Part-time (24 weeks)

In 24 weeks in Lyon, part-time, learn all the skills of a Software Developer and code your own web applications to upskill in your current job or change your career.

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In 24 weeks, part-time, learn all the skills of a Software Developer at Le Wagon.
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Live a unique experience.

Our web development course in Lyon , initially developed as an immersive 9-week bootcamp, can also be followed part-time in 24 weeks, studying some weekday evenings and Saturdays. At the end of the course, you will know how to build a robust, user-friendly app that matches users' needs and objectives, and to use the right workflow to work in collaboration with other developers.

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Le Wagon: a life-changing experience
  • 9280+ graduates
  • 2170+ products built
  • 540+ startups launched

Our course curriculum

Our web development course is designed to make you learn to code step by step, until you can build your own web applications from scratch.

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Get ready for the bootcamp

Our Web Development Course is very intense. To save time and nail it from the beginning, our students must complete the PrepWork on our custom-built platform before starting the bootcamp. This work takes around 60 hours and gives our students a basic knowledge of:

  • Web 101, how the web works
  • Terminal basic commands
  • Git basic commands
  • HTML / CSS foundations
  • JavaScript foundations
  • Tech workflows and tools in a startup

Developer tools & workflow

Work with the right developer tools and workflow. Learn the basics of the command line, use a code text editor and install Ruby with a version management tool. Get familiar with most useful developer packages and learn how to version your code with git and push it on Github.

Programming Basics in Ruby

Write programs manipulating variables, loops, conditions and data structures (Array and Hash). Detect text patterns with Regular Expressions and start parsing data from structured files (CSV, JSON, XML, HTML) fetched using web-scraping or by building requests to JSON APIs.

Software Architecture

Structure your software following Object-Oriented principles. Learn the Model-View-Controller pattern in-depth (most common application design pattern) by coding several MVC softwares from scratch. You will have to code everything on your own, even simulating your database storing data in CSV files.

Relational Database, SQL & ORM

Learn to design a relational database schema and to build structured queries to your database with SQL. Build simple CRUD queries (Create, Read, Update, Delete) or advanced JOIN queries. Learn to connect your database to your ruby software with an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) called Active Record.

Frontend Development

Build your web pages following atomic design principles and code your own UI kit of web components & layouts by applying the latest CSS techniques. Build pages with an adaptive design thanks to media queries and learn to quickly prototype a web app with Bootstrap 4.0 and its responsive grid system.


Learn ES6, your second programming language after ruby, to add dynamic behaviors to your website or update pages without reloading thanks to AJAX. Understand JavaScript fundamental concepts and learn to use all the necessary JS web tools like Babel, Webpack or yarn.

Ruby on Rails

Wrap it all together by coding your first Ruby on Rails applications. Deploy your applications in production & start coding “the Rails way”. Go deep into Rails discovering advanced concepts like nested resources, namespaces, or how to refactor an app with services or to build an API with Rails.

Cloning Airbnb in teams

Code a clone of Airbnb from scratch in 5 days. You will work in teams to learn to collaborate on Github using pull requests and deploy your apps on Heroku, using the same workflow as successful startups. Implement advanced features (payment, image upload, search, geocoding, background jobs, etc…) and learn to cover your code with tests.

Turn an idea into a product in 2 weeks

Projects Phase is the ultimate experience of the course: invent, pitch, design, code and deploy an original project in teams of 3 or 4 people during the two final weeks. You will have to go through all the process from the idea to the live app in production on a real domain name, ready to be tested on the market!

  • Define the Product's target users and unique value proposition
  • Build an interactive prototype with Figma to validate the UX
  • Split the work in your teams by defining and assigning user stories
  • Code the web application from scratch: from the back-end to the user interface
  • Deploy your app on a production environment
  • Pitch your product during the Demo Day!

