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Master the fundamental skills of a web developer
in just a few weeks

Learn software fundamentals and databases

Grasp programming foundations, write robust code with object-oriented programming and build MVC software from scratch. Master relational databases and SQL.

  • Terminal
  • VS Code
  • Ruby
  • SQL

Master front-end development & web design

Develop responsive web pages with HTML and CSS. Master modern JavaScript and all the tools and environment like Webpack and Node.js.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Webpack

Deploy your app from scratch

Build complete web applications and deploy them online on real domain that everyone can access. You're not a real developer until you've pushed something in production!

  • Heroku
  • Ruby on Rails

Adopt best-in-class development workflow

Understand product development tools & workflow. Validate your UX on Figma, organise team work and collaborate on GitHub. Cover your code with automated testing and continuous integration.

  • Figma
  • Git
  • GitHub

You can start for FREE! Join a live workshop for web development, data analytics, or UX design.

What our Web Development bootcamp looks like

Check out our curriculum week after week.

Prepwork: get ready to start the bootcamp

Our web development course is very intense. To be prepared and make the most out of the bootcamp, you must complete a 40 hours preparation work to gives you basic tech foundations and culture.

  • Web 101, how the web works
  • Terminal and Git basic commands
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript foundations
  • Tech workflows and tools in a startup

What you will do in practice

  • 40 hours of online tutorials
  • Online quiz to validate basic tech knowledge

Foundations: code your first programs

Master all the developer tools (command line, text editor, Git). Write your first programs manipulating variables, functions, data structures and more. Detect patterns in texts and extract data from any file, any website or by using APIs.

  • Developer tools and packages
  • Programming basics (variable, loops, functions, data structure)
  • Read / write from files (CSV, JSON, etc.)
  • Extract data through web-scraping or APIs

What you will build in practice

  • Scripts detecting valid emails and phone numbers
  • Web scrapers collecting information from e-commerce websites
  • Lots of games based on your command line

Software architecture: build your first applications

Structure your software following Object-Oriented principles. Learn one of the most used design patterns, the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and master it by coding several MVC apps from scratch.

  • Software design patterns (MVC)
  • Writing robust code easy to maintain

What you will build in practice

  • MVC software from scratch
  • Food delivery app on your terminal

Database and SQL: store and extract data

Learn to design relational databases and build queries with SQL. From simple CRUD queries (Create, Read, Update, Delete) to advanced JOIN queries, become a SQL pro! Learn to connect your database to your software with an ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

  • Relational databases
  • Use an ORM (Active Record)

What you will build in practice

  • Simple blogging app with a database
  • Scripts to extract data from a music database

Front-end development: master web technologies

Design and code responsive website with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap 4.0. Master Javascript to add dynamic behaviors to your website. Learn modern JavaScript and master all the necessary tools and environment like node.js and Webpack.

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4.0
  • CSS layouts with flexbox and grid
  • Master modern JavaScript
  • JavaScript web tools (node.js, Webpack)

What you will build in practice

  • Reproduce lots of famous websites
  • Library of UI components in CSS
  • Responsive layouts and card grids
  • Dynamic chats or todo apps with JavaScript

Web app development: put everything together

Develop web applications from scratch following workflows of successful startups: design your app on Figma, collaborate on GitHub, code your app using Ruby on Rails and deploy it to production on a real domain. Learn to cover your code with tests.

  • Web app development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Deployment
  • Testing

What you will build in practice

  • Code your own marketplace in teams
  • Code a recommendation website
  • Develop and deploy 3 different apps with Rails

Project weeks: build your own web app from scratch

Projects Phase is the ultimate experience of the course: invent, pitch, design, code and deploy an original project in teams of 3 or 4 people during the two final weeks. Go through the entire process—from the idea to the live app in production on a real domain name!

  • Develop any idea into a live web application
  • Full product development cycle

What you will build in practice

  • SaaS applications
  • Real-time games
  • Any app on music, travel, food, etc.

Career Week: start your career in tech!

Meet tech experts working in startups and companies, prepare your CV and do mock interviews to prepare your job search. 

