work on exercises prepared and refined for 8 years by Le Wagon’s pedagogical team. Those use the red / green / refactor methodology. Every evening, during the livecode, the class starts from a blank sheet and uses TDD to solve the challenges. We teach RSpec, the testing framework most used by rubyists.

Don't worry about it! Students with a project are invited to pitch their idea during the bootcamp while people without one are welcome to team up with them.

Web Development course
Our Web Development bootcamp is designed for beginners and there are no prerequisite skills required. Our Admissions Manager will mostly assess your motivation as well as your professional and personal projects during the interview, to make sure they are consistent with the outcomes of the bootcamp.

Data Science course
If you apply to our Data Science bootcamp, our Admissions Manager will also ensure that you already have some prerequisite skills in programming and Mathematics since the course builds upon these foundations.

Very quickly after the interview, you'll receive a notification to let you know if you've passed the interview and will provide you a link to an online test, taking about 2 hours, to check your mathematics and programming skills.

Apart from a good internet connection, no! There are some tools to download, like Slack, but other tools (e-learning platforms and software) are accessible from your Internet browser.

We are only looking for one thing: motivation. Our bootcamps are very intense, fast-paced and demanding, and we will select only the most motivated students to get onboard. Make sure that you explain why you want to join Le Wagon in your application - the more details you give us, the better chance you have to get selected for the interview. To apply for our Data Science bootcamp, a basic mathematic & programming background is also required.

To apply, simply complete the application form on our website by selecting:

  • The course
  • The format (full-time or part-time)
  • The city you're interested in
  • An introduction of why you want to join us and information about your personal project (if you have one!)

This is a quick process which only takes a few minutes. We will then contact you to schedule an interview (either in-person or online) to understand your motivations in more detail and answer any questions you have about our bootcamps.