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We are located at 41 Stewart Street in Richmond, at Inspire9

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Code the startup way.

Learn web-development

Learn all about Ruby, SQL, and the Rails application framework. Develop your front-end skills by using advanced CSS patterns (flexbox, CSS grid) and go deeper into Javascript and ES6, the latest version of Javascript. More details.

Think like a Software engineer

A person who has the big picture on technical issues, who understands what MVC means, knows how to design a database schema or to dissect an HTTP request, and who can start learning a new programming language very quickly.

Adopt a technical workflow

There's definitely a good way of building tech products and that's what we will teach you. Write your MVP's user stories, draw your database scheme, build a mockup with Sketch, collaborate using pull-requests and code-reviews on Github. That's how successful startups work.

Get the startup toolkit

Heroku, Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary, Algolia... We will teach you how to implement all these services to be more efficient at the launch of your new product. Save time, use the right tool for your specific need, that's our developer mindset.

Build your product

No one will teach you how to build web products as we do. Kudoz has just raised 1.2M, Impact is disrupting politics, MaShareEcole school, MedPics healthcare, Krawd marketing... and there are so many other projects in the starting blocks. Check it out for yourself.

Land a new job

Working as a junior developer for Stripe, Algolia, Molotov, Save, Compass, 55, Save, etc.. We will help you find your dream job, either as a junior dev, product manager or growth hacker. Discuss with any of our alumni to find out more!

What our students think of us

Joy Seng

Only the best career move ever. There were several reasons why I chose to join Le Wagon bootcamp:

1. To lea... Read more

Joy Seng
Batch #170, Melbourne
Published on Course Report, 21 Jun 2018
Harrison Malone

I have just completed the first Le Wagon bootcamp (batch 135) in Melbourne and it was a one of the best learning e... Read more

Harrison Malone
Batch #135, Melbourne
Published on Switchup, 21 Jun 2018
Jessica Scanlan

My story starts out different than most. I came to Le Wagon as a Microbiologist working in the pharmaceutical indu... Read more

Jessica Scanlan
Batch #135, Melbourne
Published on Switchup, 21 Jun 2018
Jeremy Chiang

Graduating fresh out of uni with a commerce degree sounded exciting. It was only after a few months of searching f... Read more

Jeremy Chiang
Batch #135, Melbourne
Published on Course Report, 21 Jun 2018

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Teachers in Melbourne

Aaron Mendonsa

Want to be an excellent software engineer! Moved from US to AUS. Formerly a drilling engineer for Shell. Looking to explore Melbourne, meet new people, and learn new things.

Denver Stove

After moving from Perth to Melbourne to complete my legal studies, I would like to learn to code before entering the workforce. I have always been interested in understanding the intricacies of web development and have the knowledge of a full-stack developer. I enjoy watching the NHL and AFL in my spare time as well as reading.



Joy Seng

I was a trainer and educator in soft skills courses for adults and children. After a number of years in education, I entered the start up world where I developed skills to become in Digital Marketing and Project Management. Working in a small startup environment helped me develop entrepreneurial experience and insights. My role required me to collaborate with external stakeholders and agencies to optimise and increase web conversions. Having worked with UX Researcher, UI Designers, SEO / Content Specialists, Developers and other teams, I found that I wanted to learn more about programming to hone my ability to communicate better technically. Having said that, I am keeping an open mind throughout the next 9 weeks, because I may just fall in love with programming and become a full stack dev instead!



Juliette Chevalier

Panamanian, travel-junkie, blockchain fanatic, and liquid democracy geek. Worked at the Permanent Mission of Panama to the United Nations in Geneva for a year and a half, when I realized most of UN's issues were in reality because of a lack of efficient, transparent, and up-to-date processes. That's when I started researching technological possibilities to solve these, eventually resulting in lots of coding tutorials online, leading me to move to Berlin to join LeWagon. I plan to use this newly-acquired knowledge to enhance government services, promote public participation through technology, and hopefully give a hand at bettering their current archaic (or "traditional" as they call it) structures and processes.

Marton Bodonyi

I'm a software developer specialising in UX working in Melbourne with a strong international portfolio. I've contracted in Australia and the UK (London) on projects big and small for various clients during the past 5 years and thrive in fresh, challenging and changing environments.

You can see work that I've done and some industry opinions I have about UX in the travel industry at

Previously as an active member of the community, I've contributed patches to various contributed projects including Acquia Commons. I also frequent Drupal issue queues posting bug-reports, work-arounds and replies.



Paal Ringstad

Paal recently moved to Melbourne, the best city in the world, to stay with his twin brother. Prior to web development, he had a background in digital business & marketing, and had been working for internet startups, as well as starting his own. Above all, his passion is to find and guide people’s talents as well as inventing fun metaphors to intuitively explain web concepts.

Beloved Teaching Assistants

Valerie Schraauwers

Tips from Melbourne

They hired our students

Where our students are working


Valentin Ménard

Product Manager


Jordan Demmouche



Fabienne Bremond

Fullstack dev


Gildas Frémont

Product Manager


Benjamin Hagege

Customer Success Manager


Paul-Etienne Coisne

Fullstack dev


Aoife McDaid

Software engineer


Valentine Langer



Marina Starkova

Engineering Manager


Kara Diaby

Growth hacker


Quentin Brasseur

Assistant Digital Marketing Manager


Stanislas Pollet

Growth Hacker


Simon Baldeyrou



Achille Miklitarian

Customer Success


Antoine Cathelin

Technical Support Engineer


Aurélie Merlo

Fullstack dev


Florence Delannoy

Head of Demand

Toucan Toco

Margot Sylvain

Product Specialist & Client Success Manager


Jesse Ramon

ReactJS Developer


Marine Houzé

Product Manager

Le Collectionist

Romain Martins

Fullstack dev


Rafael Millán

Backend Developer


Nicolas Rouault

R&D engineer

En Voiture Simone

Vincent Brès

FullStack Dev


Romain Fernandes

Industry Lead


Luc Monteil

Head of Business Intelligence

Amazon Web Services

Robby Guerrier

Partner development Representative


Remy Taglang

VP sales operations


Guillaume Lavoisier

Chief Customer Officer


Charles De La Cochetière

Growth & Product Marketing Manager


Yassine Harraj

Data Analyst

Diogo Perin

UX Designer


Fabien Loup

Software Engineer


Camille Delbove

Front-end Developer

Event Corner

Michael Monin

Back-end developer


Thomas Deschamps

Backend Developer


Nordine Slimani

Product Manager


Mehdi Ayouche

Product Manager


Thomas Joët

Product Manager


Olivier Casassus

Digital Marketing Manager


Jean Anquetil

Full Stack Developer


Manou Febvret

Front-end Developer


Alice Gillet

Strategic Partnerships Manager


Mia Wardé

Customer Success Manager

Eric Lacaille

Software Engineer


Edouard Winia

Product Manager


Ariane Coulon

Product Owner


Emeric Henon



Louis Robert

Product Manager


Hugo Vandernotte

Data Scientist

Grégoire Charles

Product Manager

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