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Master the fundamental skills of a data analyst
in just a few weeks


Understand data sourcing

Discover business KPIs and learn how to collect data from various sources to run common analyses (churn, funnel, CAC, AB test, time to convert, etc..)

  • Google SheetsGoogle Sheets
  • PaymentPayment

Master data extraction and transformation

Learn to extract data using APIs, automation tools or product tracking. Transform and load data on a warehouse building the right data layers and using advanced SQL.

  • Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics
  • FivetranFivetran

Learn BI and data visualization

Communicate your results clearly using the right visualisations and building automated dashboards with the most used BI tools.

  • Power BIPower BI
  • Google Data StudioGoogle Data Studio

Learn Python for Data Analytics

Run analysis on big data sets using Python and Jupyter notebook. Learn the foundations of Machine Learning with Python to collaborate with data scientists or ML engineers.

  • PythonPython
  • Machine LearningMachine Learning

You can start for FREE! Join a live workshop for web development, data analytics, or UX design.

What our Data Analytics bootcamp looks like

Check out our curriculum week after week.

Prepwork: get ready to start the bootcamp

Our Data Analytics course is intense. To be prepared and make the most out of the bootcamp, you must complete a 40 hours preparation work to gives you basic tech foundations and culture.

  • Understanding the concept of KPIs and discovering the basics of data analysis
  • Introduction to Google Sheets
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to Python

What you will do in practice

  • 40 hours of online tutorials

Understanding data and manipulating it with Google Sheets

What data is available? Where are they found? What KPIs do we want to follow? In this module, you will conduct in-depth analysis on business data and build automated dashboards with Google Sheets.

  • Product analysis - Retention, lifetime value, cohort analyses, etc.
  • Sales analysis - Funnel, average basket, time to convert, etc.
  • Marketing analysis - AARRR framework, conversion rate, etc.
  • Finance analysis - Margin, results, etc.

What you will ll do in practice

  • Learn how to identify the data sources to use
  • Build a sales funnel for a sales team
  • Analyze campaign performance for a marketing team
  • Analyze customer retention for a product team

Extraction: How to recover and clean data automatically

You're not going to spend all day updating your charts! Master ELT tools (Extract, Load, Transform), APIs or No-code / Low-code tools to extract data from different sources and centralize it. Also learn how to track the data of your web app by creating a tagging plan.

  • Understand the principle of APIs with the Airbyte tool
  • Learn the best automation tools: Zapier & n8n
  • Use the world leader in ELTs: Fivetran
  • Analyse website trafic with Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics 4

What you will do in practice

  • Use APIs and implement webhooks
  • Build an automated lead acquisition workflow for a growth team
  • Track a new website event for a Marketing team
  • Duplicate CRM data in the Data warehouse for a Data team

SQL: Master the Language of Data Analysts and Build Actionable Data Warehouses

Learn all the techniques to centralize and transform your data in a data warehouse. Create effective dashboards and conduct in-depth analysis for business teams.

  • Get started with Bigquery, Google's Data Warehouse
  • Master SQL queries for analytics
  • Segment your data into “Data Layers” with the DBT tool
  • Study the different data architectures of tech companies

What you will do in practice

  • Query the database to respond to business requests
  • Clean data from business rules
  • Build data models for marketing, sales and product teams
  • Perform analytical queries and optimize your queries

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Learn how to build the clearest, most interactive charts and dashboards possible for your teams.
Uncover insights from your data by adopting the right analysis methodology.

  • Adopt the best visualization techniques
  • Master the leading tools on the market
  • Conduct relevant analysis and interpret the results
  • Check the significance of your recommendations with statistics

What you will do in practice

  • Choose the most suitable graphic, add context and order the information
  • Create marketing, sales and product dashboards on Google Data Studio and PowerBI
  • Recommend actions based on your data analytics
  • Interpret AB testing results to develop the product

Python for Data Analysis and Prediction

Learn how to manipulate large volumes of data and how to represent them. Master the basics of Machine Learning to predict results and perform complex analysis. Collaborate better with data science and engineering teams.

  • Discover the Jupyter Notebook format
  • Collaborate and manage your environments on Jupyterhub
  • Learn to predict the future with the Python sklearn and prophet libraries
  • Create clusters from your data
  • Automate the execution of your scripts with Airflow

What you will do in practice

  • Create your environments and practice versioning with git
  • Predict which users are most at risk of leaving
  • Identify the most discriminating variables among your data
  • Predict future revenue and group your customers by category

Final project: become a Data Analyst for one of our partners!