Career Services

We help our students find a job by preparing them for technical interviews, organising job fairs, startup office hours and coaching sessions with tech recruiters and alumni. We have helped our 9280+ graduates find their dream job!

React.js Extension Course

After the bootcamp, all our alumni get access to Le Wagon’s one-week online extension training in React.js and Redux. A very useful course for our students who want to go deeper in front-end development or apply to front-end developer jobs.

Lifelong Access to our Online Platform

Our alumni keep a lifelong access to our online platform with 300+ challenges, 100+ hours of video lessons to re-watch any time after the bootcamp, 100+ live-codes and tutorials on real-life developer examples and 900+ flashcards to rehearse core concepts.

Slack icon Slack & Community

Our 9280+ alumni discuss every day on Le Wagon’s Slack channels after the course, getting help from our 900+ teachers, sharing tips, resources, code snippets, job offers and news from their products. An engaged and passionate tech community, all over the world.

Our part-time format

Learn to code in 24 weeks with a tailor-made program
adapted to your busy schedule.

09:00 AM 05:00 PM
07:00 PM 10:00 PM
Homework Watch the lecture to prepare for next session.
On campus Pair program with your classmates on coding challenges with the help of our teachers.
On campus Pair program with your classmates on coding challenges with the help of our teachers.
Homework Watch the lecture to prepare for next session.
On campus Practice all day on challenges and projects.

Consolidate what you've learnt through live-code sessions with your teachers.

Watch the lecture to prepare for next session.

🏫On campus

Pair program with your classmates on coding challenges with the help of our teachers.

A taste of our program in Lyon

Live a unique learning experience every week.

On campus pair-programming sessions
On campus pair-programming sessions

Meet your peers and teachers three times a week to work on coding challenges. Learn to think and solve problems like a software developer.

Online lectures and flashcards
Online lectures and flashcards

Watch lectures at your own pace on our online platform. Grasp core concepts and prepare yourself for the next coding session. Consolidate your knowledge on a daily basis playing our Flashcards.

Hiring and networking Events
Hiring and networking Events

Every week, join us for events with entrepreneurs and hiring partners. Create your own network within a thriving tech scene.

Passionate teachers

Since day one, we’ve taken teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect to topics on a profound level. Experience as a developer alone doesn’t necessarily make one an effective teacher — that’s why we’re passionate about finding not only great engineers, but deeply committed, experienced teachers.

Emmanuelle Nadal
Emmanuelle Nadal

After an engineering degree, Emmanuelle moved her focus towards the web. Before joining le Wagon to obtain more technical skills, she worked in products and marketing in startups. Emmanuelle is now a freelance developer and teaches at le Wagon.

more about Emmanuelle
Kévin Chavanne
Kévin Chavanne

Kevin cofounded a company to help startups build their MVP, working with them for 6 years. Now lead teacher at Le Wagon Lyon & an accomplished freelance developer, he loves to share web development & the product culture to all interested people.

more about Kévin
Joseph Blanchard
Joseph Blanchard

After 3 years as a developer at Tilkee, a fast-growing startup in Lyon developing tools to track company's documents, Joseph joined Le Wagon in Lyon to start a new adventure! When he's not teaching, he's freelancing or building his own web products!

more about Joseph
Deborah Marino
Deborah Marino

Former graphic designer and photographer, Deborah has been providing web solutions for her clients for 4 years as freelance web project manager. She learned to code with Le Wagon. She likes to share her passion for entrepreneurship and design.

more about Deborah
Pierre Alban Toth
Pierre Alban Toth

After 4 years at Captain Train (now Trainline) as iOS developer and then Product Manager, Pierre-Alban is now launching his startup - developing an HR product simplifying companies' wage policy - and teaching Le Wagon students to make great products!

more about Pierre Alban

Community and tools for life

Our web development course is just the beginning of the journey. Once you graduate, you belong to a global community and have access to our online platform to keep learning and growing.

