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Próximo bootcamp: 4/12/2017 a 20/02/2018

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Aulas em BH são em português

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Code the startup way.

Learn web-development

Learn all about Ruby, SQL, and the Rails application framework. Develop your front-end skills by using advanced CSS patterns (flexbox, CSS grid) and go deeper into Javascript and ES6, the latest version of Javascript. More details.

Think like a Software engineer

A person who has the big picture on technical issues, who understands what MVC means, knows how to design a database schema or to dissect an HTTP request, and who can start learning a new programming language very quickly.

Adopt a technical workflow

There's definitely a good way of building tech products and that's what we will teach you. Write your MVP's user stories, draw your database scheme, build a mockup with Sketch, collaborate using pull-requests and code-reviews on Github. That's how successful startups work.

Get the startup toolkit

Heroku, Stripe, MailChimp, Cloudinary, Algolia... We will teach you how to implement all these services to be more efficient at the launch of your new product. Save time, use the right tool for your specific need, that's our developer mindset.

Build your product

No one will teach you how to build web products as we do. Kudoz has just raised 1.2M, Impact is disrupting politics, MaShareEcole school, MedPics healthcare, Krawd marketing... and there are so many other projects in the starting blocks. Check it out for yourself.

Land a new job

Working as a junior developer for Stripe, Algolia, Molotov, Save, Compass, 55, Save, etc.. We will help you find your dream job, either as a junior dev, product manager or growth hacker. Discuss with any of our alumni to find out more!

What our students think of us

Catherine Oxley

I always knew I was interested in becoming a Web Developer but I was doing a non-technical degree at university an... Read more

Catherine Oxley
Batch #54, London
Published on Course Report, 05 May 2017
Sosuke Ebina

Before I started the wagon, I was a marketing manager of IT company in Japan. After few years of working on projec... Read more

Sosuke Ebina
Batch #78, Tokyo
Published on SwitchUp, 04 Oct 2017
Khalid Abubaker

Technology is something that I always liked, that's why I decided to major in computer engineering. It was that mo... Read more

Khalid Abubaker
Batch #78, Tokyo
Published on Course Report, 17 Oct 2017
Julie Ehrmann

I graduated in 2013 from a business school with a specialisation in finance, then worked for 3 years in startups b... Read more

Julie Ehrmann
Batch #48, Paris
Published on Course Report, 13 Mar 2017
Diosa Taylor

Before Le Wagon, I spent about a year doing various online courses to try to learn how to code. They taught me the... Read more

Diosa Taylor
Batch #62, Amsterdam
Published on Course Report, 05 Jan 2017
Thibault Derennes

I was one of the student of batch #77 in Montreal (summer 2017) and my only regret about LeWagon is that I didn't ... Read more

Thibault Derennes
Batch #77, Montréal
Published on Course Report, 27 Sep 2017

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Teachers in Belo Horizonte

Mathieu Le Roux

Mathieu has been involved in tech startups for the last 15 years, having participated in Amazon France’s opening in 2000. After 6 years working as a VC in Paris, he came back to Brazil in 2012 to launch Deezer’s operations in Latam. Fan of travel and education, he spent a year travelling the world in 2004 and authored a book translated in 9 languages about sustainable innovation where he portrayed entrepreneurs changing the world.

Driver Le Wagon Brazil




Fernando Americano

Fernando built a career dedicated to the world of technology, having worked for innovative companies like Nissan, Qualcomm and Startup Farm. Fernando seeks to inspire and help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. With that in mind, he took the bootcamp in Paris and joined forces with Mathieu and Pedro to bring Le Wagon to Brazil.

Driver Le Wagon Brazil




Pedro Meyer

Pedro is brazilian and has worked as a professional advertisement and fashion photographer for 12 years. Living in Paris since 2012 he took a leap of faith and decided to embrace his geekiness and learnt to code at Le Wagon bootcamp. He has fallen in love with code and the Le Wagon family ever since. After working in Paris and Amsterdam as a teaching assistant he teamed up with Fernando and Mathieu to bring Le Wagon to brazil.

