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From business school student to digital nomad & CEO at Hubum

Digital nomad at heart, design enthusiast and great fan of electro sound, Thomas Chrétien just launched Hubum, a curation pl...

Featuring Thomas Chretien
Le Wagon, Batch #3, Paris
After Le Wagon, I joined Stripe to work on Operations in France.

After completing Le Wagon program, I was hired by Stripe to work on Operations in France.

Featuring Olivier Godement
Le Wagon, Batch #2, Paris
Seeding 1.2M with his startup built after Le Wagon

Launched in 2014, Kudoz has just raised 1,2 million euros with Schibsted Media Group, the investor of Leboncoin & Monsie...

Featuring Olivier Xu
Le Wagon, Batch #1, Paris
From Business School to junior backend dev at Save

After Le Wagon, Alice works one month as freelance then joins Save, one of the most promising french startups, as backend Ra...

Featuring Alice Clavel
Le Wagon, Batch #6, Paris

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I couldn't imagine to be so grateful after this 9 weeks. we learned so much about web development and have such a great time
Alexandra Fernandez
Batch #7, Brussels
9 weeks of intense coding.great curriculum, enthusiastic coaches. the mba of code.
Tomasz Ras
Batch #7, Brussels
Neophyte in programming, i was amazed about how @lewagon could seed us the proper knowledge to start migration on our own projects. respect!
Margo Tinawi
Batch #7, Brussels
Le wagon is the coding school you should do. period. it's worth the cost. go and see by yourself.
Maria Lastovka
Batch #7, Brussels
Top notch 60 day full stack rails bootcamp for ridiculously low fee
Jacques De Liedekerke
Batch #7, Brussels
What a ride - incredible experience being sucked into the tech-world with no way to quit or slack off...enjoyed every second - thanks!
Laure Lemercinier
Batch #7, Brussels