Full-time (9 weeks)

In 9 intensive weeks in São Paulo, learn all the skills of a Software Developer, code your own web applications from scratch and change your career.

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In 9 intensive weeks, learn all the skills of a Software Developer at Le Wagon.
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Jul 11, 2022 - Sep 9, 2022 Course in (R$19,900)
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Oct 10, 2022 - Dec 9, 2022 Course in (R$19,900)
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Join a unique Web Development course

Our web development course in São Paulo is an immersive experience that takes you from beginner to junior software developer in 9 weeks. At the end of the course, you will know how to build a robust and user-friendly software that answers your users' needs, and to follow the right workflow to collaborate with other developers, designers and product managers.

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Le Wagon: a life-changing experience
  • 15,170+ graduates
  • 3480+ products built
  • 200+ startups launched

Our course curriculum

Our web development course in São Paulo is designed to make you learn to code step by step, until you can build your own web applications from scratch.

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Get ready for the bootcamp

Our Web Development Course is very intense. To save time and nail it from the beginning, our students must complete the PrepWork on our custom-built platform before starting the bootcamp. This work takes around 40 hours and gives our students a basic knowledge of:

  • Web 101, how the web works
  • Terminal basic commands
  • Git basic commands
  • HTML / CSS foundations
  • JavaScript foundations
  • Tech workflows and tools in a startup

Developer tools & workflow

Work with the right developer tools and workflow. Learn the basics of the command line, use a code text editor and install Ruby with a version management tool. Get familiar with most useful developer packages and learn how to version your code with git and push it on Github.

Programming Basics in Ruby

Write programs manipulating variables, loops, conditions and data structures (Array and Hash). Detect text patterns with Regular Expressions and start parsing data from structured files (CSV, JSON, XML, HTML) fetched using web-scraping or by building requests to JSON APIs.

Software Architecture

Structure your software following Object-Oriented principles. Learn the Model-View-Controller pattern in-depth (most common application design pattern) by coding several MVC softwares from scratch. You will have to code everything on your own, even simulating your database storing data in CSV files.

Relational Database, SQL & ORM

Learn to design a relational database schema and to build structured queries to your database with SQL. Build simple CRUD queries (Create, Read, Update, Delete) or advanced JOIN queries. Learn to connect your database to your ruby software with an ORM (Object Relational Mapping) called Active Record.

Frontend Development

Build your web pages following atomic design principles and code your own UI kit of web components & layouts by applying the latest CSS techniques. Build pages with an adaptive design thanks to media queries and learn to quickly prototype a web app with Bootstrap 4.0 and its responsive grid system.


Learn ES6, your second programming language after ruby, to add dynamic behaviors to your website or update pages without reloading thanks to AJAX. Understand JavaScript fundamental concepts and learn to use all the necessary JS web tools like Babel, Webpack or yarn.

Ruby on Rails

Wrap it all together by coding your first Ruby on Rails applications. Deploy your applications in production & start coding “the Rails way”. Go deep into Rails discovering advanced concepts like nested resources, namespaces, or how to refactor an app with services or to build an API with Rails.

Cloning Airbnb in teams

Code a clone of Airbnb from scratch in 5 days. You will work in teams to learn to collaborate on Github using pull requests and deploy your apps on Heroku, using the same workflow as successful startups. Implement advanced features (payment, image upload, search, geocoding, background jobs, etc…) and learn to cover your code with tests.

Turn an idea into a product in 2 weeks

Projects Phase is the ultimate experience of the course: invent, pitch, design, code and deploy an original project in teams of 3 or 4 people during the two final weeks. You will have to go through all the process from the idea to the live app in production on a real domain name, ready to be tested on the market!

  • Define the Product's target users and unique value proposition
  • Build an interactive prototype with Figma to validate the UX
  • Split the work in your teams by defining and assigning user stories
  • Code the web application from scratch: from the back-end to the user interface
  • Deploy your app on a production environment
  • Pitch your product during the Demo Day!

