Perform predictive analysis with Python & Machine Learning


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Excel has reached its limit. Learn the power of code and artificial intelligence to manage big data sets and go faster in your job.

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Take your data skills to the next level

At the end of this skill course, you will:

    • Manipulate your data with Python
    • Share your results through visualization and dashboards
    • Predict results using the best Machine Learning libraries

This course is for you if...

    • You manage large data sets and have reached the limit of Excel
    • You analyze data and you want now to predict results
    • You're a data analyst and want to master the basics of AI
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What you’ll learn in this Python & Machine Learning course

In 40h, master the fundamentals of Python and Machine Learning and learn how to analyze data and predict outcomes.

Learn the most popular language for data analysis

Explore Python's core fundamentals, essential for effective data exploration, using Jupyter notebooks. Learn data manipulation with Pandas, descriptive statistics, and create interactive visualizations with Plotly. Transform your notebooks into web apps with Voilà and Binder effortlessly.

What you will do in practice:

  • Cleanse and prepare data with Python
  • Transform data for advanced analytics
  • Dive into data exploration with interactive visualizations

Tools you will learn:

Python Python
Jupyter Jupyter
Pandas Pandas
Plotly Plotly

Master the best visualization tools

Understand the key concepts of machine learning and gain insight into the crucial stages of Artificial Intelligence algorithm development. Learn to anticipate and mitigate algorithmic bias, ensuring responsible and ethical AI implementation.

What you will do in practice:

  • Prepare your data for training
  • Develop and train your own supervised model.
  • Conduct segmentation to uncover shared characteristics

Tools you will learn:

Scikit-Learn Scikit-Learn
Machine Learning Machine Learning
PyCaret PyCaret

Predict the future

Use the best Machine Learning libraries, such as Scikit-Learn or PyCaret to respond to several real business cases. Predict quantity, and automatically classify or determine homogeneous groups from your data. Use these techniques to make the best decisions.

What you will do in practice:

  • Prepare your data for learning
  • Utilize the most effective algorithms to make precise predictions
  • Identify critical breakpoints in your time-based data

Tools you will learn:

Machine Learning Machine Learning
Facebook Prophet Facebook Prophet

Bring your newfound skills to life

Work on your own data or conduct an end-to-end analysis on one of the cases we've prepared with our partners. Apply the skills and knowledge acquired throughout this training.

What you will do in practice:

  • Deepen your analyzes and optimize your processing in Python
  • Realize an AI project: from preparation to training your ML algorithm

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