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Le Wagon: un' esperienza che ti cambierà la vita
  • 15.970+ studenti
  • 3570+ prodotti creati
  • 200+ startup create

Il nostro curriculum


And when the course ends… It’s not over! Lifetime access to the online platform, connections to the best startups, and even the opportunity to continue your training by becoming a teaching assistant.

Claire Schults
Claire SchultsProject Manager presso Startup Flow

The curriculum in Le Wagon courses is really first class. They have found a way to teach you all of the important practical skills you'll need to make a web application, while cutting out unnecessary/theoretical computer science subjects.

Aoife McDaid
Aoife McDaidFull-stack Developer presso Algolia

Le Wagon is second to none. Thanks to the course' curriculum and method, I learned more applicable skills in 9 weeks of training than I did in four full years of university (and I learned a lot in university!)

Masaki Noguchi
Masaki NoguchiData Analyst presso William Blair & Co.

Most learning and rewarding experience of my life! The Le Wagon bootcamp is a very intensive experience. If you like being challenged and solving problems, you will absolutely love this course!

Rayan Chaves De Castro
Rayan Chaves De CastroCTO presso Horta Lab

I was struck by the amount of knowledge and skills I developed. I give credit for that to the amazing program and method they developed. The way the course is structured and the resources they provide is THE real added value of this bootcamp!

Pierre Boulanger
Pierre BoulangerGrowth presso Seraphin

Those 2 months have been my best experience in terms of education. The teaching was excellent and the course targets the right skills needed to start a career in tech. It gave me everything I need to learn new skills quickly and efficiently.

Milan Barande
Milan BarandeFront-end Developer presso Christian Dior Couture

Le Wagon went beyond my expectations with an extremely complete course, an impressive online platform including efficient, motivational and entertaining challenges and tools, highly skilled teachers, a top teaching method and a very active community.

Hien-Chanh Quach
Hien-Chanh QuachFull-stack Developer presso Skello

The online platform offers you access to a ton of content as well as design, feedback, job opportunities, etc. Plus, every single question on any subject is answered in a matter of hours. It is by far the most disciplined community page I've seen.

Thibault Derennes
Thibault DerennesFront-end Developer presso Ubisoft Montréal

Career Week

At the end of the bootcamp, you are welcome to join our Career Week. This week gives you the tools you need to take the next steps in your career, whether it is finding your first job in tech, building a freelance career, or launching a start-up.

Workshops Workshops

Benefit from a combination of panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and assignments to help you find the right career path.

Becoming job-ready Becoming job-ready

Prepare your personal profile, complete job applications, prepare for technical challenges, and make a game plan for after the bootcamp!

Inspiration Inspiration

Hear from alumni about their post-Bootcamp journeys and what a typical day looks like in their new careers.

Custom-made Custom-made

You can join any workshops or watch any tutorials that you are interested in. You create your own career week according to your interests and objectives

Orari della settimana
  • Discover career paths
  • Prepare for a job application
  • Prepare for technical challenges
  • Apply for jobs
  • Game plan post bootcamp

There are some ingredients that make this web development bootcamp very unique. First of all, the teachers are amazing, they help and support you a lot during the whole course, you can feel they really enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills.

Claire Dupont
Claire DupontProduct Manager presso Unity Technologies

At first, it was hard for me to learn web development, but the teachers made sure I made progress and really helped me along the way. Looking back at the whole experience, Le Wagon is the best investment I've made in myself and my career.

Maria Sut
Maria SutBack-end Developer presso Tecnotramit

Le Wagon's method is perfectly implemented, but what makes the difference are the people working there. They just keep motivating us, treating us with a lot of attention and patience. They made us feel good, happy, focused and part of the community.

Piotr Godzinski
Piotr GodzinskiFreelance Developer

In the end my expectations for this course were even exceeded. The teachers were amazingly motivating and competent, I met interesting people from different professional backgrounds, the exercises & method enabled a step-by-step learning process.

Nhung Nguyen
Nhung NguyenFreelance Developer

Community e strumenti per sempre

Il nostro corso di web development è solo l'inizio del viaggio. Dopo che ti sarai diplomato, farai parte di una comunità globale e avrai accesso alla nostra piattaforma online per continuare ad imparare e crescere.

Slack icon Community su Slack

Ascolta i consigli dei noi developers professionisti, accedi a posizioni di lavoro esclusive e ad opportunità da freelance, trova supporto nel lancio del tuo progetto di startup.

Piattaforma online

Accedi alla nostra piattaforma di formazione online in qualsiasi momento dopo il corso di sviluppo web, con lezioni, screencast, flashcard e sfide.