Career Services

We help our students find a job by preparing them for technical interviews, organising job fairs, startup office hours and coaching sessions with tech recruiters and alumni. We have helped our 15,174+ graduates find their dream job!

React.js Extension Course

After the bootcamp, all our alumni get access to Le Wagon’s one-week online extension training in React.js and Redux. A very useful course for our students who want to go deeper in front-end development or apply to front-end developer jobs.

Lifelong Access to our Online Platform

Our alumni keep a lifelong access to our online platform with 300+ challenges, 100+ hours of video lessons to re-watch any time after the bootcamp, 100+ live-codes and tutorials on real-life developer examples and 900+ flashcards to rehearse core concepts.

Slack icon Slack & Community

Our 15,174+ alumni discuss every day on Le Wagon’s Slack channels after the course, getting help from our 900+ teachers, sharing tips, resources, code snippets, job offers and news from their products. An engaged and passionate tech community, all over the world.


And when the course ends… It’s not over! Lifetime access to the online platform, connections to the best startups, and even the opportunity to continue your training by becoming a teaching assistant.

Claire Schults
Claire SchultsProject Manager at Startup Flow

The curriculum in Le Wagon courses is really first class. They have found a way to teach you all of the important practical skills you'll need to make a web application, while cutting out unnecessary/theoretical computer science subjects.

Aoife McDaid
Aoife McDaidFull-stack Developer at Algolia

Most learning and rewarding experience of my life! The Le Wagon bootcamp is a very intensive experience. If you like being challenged and solving problems, you will absolutely love this course!

Rayan Chaves De Castro
Rayan Chaves De CastroCTO at Horta Lab

Le Wagon went beyond my expectations with an extremely complete course, an impressive online platform including efficient, motivational and entertaining challenges and tools, highly skilled teachers, a top teaching method and a very active community.

Hien-Chanh Quach
Hien-Chanh QuachFull-stack Developer at Skello

A typical day at Le Wagon São Paulo

From morning lectures to evening talks, every day is in São Paulo action-packed.

  • 09:00 Lectures
  • 10:30 Challenges
  • 16:00 Yoga
  • 17:00 Live-code
  • 18:00 Events 20:00
Lectures09:00 - 10:30

Grab a coffee and start every morning with an engaging & interactive lecture, before putting what you’ve learnt into practice.

Challenges10:30 - 16:00

Pair up with your buddy for the day, and work on a series of programming challenges with the help of our teaching staff.

Yoga (Optional)16:00 - 17:00

Learning to code can be very intense. If you want, you can make the most of the yoga classes we organize on certain days to relax and take a break.

Live code
Live-code17:00 - 18:00

Review the day’s challenges and get an overview of upcoming lessons during live code sessions.

Talks & Workshops
Events (Optional)18:00 - 20:00

Be inspired and get priceless advice from successful entrepreneurs invited for exclusive talks.

Career Week

At the end of the bootcamp, you are welcome to join our Career Week. This week gives you the tools you need to take the next steps in your career, whether it is finding your first job in tech, building a freelance career, or launching a start-up.

Workshops Workshops

Benefit from a combination of panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and assignments to help you find the right career path.

Becoming job-ready Becoming job-ready

Prepare your personal profile, complete job applications, prepare for technical challenges, and make a game plan for after the bootcamp!

Inspiration Inspiration

Hear from alumni about their post-Bootcamp journeys and what a typical day looks like in their new careers.

Custom-made Custom-made

You can join any workshops or watch any tutorials that you are interested in. You create your own career week according to your interests and objectives

Timetable for the week
  • Discover career paths
  • Prepare for a job application
  • Prepare for technical challenges
  • Apply for jobs
  • Game plan post bootcamp

Build your developer portfolio.

During our web development course in São Paulo, you learn the essentials of programming while building your own web applications. As a result, you end up the course with a rich Github portfolio containing at least two fully-functional web applications - an Airbnb-like marketplace and your own final project.

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Barraca Livre

Barraca Livre is a community so people can discover, list and share camping spaces around Latin America.

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ProgramaThor is a platform for developers looking for their next opportunity and companies actively hiring.

