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Seraphin snags €1.2M in investment

Le Wagon Brussels alumni Thomas Vanderstraeten is Seraphin’s cofounder and CTO. The company just raised €1.2M and Thomas did...

Featuring Thomas Vanderstraeten
Le Wagon, Batch #23, Brussels
Hired as back-end developer at only 18

The two founders of FastNotas looked at my Github profile and gave me a chance to pass a test. I killed it and got the job. ...

Featuring Carolina Karklis
Le Wagon, Batch #34, São Paulo
They got hired as developers before finishing Le Wagon Shanghai

Le Wagon Shanghai Alumni John and Max from Batch #61 got a job offer before finishing Le Wagon as front-end and back-end dev...

Featuring Maksim Khier
Le Wagon, Batch #61, Shanghai
Deux mois après Le Wagon, j'ai décroché un poste de Développeur FullStack junior chez Drivy

Je suis super content que la team me fasse confiance sur mon premier job de dev. Je suis entre de bonnes mains pour continue...

Featuring Jean Anquetil
Le Wagon, Batch #30, Paris
Spotlight on Wechat Mini Program Development

After 2 months' dedicated study, now shortly after finishing the bootcamp, Nathan successfully landed several freelance ...

Featuring Nathan Lee
Le Wagon, Batch #76, Shanghai
Diego van Dyk, Cofounder Numooh

How Le Wagon helped me and my cofounders launch our startup.

Featuring Diego van Dyk
Le Wagon, Batch #34, São Paulo

Ce que nos élèves pensent de nous

Jay Gao

Before joining Le Wagon, I have been working as a mechanical engineer for more than 5 years and have accumulated a... En savoir +

Jay Gao
Batch #76, Shanghai
Publié sur Course Report, 23 Sep 2017
Catherine Oxley

I always knew I was interested in becoming a Web Developer but I was doing a non-technical degree at university an... En savoir +

Catherine Oxley
Batch #54, London
Publié sur Course Report, 05 May 2017
Archie Gilbert

I’ve always been interested in technology and have wanted to study it ever since I was a kid, but school just wasn... En savoir +

Archie Gilbert
Batch #54, London
Publié sur Course Report, 05 Feb 2017
Diosa Taylor

Before Le Wagon, I spent about a year doing various online courses to try to learn how to code. They taught me the... En savoir +

Diosa Taylor
Batch #62, Amsterdam
Publié sur Course Report, 05 Jan 2017
Guillaume Lannes

I used to work as a structural engineer but I was not satisfied with the day to day challenges and the work I had ... En savoir +

Guillaume Lannes
Batch #62, Amsterdam
Publié sur Course Report, 28 Apr 2017
Friso Jelsma

My background lies in sales where I first came in contact with a group of programmers in Malaysia. I was fascinate... En savoir +

Friso Jelsma
Batch #62, Amsterdam
Publié sur Course Report, 13 May 2017

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