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Hiring developers from Le Wagon coding bootcamp
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Hiring developers from Le Wagon coding bootcamp

They are top recruiters

Aircall Hired 3 graduates
Algolia Hired 2 graduates
Cleany Hired 1 graduates
Clever Age Hired 0 graduates
Doctolib Hired 9 graduates
Do it Abroad Hired 1 graduates
Dronelis Hired 1 graduates
EP Hired 2 graduates
Explore Hired 1 graduates
Google Hired 5 graduates
Jobteaser Hired 4 graduates
Live Tonight Hired 1 graduates
Mangopay Hired 3 graduates
Phenix Group Hired 1 graduates
Respoweb Hired 1 graduates
Talent Hired 3 graduates
Trainline Hired 2 graduates
Uber Hired 2 graduates

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