  • Preparation for your job search
  • Connection to our 15,000 alumni and 985+ hiring partners

What you will do in practice

  • 1:1 coaching 
  • Review of CV and cover letter
  • Technical interviews preparation

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4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

Download our Web Development syllabus

An immersive program that accelerates
your tech skills in weeks

  • Live lecture
    Live lecture 9 - 10.30 AM

    Grab a coffee and start every morning with an engaging & interactive lecture, before putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

  • Challenges
    Challenges 10.30 AM - 4 PM

    Pair up with your buddy for the day and work on a series of programming challenges with the help of our teaching staff.

  • Break
    Break 4 - 5 PM

    Learning how to code can be very intense, which is why we organise yoga classes on certain days to help you unwind.

  • Live Code
    Live Code 5 - 6 PM

    Review the day’s challenges and get an overview of upcoming lessons during live code sessions.

  • Events
    Events 6 - 8 PM

    Join free events and take your first steps into tech through beginner’s coding workshops or tech talks by industry experts.

Get certified with the RNCP 6 web developer title, level Bac +¾

After the program, you'll be awarded the title of Web Application Designer-Developer by Le Wagon (RNCP certified - level 6 EUR), a Bac +3/4 equivalent. After all your hard work, you'll get a diploma in web development that completes your curriculum and makes your resume even more attractive!

Casablanca certification

Passionate teachers, acclaimed methods & real-world skills

  • Small cohorts with 1 teacher for 7 students
  • Practice on real tech projects with motivated peers
  • Get real-time answers to never be stuck
  • Keep lifetime access to Le Wagon's learning platform
  • Design and pitch your final project in teams

4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

  • "If you are looking for a bootcamp that offers a comprehensive curriculum, a great learning environment and incredible post-bootcamp career support then Le Wagon is for you!"

    Joseph Gulay Ernst & Young

    Joseph Gulay

    Now Data Analyst at Ernst & Young

  • "It is stunning how much you learn in only 9 weeks, not only web development but also how to challenge yourself and grow as a person!"

    Carolina Cota N26

    Carolina Cota

    Now Backend developer at N26

  • "Only two months after finishing the Bootcamp, I landed my first job as a Junior Software Engineer. That would not have been possible without the amazing career support from Le Wagon’s staff."

    Mathieu Longé 99designs

    Mathieu Longé

    Now Software Engineer at 99designs

  • "Le Wagon is a great way to get into tech and learn a new skill with good teachers to support your journey and definitely don’t be shy to ask 100 questions like I did."

    Ștefania-Ella Centea ASDA

    Ștefania-Ella Centea

    Now Junior Product Manager at ASDA

  • "After 3 years working in Investment Banking, I decided to update my skill-set with some tools that I could use for whatever my next professional challenge would be."

    Ayelen   Klas Razor Group

    Ayelen Klas

    Now Sr. Growth & Operations Manager at Razor Group

  • "I expected a lot from Le Wagon for my Data Science formation and the global experience was even better: the content of the formation and the custom learning platform were really well structured and all the people at Le Wagon very helpful."

    Josselin Grouas IBM

    Josselin Grouas

    Now Data/IA Manager Consultant at IBM

  • "The complexity of the final project that I carried out with a team of classmates made me see how much my skills improved during the bootcamp. I highly recommend it."

    Rafael Knabben ResearchGate

    Rafael Knabben

    Now Data Quality Analyst at ResearchGate

  • "Le Wagon truly changed my life with coding. Coming from a sales background, it enabled me to acquire the technical knowledges to start a developer career."

    Isabelle  Ferrier amlconsult GmbH

    Isabelle Ferrier

    Now Web Developer at amlconsult GmbH

  • "I was writing code, cleaning data and building data pipelines with fluidity. I also really enjoy the fact that Le Wagon is here to help you in your job search after the bootcamp."

    Cyril  Aubry N26

    Cyril Aubry

    Now Jr. Data Analyst at N26

  • "In 9 weeks, Le Wagon transformed me from a TV screenwriter into a developer and helped me find not just a dream job, but an actual dream career: one in which I feel valued, good at what I do, and work from wherever suits me best."

    Martinho Hoffman Zyte

    Martinho Hoffman

    Now Python Developer at Zyte

  • "Teachers here are very pedagogical, they all take the time to make sure students understand key concepts, bring concrete examples to help. They were ready to explain and re-explain, not counting their time."

    Jordan  Luong Shippio

    Jordan Luong

    Now Full-stack Developer at Shippio

  • "Le Wagon staff will ensure that you comprehend every concept, learn how to properly use Data Science tools and make the most of this amazing experience."