Slack icon Slack communities

Get tips and advice from professional developers, access exclusive job and freelance opportunities, find support for your project launch.

Online platform

Access our online education platform at any time after the web development course, with lectures, screencasts, flashcards and challenges.

Additional resources

Benefit from advanced tutorials in software development to push your computer science skills further and keep on learning and practicing after the bootcamp.

Icon tutorials Global network

Receive unique job and freelance opportunities from Le Wagon's alumni who work as developers, product managers and entrepreneurs in successful tech companies all over the world.

Community and tools for life

Find a job in the best tech companies in Lyon

Once the web development course ends, you benefit from our career services. We help you prepare for tech interviews, meet the best recruiters and connect with relevant alumni.

microsoftwordCreated with Sketch. Career Playbook

Access a complete guide to kick-start your tech career after the course: boost your portfolio, prepare for technical interviews, leverage on our 9280 alumni community.

myspaceCreated with Sketch. Career Events

Our local teams know their alumni and hiring partners, what they are up to and what they are looking for. They introduce you to the right people depending on your goal.

buymeacoffeeCreated with Sketch. Alumni Coaching Sessions

Our alumni often come back to share their post-bootcamp experiences. You will learn about how they found a job, started their own company or freelancing career.

wechatCreated with Sketch. Career Intros

In addition to Slack channels, our local teams know their alumni and what they're up to - we often introduce relevant people to each other to create synergies.

Our web development course alumni get hired by the best companies

They hire our Web Development grads in Lyon

The best companies partner with Le Wagon and hire our alumni as Web Developers, Product Managers, Growth Hackers or Product Designers.

Agicap Hired 3 graduates
Aircall Hired 3 graduates
Doctolib Hired 9 graduates
Google Hired 5 graduates
La centrale du sport Hired 2 graduates
Lifen Hired 5 graduates

Find the right financing option for you

Find out if you are eligible for special offers in Lyon.

Personal Training Account (CPF)
Personal Training Account (CPF)

Le Wagon FullStack training is registered at the RNCP, which means that you can use your CPF to fund it. Your CPF will be calculated regarding of your accumulated work hours. To find out how this funding option works, you can read this short guide on the CPF (in french).

AIF (financial help for individual training)

This is a funding offered by Pôle Emploi to help you fund your training. This funding is not automatic. In order to get it, you can contact your Pôle Emploi advisor to present him/her your professional project and the reasons why you want to join Le Wagon.

If your Pôle Emploi advisor asks you for a quote, we will be happy to provide you with one if you are selected. You can also ask him/her more information about fundings in your area or local communities.


As we are registered at Datadock, our training is validated by the OPCO. You should be able to contact the AFDAS, FAFIEC, FAFIEH and ask them fundings for the bootcamp. Will allow you to use the NAF code (which is on your pay slip) to know which OPCO you depend on.

Guide OPCO

Depending on your business sector, you can contact the FONGECIF. If your file is accepted, they can either take charge of the whole training cost or a part of it. If your request is declined, you will have to wait for a year before presenting a new file.

CSP (Contract of professional security)

The CSP (Contract of professional security) can allow you to obtain a total funding of training. This financing facility is intended for employees of companies subject to an economic lay-off.

Guide CSP
CIF (Congé individuel de formation)

This funding facility makes it possible for employees to get the bootcamp costs partially or entirely covered. You will find all the information to understand how it works below.

Guide CIF

Any questions about our program in Lyon

If you got here, it means that you have questions about Le Wagon: how to apply, who can join, what you’ll learn… Good! We have the answers.

Why do you teach Ruby?

Ruby is an excellent language to start with. Its syntax is light which makes this language understandable and easy to learn for beginners. It also allows them to be autonomous in creating websites or applications to quickly test their ideas. On the other hand, the Ruby developers community is active, mature mature and stable. It is composed of senior developers keen to help juniors to develop their skills. Ruby is used by some of the best tech startups such as Airbnb or Github.

