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Web Development Course Reviews

Farouk Rahmani

Farouk Rahmani

📍 Paris
FEBRUARY 25, 2021
The Wagon is a caring and studious environment not only to learn how to code, but to learn to learn. The challenges are daily to always go a little further in the concepts of programming while consolidating the knowledge acquired. Specially since I find it very rewarding to continue progressing and transferring what I have learnt myself as a Teacher Assistant, and to have the feeling of being part of an extremely active community in France and abroad.
Sarah Dakkak

Sarah Dakkak

📍 Montreal
FEBRUARY 12, 2021
I did Le Wagon Web Development (9 weeks, full time) Bootcamp in 2020. I’m a business graduate, but I always wanted to learn coding, and I tried on my own for a year. It was really difficult since I didn’t really know where to start. I had attended Le Wagon workshops in the past and I have read the amazing reviews online. After doing a lot of research, I finally decided to attend the bootcamp during the pandemic. This was definitely one of the best decisions of my life.Before starting, you nee... Read more
Noemi Valin

Noemi Valin

📍 Paris
MARCH 09, 2021
After 15 years in the web industry, as a product manager, I felt the need to acquire new technical skills. Freshly graduated in le wagon full stack web dev bootcamp, I feel empowered and ready to start a new chapter in my career, supported by le wagon network. I learnt not only back-end and front-end languages but how to pitch a project and to collaborate with a team. 
Romulo Santos

Romulo Santos

📍 Rio de Janeiro
MARCH 02, 2021
I worked in accounting for about 7 years of my life and I sought Le Wagon because I wanted to change professions to Web Developer. I did Le Wagon's Bootcamp in Rio de Janeiro - Batch # 445, it was 6 months with learning a lot from great teachers and a good learning structure. A month after graduating I found my first job as a Web Developer. Today I work as a Web Developer and I always try to learn more. I am very grateful to Le Wagon for changing my life, today I work with something that I re... Read more

Data Science Course Reviews

Juan Carlos Banos Mafud

Juan Carlos Banos Mafud

📍 Rio de Janeiro
FEBRUARY 23, 2021
I attended the Web Development boot-camp before I attended the Data Science boot-camp and let me say that the Data Science boot-camp exceeded my expectations. Even though the boot-camp was remote, the staff and teachers were very attentive and had a great attitude throughout. The material was very impressive and in depth. In fact, I joined the boot-camp mainly to demystify Deep Learning , and I was really happy with the depth we covered the topic. I am now pursuing a Master's Degree in comput... Read more
Amanda Maurell Lobo Pereira

Amanda Maurell Lobo Pereira

📍 Rio de Janeiro
FEBRUARY 25, 2021
I used to be an English teacher and an Economical Engineering student before Le wagon. When I decided to learn how to program I searched for bootcamps across Brazil. Le Wagon was the one that stood out because of its content and the chance to practice like a real programmer! I never felt so challenged and accomplished. It was the best choice I made. Now I started working for a StartUp in its early days and I am a Teacher/Teacher Assistant on a few days at Le Wagon.
Ann-Sophie Gernandt

Ann-Sophie Gernandt

📍 London
DECEMBER 16, 2020
Looking back, applying for the Le Wagon data science bootcamp after finishing my master at the London School of Economics was one of the best decisions. Especially coming from a non-technical background it is incredible to learn about that many, super relevant data science topics within such a short period of time. The whole atmosphare inside the classroom, as well as, online was unique and the constant support from TAs and teachers enabled us all to solve challenges on our own from day one. 

Le Wagon reviews and feedback about our bootcamp and our courses

Do you want to learn to code to acquire new skills, evolve in your career or change your life?

Whatever your goals, with our two intensive courses in Web Development and Data Science, Le Wagon allows you to master the skills you need to succeed in tomorrow's jobs in record time.

Do you want to be sure that our courses are made for you? Our graduates are still the ones who speak about it the best. By hearing their opinions and reading their ratings, learn about the strengths of our bootcamps and accelerate into your future career.

Learn to code... in 9 weeks, is it possible?

Ayan's opinion - Graduate 2020 - Web Development Bootcamp

Before joining the bootcamp, I had no knowledge of coding but I love learning, creating and I am very motivated. Le Wagon has met all my expectations and opened the doors to a new professional universe. I highly recommend Le Wagon to anyone looking for a career change.

This feedback from Ayan answers those who wonder if the training offered by Le Wagon will be right for them. The question often comes up, "Will I make it if I'm a beginner, if I have no foundational knowledge?".

