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After Le Wagon, I joined Stripe to work on Operations in France.
After completing Le Wagon program, I was hired by Stripe to work on Operations in France.
Featuring Olivier Godement
Le Wagon, Batch #2, Paris
Spotlight on Wechat Mini Program Development
After 2 months' dedicated study, now shortly after finishing the bootcamp, Nathan successfully landed several freelance projects of building wechat mini programs while receiving other offers as developers.
Featuring Nathan Lee
Le Wagon, Batch #76, Shanghai
Manou Febvret & Thomas Deschamps, developers at aircall
Thomas did Batch #2, Manou did Batch #30, but they now work in the same team.
Featuring Manou Febvret
Le Wagon, Batch #30, Paris
Louis Robert, Product Manager at Fitle
I only looked for Product Manager positions and intensively prepared myself in addition to Le Wagon training. In less than 3 weeks of research I got a job.
Featuring Louis Robert
Le Wagon, Batch #43, Paris
Hired as a developer in the middle of Le Wagon.
“I was learning to code alone, I started trying to do things on my own and it did not go much further. I did not feel that I was evolving. I decided to join Le Wagon to try to learn the basics that I could have skipped.”
Featuring Liliana Sequeira
Le Wagon, Batch #71, Lisbon
Two months after Le Wagon, I'm now junior Full-Stack Developer at Drivy
I'm very excited to be part of the team. It is my first job as a full-stack developer and I feel grateful they trust me and give me the opportunity to improve my skills.
Featuring Jean Anquetil
Le Wagon, Batch #30, Paris

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Catherine Oxley

I always knew I was interested in becoming a Web Developer but I was doing a non-technical degree at university an... En savoir +

Catherine Oxley
Batch #54, London
Publié sur Course Report, 05 May 2017
Sosuke Ebina

Before I started the wagon, I was a marketing manager of IT company in Japan. After few years of working on projec... En savoir +

Sosuke Ebina
Batch #78, Tokyo
Publié sur SwitchUp, 04 Oct 2017
Khalid Abubaker

Technology is something that I always liked, that's why I decided to major in computer engineering. It was that mo... En savoir +

Khalid Abubaker
Batch #78, Tokyo
Publié sur Course Report, 17 Oct 2017
Julie Pierre

I graduated in 2013 from a business school with a specialisation in finance, then worked for 3 years in startups b... En savoir +

Julie Pierre
Batch #43, Paris
Publié sur Course Report, 13 Mar 2017
Diosa Taylor

Before Le Wagon, I spent about a year doing various online courses to try to learn how to code. They taught me the... En savoir +

Diosa Taylor
Batch #62, Amsterdam
Publié sur Course Report, 05 Jan 2017
Thibault Derennes

I was one of the student of batch #77 in Montreal (summer 2017) and my only regret about LeWagon is that I didn't ... En savoir +

Thibault Derennes
Batch #77, Montréal
Publié sur Course Report, 27 Sep 2017

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