Risorse aggiuntive

Beneficia di tutti i nostri tutorial avanzati in software development per migliorare le tue competenze digitali, e continua a imparare e a fare pratica anche dopo il bootcamp.

Icon tutorials Rete globale

Ricevi opportunità di lavoro freelance uniche dagli ex-allievi di Le Wagon che lavorano come sviluppatori, product manager e imprenditori in aziende tecnologiche di successo in tutto il mondo.

Comunità e strumenti per la vita

The people I met there and the skills I learned completely exceeded my expectations. The absolute highlight were the three last weeks in which we built two MVPs. This was an absolutely amazing experience and I would recommend it to anybody in doubt.

Joscha Koepke
Joscha KoepkeProduct Manager presso Google

Le Wagon has a truly global reach. Running their web development courses in more than 30 locations and with a very tight-knit alumni network, one can easily get a foot into the startup or tech ecosystem of exciting cities on every continent.

Konstantin Baumer
Konstantin BaumerFreelance Developer

Le Wagon helped me to connect to different tech communities and gain insights on the different tech sectors. More importantly, I met a group of new friends who share common interests. I would proudly recommend Le Wagon's web development course.

Audrey Gourdji
Audrey GourdjiFront-end Developer presso A3 collective

A "life changing experience", meaning every word of it! More than just a team of teachers and an amazing course, we are part of a big family at Le Wagon. There is a real community who can help us even after the bootcamp, so inspiring!

Sandra De Castro
Sandra De CastroFull-stack Developer presso Dernier Cri

Trova lavoro nelle migliori aziende tech

Una volta terminato il corso da sviluppatore web, beneficerai dei nostri servizi per la tua carriera. Ti aiuteremo a preparare colloqui in ambito tech, incontrare i migliori recruiters ed entrerai in contatto con gli studenti di rilievo.

microsoftwordCreated with Sketch. Career Playbook

Ottieni accesso a una guida completa per dare il via alla tua carriera nel tech dopo il corso: amplia il tuo portfolio, preparati per i colloqui tecnici, sfrutta la nostra community di 15.976 alumni.

myspaceCreated with Sketch. Fiere del lavoro

I nostri team locali conoscono i loro alumni e i loro partner di assunzione, cosa stanno facendo e cosa stanno cercando. Vi presentano le persone giuste a seconda del vostro obiettivo.

buymeacoffeeCreated with Sketch. Sessioni di Coaching

Spesso i nostri studenti ci ricontattano per condividere le loro esperienze post bootcamp. Imparerai come hanno trovato lavoro, fondato la loro attività o iniziato la loro carriera da freelance.

wechatCreated with Sketch. Intro studenti

Oltre ai canali Slack, i nostri team locali conoscono i loro ex studenti e cosa stanno facendo - spesso li mettiamo in contatto tra loro per creare sinergie.

I nostri studenti del corso di web development vengono assunti dalle migliori aziende.

Chi assume i nostri studenti di Web Development

Le migliori aziende collaborano con Le Wagon e assumono i nostri studenti come web developer, product manager, growth hacker o product designer.

Microsoft Ha assunto 3 studenti
Amazon Ha assunto 7 studenti
Google Ha assunto 5 studenti
Facebook Ha assunto 3 studenti
Apple Ha assunto 1 studenti
Getaround Ha assunto 6 studenti

Il Coding Bootcamp più acclamato

Le Wagon è il coding bootcamp No.1 su Switchup Logo Coursereport

Le Wagon ha 2384 recensioni, con una media di 4.98/5, il che lo rende il coding bootcamp più acclamato al mondo su Switchup secondo le recensioni degli studenti! Questa classifica ci rende molto orgogliosi, ma più di ogni altra cosa ci rende felici. Dietro queste recensioni ci sono centinaia di persone da tutto il mondo che hanno vissuto un'esperienza che ha cambiato loro la vita e ha aperto tante nuove porte lungo il loro cammino. Ci sentiamo fortunati e onorati di aver dato modo - e di continuare a dar modo - ai nostri studenti di diventare autonomi nel programmare, migliorare le proprie abilità, cambiare la propria carriera, o lanciare le proprie startup.

Inoltre, queste 2384 recensioni sono estremamente importanti per noi, al fine di assicurarci di mantenere sempre lo stesso livello di eccellenza. Avere recensioni cosi positive ed entusiaste sui nostri bootcamp, è l'ennesima prova che forniamo la miglior educazione in ambito tech per tutti i nostri studenti, nelle 40 città dove essi si tengono.

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