I don't have any technical background, is it the right program for me ?

At Le Wagon, around 80% of the students are novice programmers. After having taught 6,000+ people how to code, we know that the ability of our students to succeed during and after the bootcamp is based above all on their motivation and work provided during the training.

There is no such thing as a typical profile among our students: recent graduates, professionals working in marketing, engineering, sales, lawyers, journalists, architects, musicians... Our alumni are between 18 and 55, and they all share the same curiosity and enthusiasm for coding.

Do you offer career support?

We recently conducted an alumni survey and created an infographic in order to answer to the most common questions among our students such as: - How long will I need to find a job? - What position can I hold after the bootcamp? - What type of contract? - For which salary? And many more...

We make every effort to best support our students in their job search at the end of the bootcamp. At the end of the 9-week full-time program, or 24-week part-time program, we organize offices hours: a dozen of workshops with Le Wagon's privileged partners - tech startups, product managers, investors - aiming to support students in their post-bootcamp projects. Among these partners we have many tech startups such as Tilkee, MealCanteen or PerAngusta

Le Wagon also gives you access to a broad and international community of +6,000 alumni. They often come back to Le Wagon to give tips and feedback to new students, and they will very often share job & co-founder opportunities.

On our side, we are very close to many tech companies and often do direct intro. We also have a Career Playbook, in which we explain how to continue to progress after the bootcamp, how to prepare yourself at technical tests, how to find a job of junior developer etc

The result? Our alumni looking for a job at the end of the program usually achieve their goals within less than 3 months. Obviously, we cannot promise anything: we consider that a candidate's ability to find a job is above all based on their involvement and motivation.

Does Le Wagon deliver a certificate?

By attending Le Wagon bootcamp you can get certified as "Web Application Developer-Developer". This certification is registered in the National Professional Certification Office (RNCP) and is recognized by the state. Therefore this is a certification and not a diploma that you can take at the end of the training.

How to apply and what does the selection process consist of?

Here are the steps to apply at Le Wagon:

Go to Le Wagon Lyon program page , click on "Apply to Lyon" and choose your bootcamp rhythm in the drop-down menu: full-time or part-time.

Fill out the application form with your motivations and book a slot for an admission interview. This interview lasts half an hour and will allows us to evaluate your motivation, to know more about your professional project as well as your expectations regarding the bootcamp. To prepare for the interview, we strongly advise you to read our syllabus have a real look at the program and the languages ​​taught at Le Wagon.

You will also have a technical test to complete on CodeCademy to discover Ruby (which is the main language taught at Le Wagon): This is a ten hours exercice that you will have to complete within one week.

Those two tests will be used to estimate your motivation and then approve your application or not. It is only once you completed both the technical test and the interview that we will be able to give you an answer under 7 days.

If your application is approved, you will receive an online contract to sign. You will also have to pay a deposit in order to ensure your place in the next session (equivalent to 1/3 of the bootcamp fees).

Do you organise events?

Throughout the training, the Wagon team organizes networking events and afterworks for students to get to know each other, meet training alumni as well as key players in the Parisian tech scene.

Amont those events: conferences with well known entrepreneurs, free coding workshops to discover web development. If you want to be informed of our upcoming sessions you can join Event Brite or to subscribe to Le Wagon newsletter to be informed each time a new event goes live.

How many students are in each promotion ?

In Lyon, we welcome 30 students in each of our promotions.

In what language are the courses delivered?

In Lyon, courses are delivered in french. But video tutorials and coding exercices are in english. Thus our students need to have a good english level to be confortable throughout their learning experience.

Does Le Wagon offers a visa or a student statut?

Joining Le Wagon doesn't make it possible to obtain a student status. Regarding tourist or business visa, you can directly contact your local city prefecture for more information and help.

Want to go further?

Next Lyon web development course part-time coding bootcamp starts on Feb 15, 2021