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Next batches: Jan 13, 2020 (Full-Time - 10,000 AUD) and Jan 18, 2020 (Part-Time - 10,000 AUD)

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With our 9-week full-time or 24-week part-time coding bootcamp, build several web applications and your own personal project. Create a solid Github portfolio and learn to work within a tech team.

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Ranked as the World’s best Coding Bootcamp for 4 years now (on Switchup and Coursereport), Le Wagon blends perfectly with the city of Melbourne, who’s also been ranked as the most livable city over the last 4 years. (Had only the weather here been as consistent).

We pride ourselves in educational excellency and results should speak for itself. 80-90% of our students have had little or no previous coding experience, and still, there is such consistency of breathtaking web apps built in the last two weeks of the program. (Our dropout rates are 0% by the way).

Scroll down to watch all the Products built by our students and presented live during our Demo Day.

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41 Stewart St, Richmond VIC 3121

Located in a co-working space in the heart of the city, Le Wagon takes the concept of community to another level, focusing on a collaborative agenda with diversity at the core of our ecosystem. Here, people take pride in creating great products and in helping each other to succeed.

Our students are able to work alongside tech companies, professional developers and CTOs, and truly build their network and become a part of the family.

In terms of education, having such a space is PRICELESS. Not only does it foster creativity, but it also removes tension, one of the main barriers to effective learning.

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Next batches:
  • Jan 13, 2020 - Mar 13, 2020 (Full-time - 10,000 AUD) Apply now
  • Jan 18, 2020 - Jun 20, 2020 (Part-time - 10,000 AUD) Apply now

Products built in Melbourne.

Our students had 2 weeks to invent, design, code 
and pitch their idea.

  • Wing It Summer 2019

    A web app that displays what nearby travelers are currently excited about, giving other travelers greater options to better their experience.

    Michael Wang
  • Yohomie Summer 2019

    An all-in-one tool to sort out your sharehouse’s living logistics.

    Farida Shebubakar
  • Design Hub Summer 2019

    A creative hub that connects designers globally; and provides the platform & resources to help grow their professional careers.

    Sebastian Lipiszko
  • TingoRoo Summer 2019

    A place for expats to connect with news from home and for family and friends to connect with news from where you are.

    Robin Dunbar
  • Travel Mates Spring 2019

    Combine the best of solo and group travel. Find travel inspiration for itineraries, activities, locations, and connect with other solo travelers.

    Sheila Leveille
  • Katchup Spring 2019

    Can't remember that great place your friend told you about? Trying to plan a night out with your friends but can't think of anywhere new?

    Olivia Goodliffe
  • TEXTU Spring 2019

    Through machine learning for language processing for sentiment analysis based on large volumes of unstructured data.

    Gabriel Gonzalez Zabala
  • Crowdbook Winter 2019

    Crowdbook is a crowdsourcing platform that allows people to create and pledge to concerts with their favorite musicians

    Fritz Schack
  • Tourio Winter 2019

    Traditional, guided tours - done the modern way to make your typical experience at tourist sites unforgettable! Tourio takes audio tours to another level, engaging the user with personalized content,

    Adora G
  • Next Bubbdy Winter 2019

    The networking app that allows you to create meaningful connections based on common interests.

    Giulia Goeller
  • Bella Bird Fall 2018

    Find all your beauty favs in one place and repurchase them in one-click! 🙌

    Caroline Cameron
  • Flitter Fall 2018

    Helping travelers find most optimal travel routes.

    Nicolas Ang
  • Fantasy Rugby Summer 2018

    Fantasy Rugby - the game Rugby enthusiasts play in heaven. Live draft and play with friends.

    David Carr-Gregg
  • Crypto Price Finder Summer 2018

    Cryptopricefinder compares the best bitcoin prices from exchanges on the web

    Joy Seng
  • Graffics Winter 2018

    The Street art guide - Find and share beautiful local street art.

    Jessica Scanlan
  • Node Labs Winter 2018

    The place to buy your ultimate gaming computer. Choose your parts and get your dream gaming machine.

    Michael Vitello
  • Kel.x Summer 2018

    Curated style and fit for cloth branding.

    Andrew Pisani
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