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Meet our team

Le Wagon is a global community with campuses all around the world. Each city has its own ecosystem and our team is here to make you feel at home!

Igor Koval Teacher
Bruno Lajoie Teacher & Developer
Kevin Robert Teacher & Developer
Sébastien Saunier Co-founder & CTO
Mathieu Ripert Staff Machine Learning Engineer
Julien Da Silva Teacher & Developer
Edward Schults Teacher & Developer
Cecile Veneziani Teacher
Laura Lacoste Admissions Manager
Romain Paillard Co-founder & COO
Tatiana Perillo Student Outcomes Manager
Edouard Foussier Head of Community
Thanh Tran Teacher & Developer
Damien Milon Teacher & Developer
Lucile Trussardi Corporate Products Manager
Boris Paillard Co-founder & CEO
Thomas Blanchet Office Manager
Guillaume Morin CFO
Benjamin Bignon Head of B2B
Anouk Hajage Event & Marketing Manager
Cédric Menteau Front-end developer
Rebecca Menat CMO
Germain Loret Teacher & Developer