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"Change your life, learn to code": our alumni stories reflect our motto. See how our 14,927 graduates started their new careers in tech, and get inspired to find your own path.

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Le Wagon graduates are joining the best tech companies every day, either global companies or high-growth startups.

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Read Simon's story
Simon Byström
Simon Byström Now Full-stack Developer at CREAM
Read Stuart's story
Stuart Pinchen
Stuart Pinchen Now Entrepreneur
Read Henry's story
Henry Knight
Henry Knight Now Program Manager at Amazon
Read Aishwarya's story
Aishwarya Wahane
Aishwarya Wahane Now Data Scientist at Virtusize
Player iconPlay video. Watch Julien's story
Julien Ergan
Julien Ergan Now Software Engineer at Queue Inc.
Read Aline's story
Aline Utiyama
Aline Utiyama Now Full-stack Developer at Xenon Partners
Read Shinya's story
Shinya Tawata
Shinya Tawata Now Founder at Section L
Read Ayako's story
Ayako Amano
Ayako Amano Now Full-stack Developer at mediPhone
Read Yoshiki's story
Yoshiki Bell
Yoshiki Bell Now Front-end Developer at Green Funding
Read Njeri's story
Njeri Gachago
Njeri Gachago Now Data Scientist
Read Akihiro's story
Akihiro Kitagawa
Akihiro Kitagawa Now Founder at Section L
Read Satoru's story
Satoru Nishizawa
Satoru Nishizawa Now Full-stack Developer at GourmetPro
Read Wan Ying's story
Wan Ying Kwok
Wan Ying Kwok Now Project Manager at Tripla KK
Read Huishu's story
Huishu Jia
Huishu Jia Now Digital Designer at designaffairs
Read Cassiano's story
Cassiano Yasumitsu
Cassiano Yasumitsu Now Entrepreneur at Yudensetsu
Read Nicole's story
Nicole Wong
Nicole Wong Now Full-stack Developer at Degica
Read Paulo's story
Paulo D'Alberti
Paulo D'Alberti Now Entrepreneur at Odaiba
Read Silvia's story
Silvia Rocha
Silvia Rocha Now Full-stack Developer at Crowd Cast
Read Nozomi's story
Nozomi Okuma
Nozomi Okuma Now Entrepreneur at POOL
Read Fumiko's story
Fumiko Toyoda
Fumiko Toyoda Now Product Manager at justInCase
Read Arron's story
Arron Ritchie
Arron Ritchie Now Data Scientist at Hacarus
Read Kaan's story
Kaan Alpar
Kaan Alpar Now Freelance Developer
Read Mike's story
Mike Warren
Mike Warren Now Back-end Developer at Crowd Cast
Read Pins's story
Pins Thoo
Pins Thoo Now Full-stack Developer at Suria Labs
Read Edward's story
Edward Blundell
Edward Blundell Now Full-stack Developer at SOW Experience
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