Yes, the two bootcamps are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of profiles. This variety is also what makes the strength of the bootcamps and best prepares the graduates for the reality of the professional world. Our aim is to gather people with very different backgrounds. Diversity is a strength.

Whether you are a beginner or already working, whether you have a basic knowledge of coding or not, whether your profile is tech, business or marketing oriented, you have your place at Le Wagon, in our Web Development or Data Science bootcamps.

More than your background, it’s your desire and motivation that will make the difference in each bootcamp.

To put you in the best position to follow our training programs, whatever your level, each of our bootcamps include 60 hours of preparatory work. This "prepwork" is done on our online platform before the start of the course.

How does Le Wagon training work?

An intensive and immersive experience.

During 9 weeks (full-time) or 24 weeks (part-time), you will acquire the most in-demand skills for companies. You will interact with motivated students and passionate teachers.

The bootcamp structure is highly practical. The objective of the courses during each bootcamp is not to store up theory, but to make students capable of solving coding problems in a professional setting.

In full-time courses, the mornings are devoted to lectures, and the afternoons to exercises.

Finally, our training courses are composed of two main periods:

  • 7 weeks of learning and application exercises
  • 2 weeks dedicated to the realization of concrete projects

The Web Developer training

Selim's review - Graduate 2020 - Web Developer Bootcamp

I learned some really great things with Le Wagon. Ruby on Rails on the first part of the bootcamp, it was great! During the last two weeks, we put everything we learned into practice by building a web application. We discussed the features to add and we became a real development team. The structure of the course, with an emphasis on hands-on, is a very effective way to learn code. I really loved it!

In 9 intensive weeks, the Web Development training is designed to assimilate all the skills of a Junior Web Developer.

At the end of this coding bootcamp, you will be able to build functional web applications that meet user needs. Thanks to the two weeks of projects, you will learn to work in a team and to master the best practices to collaborate with other developers, designers and product managers.

The 9 weeks of the bootcamp are divided into 3 main phases:

  • Fundamentals (3.5 weeks): developer tools and workflows; Ruby programming; software architecture; database, SQL and ORM.
  • Web Development (3.5 weeks): front-end development; ES6; Ruby on Rails application; creating an Airbnb clone.
  • The project (2 weeks): within a team of 3 or 4 people, you develop a web product from idea to production.

The Data Science training

Pierre's review - Graduate 2020 - Data Science training

I joined Le Wagon after my business studies with a very basic knowledge of Python and SQL. The program is really well thought out, both progressive and challenging. The final project was a great opportunity to apply the learning in a real situation. It helped me a lot to understand the missions of a real data scientist. I clearly recommend this bootcamp to all those interested.

The Data Science training, in full time, takes place over 9 weeks. A little over two months to learn Data Science, from Python to Machine Learning, and acquire all the skills to join a data team in a company.

The bootcamp is designed to be progressive. First, it allows students to discover the data scientist's "toolbox". Then, step by step, the training joins the practices of the data professions, until the complete implementation of a Machine Learning model in production.

In detail, the bootcamp is divided into 6 major phases:

  • Data Analysis (2 weeks): programming in Python; relational database and SQL; data visualization; statistics, probability and linear algebra.
  • Decision Science (1 week): statistical inference; communication.
  • Machine Learning (2 weeks): Preprocessing and supervised learning; generalization and overfitting; performance metrics; unsupervised learning and advanced methods.
  • Deep Learning (1 week): image and text data management; neural networks; deep learning with Keras; computer vision.
  • Data Engineering (1 week): Machine Learning Pipeline; Machine Learning workflow with MLFlow; Production with Google Cloud Platform.
  • Free project (2 weeks): you choose yourself a Data Science problem that you want to solve and you put into practice the tools, techniques and methodologies acquired throughout the training.

Support and expertise at Le Wagon

Dobrin's review - Graduate 2020 - Web Developer Training

Le Wagon has extraordinary teachers, the best I've come across throughout my studies. They are the ones who made me want to hang on and continue studying even after the training. The whole team is super nice, always there to give you confidence and lift your spirits, even in difficult times.

Passionate and inspiring teachers

At Le Wagon, all of our teachers are experienced developers or proven data science experts. But it doesn't stop there.

We believe that being a specialist in your field is not enough to be a good teacher.

What makes the difference is passion, enthusiasm and the desire to pass on information. During our bootcamps, we expect our teachers to help you discover tools, practices and methodologies. But above all, we want them to inspire you and make you want to learn.

Mission accomplished, according to Dobrin's review.

