Le Wagon - Mission Statement

Company Profile

Le Wagon GmbH is dedicated to empowering tech enthusiasts and creative individuals with effective and comprehensive entry into the world of web development and data. Our diverse program is designed for those with initial knowledge as well as newcomers from non-technical fields. With over 200 dedicated employees, freelance professionals, and local experts, we have successfully realized our vision in more than 40 cities worldwide.

Customer Focus

Our "customers" are the participants in our courses. We commit to prioritizing their needs and continuously enhancing our offerings based on feedback from them and insights from over 730 teachers globally. Our participants' satisfaction and success are at the heart of our actions, as reflected in our top ratings on leading comparison platforms.

Staff and Teachers

We rely on qualified personnel across our organization. Ongoing professional and pedagogical training for our educators ensures high-quality teaching and professional administration. Our team is the backbone of our success and plays a key role in the quality of our educational offerings.


Our learning environments are modern and adult-friendly, designed to foster an optimal learning experience. They meet the latest pedagogical standards and are tailored to our participants' needs. Compliance with workplace regulations in all our facilities is a given for us.

Educational Offerings

Our educational offerings are transparent and aligned with current labor market requirements. We provide individual counseling to potential participants to enable focused learning. Our courses are practical and based on a didactic-methodological concept that includes a variety of teaching methods.

Focus on Participants

Our advertising claims are transparent and honest. We ensure that our participants are fully informed about course objectives, requirements, conditions, certifications, duration, location, costs, and methodologies before starting a course. Integration into the labor market is a central part of our course design, always keeping an eye on labor market developments.

Alignment with the Educational and Labor Market

Our mission statement reflects a strong alignment with the educational and labor market. We recognize the dynamic requirements of these markets and adjust our curricula and content accordingly to ensure that our participants are equipped with skills and knowledge relevant to today's and future job markets. Through close collaboration with companies and industry experts, we ensure that our courses not only provide theoretical knowledge but also promote practical skills that are immediately applicable in the professional world. This practical orientation allows our graduates to successfully enter the job market and assert themselves in an ever-changing technological environment. Our commitment to continuous market observation and adjustment guarantees that our educational offerings remain current and forward-looking, thereby sustainably improving our participants' career prospects.

At Le Wagon GmbH, we are dedicated to fulfilling our participants' expectations and integrating these expectations as an integral part of our continuous improvement process. Our focus on the educational and job market ensures that we not only impart knowledge but actively support our participants in their professional advancement.