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Seeding 1.2M with his startup built after Le Wagon

Launched in 2014, Kudoz has just raised 1,2 million euros with Schibsted Media Group, the investor of Leboncoin & Monsie...

Featuring Olivier Xu
Le Wagon, Batch #1, Paris
Two months after Le Wagon, I'm now junior Full-Stack Developer at Drivy

I'm very excited to be part of the team. It is my first job as a full-stack developer and I feel grateful they trust me ...

Featuring Jean Anquetil
Le Wagon, Batch #30, Paris
After Le Wagon, I joined Stripe to work on Operations in France.

After completing Le Wagon program, I was hired by Stripe to work on Operations in France.

Featuring Olivier Godement
Le Wagon, Batch #2, Paris
Manou Febvret & Thomas Deschamps, developers at aircall

Thomas did Batch #2, Manou did Batch #30, but they now work in the same team.

Featuring Manou Febvret
Le Wagon, Batch #30, Paris

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I couldn't imagine to be so grateful after this 9 weeks. we learned so much about web development and have such a great time
Alexandra Fernandez
Batch #7, Brussels
9 weeks of intense coding.great curriculum, enthusiastic coaches. the mba of code.
Tomasz Ras
Batch #7, Brussels
Neophyte in programming, i was amazed about how @lewagon could seed us the proper knowledge to start migration on our own projects. respect!
Margo Tinawi
Batch #7, Brussels
Le wagon is the coding school you should do. period. it's worth the cost. go and see by yourself.
Maria Lastovka
Batch #7, Brussels
Top notch 60 day full stack rails bootcamp for ridiculously low fee
Jacques De Liedekerke
Batch #7, Brussels
What a ride - incredible experience being sucked into the tech-world with no way to quit or slack off...enjoyed every second - thanks!
Laure Lemercinier
Batch #7, Brussels