From the beginning to the end of the course, our teachers are by your side to help you, to advise you. They are 100% focused on one simple objective: to accompany you towards the success of your professional project.

Pierre's opinion - Graduate 2020 - Web Developer Training

The teachers who intervene during these 9 weeks of training are themselves former students of Le Wagon. They are fully aware of the difficulties we face because they have experienced them! Their remarks are always very relevant and reassuring. Rather than giving us the answers to the problems we encounter, they help us find the solution by guiding us on the right path. And this is done in good humor and kindness.

A lifetime of support

In addition to the educational guidance and accessibility of the teachers, bootcamp participants can also study independently with the Kitt platform.

Each student has lifetime access to the online platform. They benefit from high quality content that is regularly updated to keep up with changes in the industry.

What are the opportunities after training at Le Wagon?

Careers in the best companies

Renan's opinion - Product Manager at Doctolib

Le Wagon provides more than just code training. You acquire the mindset of a developer and a work methodology. Thanks to that I work at Doctolib, where I provide product expertise to make strategic decisions.

Our Web Development training alumni work as back end, Front End or Full Stack Web Developers, Product Managers, Product Designers and Growth Hackers in innovative tech companies.

Graduates of the Data Science bootcamp go on to work in the high-demand Big Data professions: Data Analysts, Data Scientists, etc.

Recruiters particularly appreciate the profiles of Le Wagon because they are practical and immediately operational. They don't just know how to code, but they are able to solve problems, work in a team and always keep a critical eye on their work.

The professional integration of our graduates is also facilitated by the existence of a close-knit and supportive alumni community.

Finally, Wagon alumni can also turn to entrepreneurship. More than 540 startups have already been launched by our graduates. Indeed, they rely on our learning process focused on the creation of web applications.

A dynamic career service during and after the bootcamp

During and after the training, our career service helps Le Wagon students integrate into the tech world.

We believe that knowledge of programming languages, the ability to code and all the technical skills are essential but not sufficient. Professional integration is at the heart of our concerns.

Not only do we make sure that our teaching is in line with the best practices of the professional world and the expectations of companies, but we also do everything possible to help our students reach their professional goals. Coaching sessions, interview simulations, and help in optimizing Linkedin profiles are also part of the program.

At the end of the training, our students have developed several web applications. We help them put them forward in a portfolio. A very strong added value for recruiters in the tech industry.

Finally, we also organize job fairs and networking events to encourage meetings between students and recruiters. We rely on a network of nearly 850 partner companies around the world.

The strength of Le Wagon community over time

Studying at Le Wagon also means joining a community of over 10,000 alumni. Our alumni, from our 40+ campuses around the world: in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and Canada, work in the best tech companies in the world (Google, Uber, PayPal...).

Access to this network of alumni is available during and after the training, via our Slack communities or networking events organized by the career service.

During the Le Wagon training, alumni come to meet students to tell them how they found their job, created their startup or launched their freelance activity.

Finally, our local teams know their alumni very well. They will direct you to the right people according to your profile and your career goals.

Le Wagon's plus: the product mindset

Vince's opinion - Graduate 2020 - Web Developer training

What I like about Le Wagon, compared to other bootcamps, is that they are more focused on creating a product. For people like me who don't have any prior tech background, it really allows us to see what we're capable of doing during and after the training.

The operational side, geared toward creating one's own web application, is especially appreciated by our students.

As Vince mentionned in his review, our students appreciate that the teaching is immediately applied during the bootcamp, especially during the project weeks at the end of the bootcamp. This allows them to put into practice what they have learned and to learn how to solve problems together as a real project team.

It is not only a question of mobilizing technical skills but also of exchanging ideas with peers on different options and taking into account the needs of users. A transversal approach is essential to develop a project from A to Z with a maximum of autonomy.

The exercise is very instructive and prepares participants well for the work methods in a development team.

Average rating of Le Wagon: 4.99/5

Students agree on one point: the unique experience of participating in our programs.

All the reviews on this page were posted on SwitchUp by our students. They reflect the level of participant satisfaction that has made Le Wagon the most recognized coding bootcamp.

Our courses have received the best reviews with an average rating of 4.99/5. They also have the highest NPS (Net Promoter Score) of all similar courses, which means that most students highly recommend our bootcamps to their friends and family.

Their unanimous opinions range from the quality of the program and its relevance to business needs to the support and expertise of the teachers and assistants. Graduates also praise the strength and dynamism of our alumni network and our career service. Do you want to boost your career, learn to code or simply find out more about our courses? Our admissions department is at your disposal to provide you with information.