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Find the perfect media out of home to advertise!

Passionate teachers

Since day one, we’ve taken teaching seriously. Great teachers inspire us to connect to topics on a profound level. Experience as a developer alone doesn’t necessarily make one an effective teacher — that’s why we’re passionate about finding not only great engineers, but deeply committed, experienced teachers.

Ed Colen
Ed Colen

Ed always taught and learned in different contexts. His interest in human-technology interaction was deepened along his master's in psychology and led him to the tech industry. After attending Le Wagon’s Web Dev batch #446, he now also teaches code.

more about Ed
Roberto Barros
Roberto Barros

Roberto started his career in software development participating to Buscape's amazing journey of a company growing from 40 to 1000 employees. Today he is the CTO of JobforModel, a marketplace for Fashion Models.

more about Roberto

There are some ingredients that make this web development bootcamp very unique. First of all, the teachers are amazing, they help and support you a lot during the whole course, you can feel they really enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills.

Claire Dupont
Claire DupontProduct Manager at Unity Technologies

At first, it was hard for me to learn web development, but the teachers made sure I made progress and really helped me along the way. Looking back at the whole experience, Le Wagon is the best investment I've made in myself and my career.

Maria Sut
Maria SutBack-end Developer at Tecnotramit

Le Wagon's method is perfectly implemented, but what makes the difference are the people working there. They just keep motivating us, treating us with a lot of attention and patience. They made us feel good, happy, focused and part of the community.

Piotr Godzinski
Piotr GodzinskiFreelance Developer

In the end my expectations for this course were even exceeded. The teachers were amazingly motivating and competent, I met interesting people from different professional backgrounds, the exercises & method enabled a step-by-step learning process.

Nhung Nguyen
Nhung NguyenFreelance Developer

Community and tools for life

São Paulo Web Development course is just the beginning of the journey. Once you graduate, you belong to a global community and have access to our online platform to keep learning and growing.

Slack icon Slack communities

Get tips and advice from professional developers, access exclusive job and freelance opportunities, find support for your project launch.

Online platform

Access our online education platform at any time after the web development course, with lectures, screencasts, flashcards and challenges.

Additional resources

Benefit from advanced tutorials in software development to push your computer science skills further and keep on learning and practicing after the bootcamp.

Icon tutorials Global network

Receive unique job and freelance opportunities from Le Wagon's alumni who work as developers, product managers and entrepreneurs in successful tech companies all over the world.

Community and tools for life

The people I met there and the skills I learned completely exceeded my expectations. The absolute highlight were the three last weeks in which we built two MVPs. This was an absolutely amazing experience and I would recommend it to anybody in doubt.

Joscha Koepke
Joscha KoepkeProduct Manager at Google

Le Wagon helped me to connect to different tech communities and gain insights on the different tech sectors. More importantly, I met a group of new friends who share common interests. I would proudly recommend Le Wagon's web development course.

Audrey Gourdji
Audrey GourdjiFront-end Developer at A3 collective

A "life changing experience", meaning every word of it! More than just a team of teachers and an amazing course, we are part of a big family at Le Wagon. There is a real community who can help us even after the bootcamp, so inspiring!

Sandra De Castro
Sandra De CastroFull-stack Developer at Dernier Cri

Find a job in the best tech companies in São Paulo

Once the web development course ends, you benefit from our career services. We help you prepare for tech interviews, meet the best recruiters in São Paulo and connect with relevant alumni.

microsoftwordCreated with Sketch. Career Playbook

Access a complete guide to kick-start your tech career after the course in São Paulo: boost your portfolio, prepare for technical interviews, leverage on our 15,174 alumni community.

myspaceCreated with Sketch. Career Events

Attend our job fairs and networking events, meet with the best tech companies and receive offers from recruiters looking for talent in tech-related roles.

buymeacoffeeCreated with Sketch. Alumni Coaching Sessions

Our alumni often come back to share their post-bootcamp experiences. You will learn about how they found a job, started their own company or freelancing career.

wechatCreated with Sketch. Career Intros

In addition to Slack channels, our local teams know their alumni and what they're up to - we often introduce relevant people to each other to create synergies.