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Jean-Baptiste Feldis

Jean-Baptiste (please call him JB !) has been programming since he wanted to make his Amstrad CPC128 talk. After studying computer engineering at La Sorbonne in Paris he cofounded Studio Melipone in 2007, a development studio specialized in Ruby and Rails. Since then, he has kept working for startups on projects of all kinds and sizes. When he's not in his cave hacking something (or playing video games) he can generally be found in the mountains hiking or paragliding.

Matheus Penchel

Matheus Penchel is a Brazilian developer with a passion for game-design and for web development. He worked with VB, Java, C, C++, until he finally met Ruby, which charmed him for it's simplicity and syntax. Since then, he worked with Ruby on Rails on several different projects and companies, where he fell in love with Startups and agile methodologies. The most known project in which he worked was QConcursos, the biggest education platform on Brazil to prepare yourself for public careers exams.

Ruby on Rails Teacher



Marcos Felipe Pimenta Rodrigues

Marcos has been working with Ruby on Rails and several front-end technologies since 2010. He worked on many internal systems and freelance projects before entering in the world of startups. Nowadays, he works as online mentor/consultant and freelancer.

Roberto Barros

Roberto has been into computer since he was 14 years old. After an engineering degree, he started a career in software development that lead him to participate to Buscape's amazing journey of a company growing from 40 to 1000 employees. Afterwards, he cofounded various startup, the last of which, JobforModel is an online marketplace for Fashion Models.

Tips from Belo Horizonte

Por que BH?

BH é o segundo polo na área de tecnologia e informática abrigando empresas como Google e iniciativas como o SEED, que atrai startups do mundo todo, e a FINIT, que em 2016 colocou mais de 50.000 pessoas vivendo, experimentando e fazendo tecnologia. BH também é lar de um dos Ecossistemas mais movimentados do país – o San Pedro Valley, que congrega empresas como Sympla, Hotmart, Rock Content e muitas outras.

BH ainda possui uma vida noturna agitada e é conhecida por sua grande variedade de bares e restaurantes. É o único Le Wagon do mundo onde você vai poder aprender a codar comendo o pão de queijo mais tru® e bebendo cachaça artesanal.

Para os alunos que vêm de fora de Belo Horizonte temos uma parceria com a Easy Houses que oferece as melhores soluções em moradia compartilhada.


They hired our students

Where our students are working


Olivier Godement

Country Operations


Jean-Edern Lorillon

Business Development


Louis Pinot

Web Developer


Amélie Beurrier

Product Manager

Scalr bis

Jean-Baptiste Beck

Business Development


Alice Clavel

Back-end Developer


Fabien Loup

Software Engineer


Maxime Braud

Product Manager


Camille Delbove

Front-end Developer


Michael Monin

Back-end developer


Sébastien Ferre

FullStack developer


Marina Starkova

Developer Ruby on Rails


Thomas Deschamps

Backend Developer


Nordine Slimani

Product Manager

Rectangle 3 copy 2   bitmap

Mehdi Ayouche

Product Manager

Rectangle 3 copy   bitmap

Thomas Joët

Product Manager


Olivier Casassus

Digital Marketing Manager

Drivy logo

Jean Anquetil

Full Stack Developer


Manou Febvret

Front-end Developer


Ilias Hicham

Junior Ruby Developer

Doctolib logo1

Alice Gillet

Strategic Partnerships Manager


Mia Wardé

Customer Success Manager


Eric Lacaille

Software Engineer


Edouard Winia

Product Manager

Logo skello bleu .937912883

Ariane Coulon

Fullstack Developer

Finalcad logo blue 308603 smaller

Nicolas Biencourt

Product Manager

Logo uber

Emeric Henon

Marketing Manager API

Logo psafe

Louis Robert

Product Manager


Hugo Vandernotte

Data Scientist


Grégoire Charles

Product Manager

Car2go logo

Andrew Rogerson

Full Stack Developer

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In Belo Horizonte, lectures are given in Brazilian Portuguese. Next batch will start on December 4, 2017. Apply Now