Perform an A-Z data analysis project with real data from our partners. Learn how to properly pose the problem, identify, extract, centralize and process your data. Conduct your analyzes and create automated dashboards that will bring value.

Examples of projects

  • Food delivery market analysis. Define the go to market strategy for Fox Intelligence by Nielsen.
  • Define the key factors for success in the Highway Code with Ornikar's data. 
  • Optimize student placement rate through data analysis with JobTeaser's data.
... And many others!

Career Week: start your career in tech!

Meet tech experts working in startups and companies, prepare your CV and do mock interviews to prepare your job search. 

  • Preparation for your job search
  • Connection to our 15,000 alumni and 985+ hiring partners

What you will do in practice

  • 1:1 coaching 
  • Review of CV and cover letter
  • Technical interviews preparation

The only bootcamp where you practice on real data from
the best European tech companies

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Understand the goal of the bootcamp


Get our syllabus week by week


Understand our methodology


4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

Download our Data Analytics syllabus

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An immersive program that accelerates
your tech skills in weeks

  • Live lecture
    Live lecture 9 - 10:30AM

    Grab a coffee and start every morning with an engaging & interactive lecture, before putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

  • Challenges
    Challenges 10:30 AM-4 PM

    Team up with your partner for the day and work on a series of data projects with the help of the teachers. They’re always there to help you if you get stuck!

  • Break
    Break 4 - 5 PM

    Learning how to code can be very intense, which is why we organise yoga classes on certain days to help you unwind.

  • Data Talks
    Data Talks 5 - 6PM

    Return to the classroom to see data professionals at work: Live code sessions to assimilate all the best practices, data panelists who discuss the job and the tools, and much more!

Passionate teachers, acclaimed methods & real-world skills

  • Small cohorts with 1 teacher for 7 students
  • Practice on real data from the best European tech companies
  • Get real-time answers to never be stuck
  • Keep lifetime access to Le Wagon's learning platform
  • Design and pitch your final project in teams

4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

  • "Le Wagon changed my life. I went from designing ads to building an app that eventually got Google’s attention. Now me and my co-founders (who I also met at Le Wagon) all work at Google living our best lives."

    Allan Holmes Google

    Allan Holmes

    Now Interaction Designer at Google

  • "The bootcamp allowed me to acquire a solid foundation in Data Science, to practice on real world problems, to join a lively and close-knit international community and to land the job of my dreams as a Data Analyst! I 100% recommend Le Wagon!"

    Capucine Dehaut Getaround

    Capucine Dehaut

    Now Data Scientist at Getaround

  • "If you are looking for a bootcamp that offers a comprehensive curriculum, a great learning environment and incredible post-bootcamp career support then Le Wagon is for you!"

    Joseph Gulay Ernst & Young

    Joseph Gulay

    Now Data Analyst at Ernst & Young

  • "It is stunning how much you learn in only 9 weeks, not only web development but also how to challenge yourself and grow as a person!"

    Carolina Cota N26

    Carolina Cota

    Now Backend Developer at N26

  • "I loved my experience at Le Wagon, especially the last 2 weeks of teamwork: Developing an idea, visualising it in mock-ups, breaking it down into development tasks, and pitching the final product. This is the essence of product culture!"

    Adrien Moison Back Market

    Adrien Moison

    Now Head of Product at Back Market

  • "Only two months after finishing the Bootcamp, I landed my first job as a Junior Software Engineer. That would not have been possible without the amazing career support from Le Wagon’s staff."

    Mathieu Longé 99designs

    Mathieu Longé

    Now Software Engineer at 99designs

  • "The bootcamp gave me the opportunity to learn about the full process of building a product and to confirm I particularly love the design and frontend side of things."

    Caroline Bixner Deloitte Digital

    Caroline Bixner

    Now Senior Service Designer at Deloitte Digital

  • "I expected a lot from Le Wagon for my Data Science formation and the global experience was even better: the content of the formation and the custom learning platform were really well structured and all the people at Le Wagon very helpful."

    Josselin Grouas IBM

    Josselin Grouas

    Now Data/IA Manager Consultant at IBM

  • "I warmly recommend Le Wagon to anyone who wants to sky rocket their career in our increasingly digital world. Le Wagon is more than just a coding school it’s a proper experience and a human melting pot."

    Christophe Arendt Capgemini

    Christophe Arendt

    Now Data Engineer at Capgemini

  • "I am grateful for the valuable knowledge and experience that this program provided me with. I would encourage anyone who wants to change to a career in tech to join this excellent program."