Our web development course alumni get hired by the best companies

They hire our Web Development grads in São Paulo

The best companies partner with Le Wagon and hire our alumni as Web Developers, Product Managers, Growth Hackers or Product Designers.

Amazon Hired 7 graduates
Facebook Hired 3 graduates
Google Hired 5 graduates
Microsoft Hired 3 graduates
NuBank Hired 2 graduates
Uber Hired 2 graduates

Find the right financing option for you

Find out if you are eligible for special offers in São Paulo.


Enroll with a friend and if both are approved in the selection process, each of you receive 7% off.

ISA (Income Share Agreement) - pay only when you have a minimum income of R$ 2,500!
ISA (Income Share Agreement) - pay only when you have a minimum income of R$ 2,500!

How does it work?
You don't pay anything to start the bootcamp!
You only start paying back when you have an income greater than R$ 2,500:
- You pay 15% for a maximum of 60 months.

How can I enroll?
👉 Apply on Le Wagon Web Development Part-Time here or Web Development Full-Time here
👉 Fill Provi form here

ISA option is only available for Web Development Bootcamps, not Data Science ones.

More information about Income Share Agreement
Up to 3 installments without any interest
Up to 3 installments without any interest

You can choose to pay the bootcamp in up to 3 installments without any interest, directly with us.

Up to 36 installments with Provi, our financial partner
Up to 36 installments with Provi, our financial partner

Provi is a fintech startup that believes in the future of tech skilled students and the promising career our coding bootcamp can offer them.

With Provi, you do not need to provide any credit history or warranty, just being accepted in our selection process :-)

Our partnership with Provi offers 4 installment options:
- 12x, with monthly interest of 1,35%
- 18x, with monthly interest of 1,45%
- 24x, with monthly interest of 1,95%
- 36x, with monthly interest of 2,45%

How does it work?
👉 Apply to Le Wagon on lew.ag/applyLWSP
👉 Fill the form: provi.com.br/le-wagon

More information about financing
Payment at once
Payment at once

We offer (not cumulatively with other discounts) a 5% discount if you pay at once.

The most acclaimed Coding Bootcamp

Le Wagon is the #1 ranked coding bootcamp on Switchup Coursereport logo

Le Wagon has 2317 reviews with an average grade of 4.98/5 which makes it the most acclaimed coding bootcamp worldwide on Switchup according to student reviews! Whilst these reviews make us proud, above all they make us happy. Behind these reviews are hundreds of people around the world who have had a life-changing experience joining our program, which has opened new doors for them. We feel blessed and honoured to have enabled them - and to keep enabling our students - to become autonomous in coding, upskill or change their career, or launch their own startups.

Also, these 2317 reviews are extremely important for us to make sure we’re always meeting the same level of excellence. Having such positive and enthusiastic reviews about our bootcamps is the ultimate proof that we provide the best tech education for all our students, in the 41 cities we run our coding bootcamps in.

Any questions about our program in São Paulo

If you got here, it means that you have questions about Le Wagon: how to apply, who can join, what you’ll learn… Good! We have the answers.

Which financing type and payments are accepted?

We have the following payment methods and discounts:

Payment methods:
• From 1x to 5x without interest
• 12x (1.89% monthly interest)
• 18x (1.99% monthly interest)
• 24x (2.19% monthly interest)

Discounts (non-cumulative):
• 5% for payment at once
• 7% Co-founders (if you refer a friend to bootcamp and both are approved in our selection process)

How does the selection process work? Which are the steps?

Our selection process does not take into account any technical skills, so it's not necessary to have technical background or to previously know how to code to study with us (we have students who are former oceanographers, philosophers, photographers, filmmakers, sociologists, physiotherapists, tattoo artists, etc!).

However, on the selection process we will evaluate your posture and profile, as well as your commitment to the program, as it is a collective bootcamp and your absence or lack of engagement would affect the group as a whole.

