There's financing options for everyone

We make tuition payments easy and get financing options available to you.


How it works: You can choose to pay the bootcamp in up to 5 instalments without any interest, directly with us.
- the last instalment must be paid before the Demo Day (end of the bootcamp).

How it works: Provi is a fintech startup that believes in the future of tech skilled students and the promising career our bootcamps can offer them. 
 Our partnership with Provi offers 4 instalment options:
  •  12x, with monthly interest of 1,35%
  •  18x, with monthly interest of 1,45%
  •  24x, with monthly interest of 1,95%
  •  36x, with monthly interest of 2,45%
- Be accepted in the selection process of Le Wagon
- Fill out Provi's credit assessment and be eligible.

How it works: We offer a 5% discount if you pay upfront.
Eligibility: For everyone, but not cumulative with any other discount.

How it works: Any Alumni willing to do another training at Le Wagon will be eligible to a 10% discount.
- Be an alumni of any bootcamp program
- Study in the same country
- Discount non cumulative.

How it works:
If you decide to bring a friend, a cousin or your mom to study in the same bootcamp as you, you will both get a 7% discount.

- You need to attend the same batch
- Non cumulative with any other discount.

How it works: We've partnered with Provi once again, so everyone can become a coder!
You don't pay anything to start the bootcamp!
You only start paying back when you have an income greater than R$ 2,500:
- You pay 15% for a maximum of 60 months.
- You pay a maximum of  R$ 29000 (indexed on inflation)

 That's it!

- Live and work in Brazil
- Be accepted in the selection process of Le Wagon
- Be selected by our ISA Committee for our ISA Slots per batch (limited seats)
- ISA option is only available for the Web Development Bootcamp, not Data Science.

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Finances shouldn't be a barrier to accessing our bootcamps. We're always finding new ways to facilitate payments and fundings.

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