    Timothée Filhol Biofourmis

    Timothée Filhol

    Now Junior Data scientist at Biofourmis

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Employer Testimonials

  • "We've hired more than 20 Le Wagon graduates in various engineering, product and data roles. We really value their strong tech foundations and ability to learn fast."

    Simon Baldeyrou Getaround Europe

    Simon Baldeyrou


    Getaround Europe

  • "We have recruited some amazing Le Wagon alumni in various tech roles: data, product, ops and engineering. It's a great bootcamp for preparing well-rounded top tech talent."

    Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve Alan

    Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve

    Co-founder & CEO


  • "Most of our developers and product managers come from Le Wagon! Le Wagon has become a key strategic partner helping Skello to hire great tech talent."

    Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux Skello

    Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux



  • "We are a fast paced Scale-up based in EPFL Innovation park. We are often looking for new talents and we love hiring Alumni from Le Wagon. We like their mindset and adaptability. They also blend very well with our corporate culture. Best proof of that, we have hired 7 alumni from Le Wagon Lausanne in the last 2 years."

    Nathan Tempels Tayo

    Nathan Tempels

    Scrum Master


  • "What I particularly like about the data profiles that come out of the Wagon is that they have a fairly full-stack technical foundation that allows them to learn very quickly. They are also often retrained and come with previous experience that allows them to work well with all the company's business lines, especially non-technical ones such as marketing or finance."

    Guillemette  Maillère Getaround

    Guillemette Maillère



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How to apply to our Web Development bootcamp

Our admission process is beginner-friendly and will give you a taste of our course. Start now!


No prerequisites

The Web Development course is beginner-friendly, with no prerequisites required. What counts for us is that you’re motivated to start your new tech journey.


Book an interview with our enrolment advisor

When you apply, we’ll get back to you to schedule a 30 minute video interview. We'll talk about your professional project and your motivation.


Pass our technical quiz

You will take a technical quiz to assess your coding knowledge, your capacity to learn like you Would at le Wagon.


Payment options & prepwork

The last step will consist of finding the most suitable financing option for you. Then, you'll jump into the prepwork which consists of 40h training.

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4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

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Why you should study Web Development in Casablanca

Join our immersive coding bootcamp in Casablanca to become a full stack developer or to be a part of the Moroccan entrepreneurs who are bringing a tech revolution, and boost your career!

Shopify. Github. Twitch. Airbnb. Twitter. Dribbble. WeTransfer. SoundCloud. Guess what they have in common? They were all built with Ruby on Rails. It's not about learning one language, With Le Wagon, you don't learn a language, you learn the tools to learn any language.

Join us in the heart of the city for the ideal environment for thriving in your tech journey! We have open-plan communal areas for hands-on project development, lecture rooms for learning new coding languages, and cozy communal areas for relaxing or networking on our campus. You'll also have access to a dedicated Alumni workspace after graduation, as well as lifetime access to our Alumni Slack channels for collaborating and networking with over 15,000 keen developers.

Our web development course in Casablanca is an immersive experience that will take you from beginner to junior software developer with the help of expert teachers and enthusiastic staff. By the end of the course, you will understand how to create robust and user-friendly software that meets the needs of your users, as well as how to collaborate with other developers, designers, and product managers.

Casablanca is an African hub for technological innovation! Global giants have settled in Casablanca to make it a gateway to Africa.


Start your tech journey by attending a free workshop in Casablanca

In addition to our courses, we host free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks at our Casablanca campus. Come down and meet us!

[FREE WORKSHOP] Git and Github : Best Practices !

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Web Development course in Casablanca

Data Science course in Casablanca

Le Wagon Casablanca

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You can start for FREE! Join a live workshop for web development, data analytics, or UX design.

380 Bd Brahim Roudani, Casablanca, Maroc
Web Development course in Casablanca

Data Science course in Casablanca

Le Wagon Casablanca

380 Bd Brahim Roudani, Casablanca, Maroc


More than a bootcamp.
Join a global tech network for life.

By choosing Le Wagon, you are joining a supportive community of alumni, teachers, tech recruiters. Benefit from life-long access to the course material, and to our network job offers.






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Need more details about our Web Development bootcamp?

Understand the goal of the bootcamp

Get our syllabus week by week

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4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

Download our Web Development syllabus