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Join the data revolution. By learning SQL and data visualization, you'll be more autonomous and more impactful at any organization.

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Improve your data analytics skills

At the end of this skill course, you will:

    • Master Google Sheets and conduct comprehensive analysis
    • Become autonomous in SQL
    • Build visualizations with Looker Studio

This course is for you if...

    • You work with data and you want to be autonomous
    • You know how to make graphs, but scaling and automation are a challenge
    • You use SQL, Looker Studio, or Google Sheets but not to their fullest potential
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What you’ll learn in this Data Analytics Essentials course

In just 40h, you’ll master the fundamentals of data analytics, gaining the autonomy to conduct thorough analyses with confidence.

Automate dashboards with Google Sheets

Data analysis uses a lot of tools for different functions (Data Warehouse, Data Lake, ELT…). Understand their uses and discover the modern analytical architectures used by the most dynamic tech companies.

In practice:

  • Understand why tools like Snowflake, BigQuery or Looker are important
  • Set up Shapr's automated management dashboards on Google Sheets

Tools you will learn:

Google Sheets Google Sheets
Data Warehouse Data Warehouse

Become autonomous in SQL

Unlock the potential of SQL, the essential language for data analysis. Query any relational database with ease and reduce your dependency on technical teams.

  • Create Shapr's Product Tracking Board.
  • Analyze the impact of Marketing investments on Shapr's business.

Tools you will learn:

BigQuery BigQuery

Build visualizations with Looker Studio

In Data Analysis, form matters as much as substance. Learn how to make charts and automated dashboards that hit the mark with Looker Studio.

  • Create an automated monitoring dashboard for a B2B funnel with data from a prospecting tool (Lemlist) and a CRM (Hubspot).
  • Create an automated follow-up dashboard for Shapr's COMEX with data from a Data Warehouse (BigQuery) via SQL.

Tools you will learn:

Looker Studio Looker Studio

Conduct concrete data analysis

You have the data... so what's the next step? Acquire the analytical skills to make your data articulate.

What you will do in practice:

  • Perform hands-on analyses to your own data
  • Or apply your learning to data from our partners

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Don't worry about it! Students with a project are invited to pitch their idea during the bootcamp while people without one are welcome to team up with them.

Apart from a good internet connection, no! There are some tools to download, like Slack, but other tools (e-learning platforms and software) are accessible from your Internet browser.

The satisfaction rate is calculated by the NPS: Net Promoter Score. For the data analytics essentials course, the NPS is 9.5/10 for sessions held in 2022.

You need to have some professional work experience in a technical environment to join our course. We also expect that our students be motivated, curious and social. If this sounds like you, then we'll be more than happy to have you on board!

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