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Le Wagon graduates are joining the best tech companies every day, either global companies or high-growth startups.

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Morgan Fula
Morgan Fula Now Front-end Developer at Freelance
Read Carole's story
Carole Douchy
Carole Douchy Now Project Manager at Altran
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Simon Busch
Simon Busch Now Full-stack Developer at E-nno
Player iconPlay video. Watch François's story
François Capel
François Capel Now Senior Consultant at Merck Group
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Emmanuel Ferreira
Emmanuel Ferreira Now Customer Success at Tayo
Read Clara's story
Clara Le Roux
Clara Le Roux Now UX Designer at ISO - International Organization for Standardization
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Hugo Mori
Hugo Mori Now Full-stack Developer at Alogo
Read Sinan's story
Sinan Ucak
Sinan Ucak Now Product Owner at Be.Care
Player iconPlay video. Watch Lauriane's story
Lauriane Bonnet
Lauriane Bonnet Now Front-end Developer at Tayo
Read Iris's story
Iris Wolfisberg
Iris Wolfisberg Now Full-stack Developer at TieTalent
Read James's story
James Hart
James Hart Now Data Scientist at Neo Instinct
Read Nathan's story
Nathan Tempels
Nathan Tempels Now Full-stack Developer at Tayo
Read Giovanni's story
Giovanni Salcuni
Giovanni Salcuni Now Freelance Developer at Freelancer
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