Given this, it has the following phases:

- Interview (online or in-person) for profile analysis and expectations;
- Completing a 10-hour online Ruby course;
- Payment data and contract signature;
- Preparatory work to be completed until the bootcamp starts, lasting approximately 60 hours.

If you wish, you can sign up at https://lew.ag/applyLWSP (no obligation). As soon as you sign up, you will receive a link to schedule an interview with us :)

What are the technical requirements for the course? Do I need to speak english? Should I buy a specific computer to take the course?

Full-Time and Part-Time courses are taught in Portuguese, but you need to be able to understand written English, as our platform and exercises are in English.

For the computer, we have no minimum requirements. On the first day, we will do a setup on all machines to install the tools you will need during bootcamp, so don't worry!

Which languages do you teach? Is it web-focused only or there are mobile languages?

Our training is Full-Stack, which means you will end up mastering Front-End and Back-End development.

On the Front-End, our stack consists of HTML, CSS and Javascript. On the Back-End, we have pure Ruby in the first weeks and introduce the Rails framework midway through the course.

For database languages, we have SQL, through formats such as CSV, MySQL and PostgreSQL. In addition, our students end up having solid knowledge in Git and Github as well as deployment in Heroku.

We don't teach mobile native languages, but we will teach you how to create responsive web applications that will fit perfectly on mobile phones. Plus, through PWA (Progressive Web App) technology, you can deliver a user experience that is remarkably similar to a native app.

What courses do you offer? It's full-time only or there's a part-time format too?

Here in São Paulo, we have a single product, the full-stack web development bootcamp and you can attend it Full-Time or Part-Time:

Full-Time Bootcamp: 9 weeks long, on Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Part-Time Bootcamp: 24 weeks long, on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7 pm to 10 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm.

Why did you choose Ruby as a back-end language?

Le Wagon prefer not to follow the hype and base the program on a more long-lasting foundation. We truly believe you should NOT attend a bootcamp to learn a language, but to be able to deeply think as a software engineer: someone who is capable of breaking down problems into software components and build solutions from the ground up.

Coding is here to build stuff and a bootcamp should equip you to be an autonomous creator. During the bootcamp, you will learn Ruby, Javascript, SQL, HTML and CSS! Besides that, we choose to teach Ruby because we believe it's the best language to start in the world of programming, due to that:

1 - It's the first language that puts the developer at the center of the creation process. Most languages were created with the machine in mind (robustness, stability, performance...). The consequence is that computer languages can be unintuitive and complex to learn. Ruby is concise, elegant and reads like English, so students can focus on developing their logical thinking rather than memorizing the syntax.

2 - Ruby is object-oriented programming: it means that the building blocks of programming are transversal to all of them (variables, functions, strings, arrays, hashes). Once you learn object-oriented programming, you'll be ready to acquire new skills in other back-end languages. Most of Le Wagon graduates who are now working as professional developers are coding in several different languages, frameworks and stacks, from Elixir to Python.

3 - Paired with Rails (an open source framework created by a startup founder and author of the book "Rework" David Heinemeier Hansson), it brings an extremely efficient way of building web apps. Ruby on Rails has an amazing community of developers and was used to build companies like Airbnb, Github, Twitter, Soundcloud, Kickstarter and Shopify.

Does Le Wagon offer career help? What is the job placement rate? There are partnership with companies?

We have many partnerships with companies that already know Le Wagon's reputation as the biggest and best programming bootcamp in the world. They come every batch to meet our students (some of them are hired before the end of bootcamp!). In addition, many alumni start their own business and look for other alumni to work with them; as well, there are other alumni who are working in companies with open spots and they bring these opportunities for our students.

Le Wagon's alumni and teacher network, with over 7,000 members worldwide, greatly facilitates job-seeking and networking for jobseekers. This also makes it much easier for those interested in living and working abroad, as the program is exactly the same worldwide.

For more questions & answers, you can visit our FAQ section! If you would like to discuss with Le Wagon team, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Next São Paulo Web Development course (full-time coding bootcamp) starts on Jul 11, 2022

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