    Asma Laaribi Shopify

    Asma Laaribi

    Now Developer at Shopify

  • "Le Wagon has a huge emphasis on culture and community. The energy is incredibly positive & the Teachers/Teacher Assistants are always happy to help and answer questions."

    Thomas  Temple Hall & Wilcox

    Thomas Temple

    Now Software Engineer at Hall & Wilcox

  • "Le Wagon is a great way to get into tech and learn a new skill with good teachers to support your journey and definitely don’t be shy to ask 100 questions like I did."

    Ștefania-Ella Centea ASDA

    Ștefania-Ella Centea

    Now Junior Product Manager at ASDA

  • "After 3 years working in Investment Banking, I decided to update my skill-set with some tools that I could use for whatever my next professional challenge would be."

    Ayelen   Klas Razor Group

    Ayelen Klas

    Now Sr. Growth & Operations Manager at Razor Group

  • "Le Wagon truly changed my life with coding. Coming from a sales background, it enabled me to acquire the technical knowledges to start a developer career."

    Isabelle  Ferrier amlconsult GmbH

    Isabelle Ferrier

    Now Web Developer at amlconsult GmbH

  • "The complexity of the final project that I carried out with a team of classmates made me see how much my skills improved during the bootcamp. I highly recommend it."

    Rafael Knabben ResearchGate

    Rafael Knabben

    Now Data Quality Analyst at ResearchGate

  • "I was writing code, cleaning data and building data pipelines with fluidity. I also really enjoy the fact that Le Wagon is here to help you in your job search after the bootcamp."

    Cyril  Aubry N26

    Cyril Aubry

    Now Jr. Data Analyst at N26

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Employer Testimonials

  • "We are extremely happy with Philippe and Sebastian. The bootcamp was everything but easy, yet regardless of how demanding it was, they succeeded. They now bring this “can-do” attitude learned at Le Wagon to Sollum. They started with little experience but with the right skills for the job, and the willingness and eagerness to become excellent programmers. "

    Patrick Ménard Sollum Technologies

    Patrick Ménard

    VP Products

    Sollum Technologies

  • "We were able to get a very good impression of the candidates and their coding skills. We especially liked the fact that some of them presented their coding challenge results during the event and we were impressed by all their creative and well-developed solutions in such a short time"

    Sandra Böttcher Accenture

    Sandra Böttcher

    HR Marketing Expert


  • "Before the event, Le Wagon sent us a structured overview of the candidates that met our requirements for the position to be filled. At the event, we noticed that all candidates were of consistently high quality. This meant that we had several candidates to choose from at once. Our queries about individual candidates were answered quickly. This made the recruitment process fast and simple."

    Matti Fischer Careloop

    Matti Fischer




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No technical prerequisites

The Data Analytics course is beginner-friendly, with no prerequisites required. What counts for us is that you’re motivated to start your new Tech journey.

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The last step will consist of finding the most suitable financing option for you. Then, you'll jump into the prepwork which consists of 40h training.

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4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

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In addition to our courses, we host free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks at our Berlin campus. Come down and meet us!

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Data Analytics course in Berlin

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Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969 Berlin

Data Science course in Berlin

Web Development course in Berlin

Data Analytics course in Berlin

Le Wagon Berlin

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969 Berlin

Why you should study Data Analytics in Berlin

Berlin currently counts 193 nationalities among their citizens, being only one set of data representing the openness and diversity in the city. Due to that, the Tech Sector is mainly English-speaking, making your arrival to a new life a bit less complicated.

We know that we are telling you a lot about our happy alumni, our amazing learning platform, and our outstanding team of teachers and staff. If you don't believe us, you could also ask the trusted platform Honeypot.

Berlin guarantees you no time for boredom during your Bootcamp breaks. Explore more than 150 museums. Discover places that marked the center of historic happenings of the 20th century. Or flow with unlimited energy in one of more than 350 clubs across the city.


More than a bootcamp.
Join a global tech network for life.

By choosing Le Wagon, you are joining a supportive community of alumni, teachers, tech recruiters. Benefit from life-long access to the course material, and to our network job offers.






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Need more details about our Data Analytics bootcamp?


Understand the goal of the bootcamp


Get our syllabus week by week


Understand our methodology


4.98 / 5

2259 reviews


4.98 / 5

2301 reviews


4.9 / 5

714 reviews

Download our Data Analytics syllabus

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