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Francois Metayer

Meet Francois

Now Product Owner at EP

François is an entrepreneur, pioneer of solar energy in Africa. He joined Le Wagon in 2017 to add new technical expertise to his business skills. He discovered Product Design during his training and decided to make it his job. 1 month later, he was hired by a major PropTech player in Nantes

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Henri Jousse

Meet Henri

Now CEO at Live Tonight

Henri joined Le Wagon after finishing his business studies. Passionated by live music and driven by what he saw abroad, he realized that much could be done in France. He launched his startup LiveTonight, a website to book musicians for any events, right at the end of Le Wagon in September 2016 and has been developping live music in France since then.

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Mael Donnard

Meet Mael

Now CTO at Dronelis

Creative mechanical engineer and industrial designer, Mael was working in the high-tech industry. Always been challenged by connecting things on internet, he became curious about coding web app. At Le Wagon, he found his way. A year later he became CTO in a leading Drone services provider where data analytics in the cloud has become a key feature.

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