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Zurich Campus


Everything you need to know about Le Wagon Zurich

Dive deeper into our campus life in Zurich. Learn about our bootcamps and discover our alumni and campus' daily life!

  • Le Wagon Zurich  | A Bootcamp Experience in Zurich

    Le Wagon Zurich | A Bootcamp Experience in Zurich

  • Le Wagon Zurich | One word: Bootcamp experience

    Le Wagon Zurich | One word: Bootcamp experience

  • Le Wagon Zurich | Alumni Story | Johanna Björnsdottir

    Le Wagon Zurich | Alumni Story | Johanna Björnsdottir

Our courses

Join our immersive bootcamps in Zurich

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Start your tech journey by attending a free workshop in Zurich

In addition to our courses, we host free evening workshops and entrepreneurial talks at our Zurich campus. Come down and meet us!

Web Development course in Zurich

Data Science course in Zurich

Le Wagon Zurich

Bellerivestrasse 201, 8008 Zürich

You can start for FREE! Join a live workshop for web development, data analytics, or UX design.

Bellerivestrasse 201, 8008 Zürich

Web Development course in Zurich

Data Science course in Zurich

Le Wagon Zurich

Bellerivestrasse 201, 8008 Zürich


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See what our students do after their bootcamp in Zurich

  • Charlotte  de Belay

    Charlotte de Belay

    Data Analyst


  • Siegfried Bozza

    Siegfried Bozza

    Software Engineer Intern


  • James Hart

    James Hart

    Data Analyst

    Neo Instinct

  • Patricie  Knopová

    Patricie Knopová

    System Software Engineer


  • Aleksandra  Hola

    Aleksandra Hola

    Fullstack Software Engineer Intern


  • Hadrien Morand

    Hadrien Morand

    Teaching Assistant

    Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

  • Yulia Mikhaylova

    Yulia Mikhaylova

    Software Engineer


  • Camille Ernoult

    Camille Ernoult

    Management Consulting - Digital Transformation


  • Thomas Lafaille

    Thomas Lafaille


    High Stakes Switzerland

  • Alex Lasky

    Alex Lasky

    User Experience Researcher

    Notation Creative Consulting

  • Huey Yee (Kerry)  Pang

    Huey Yee (Kerry) Pang

    Junior Software Engineer


  • Giannina  Binder

    Giannina Binder

    Junior Web Developer - Motion Designer

  • Rosanna  Montanaro

    Rosanna Montanaro

    Market Data Processing Intern


  • Rosalie  Quach

    Rosalie Quach

    Product Manager


Campus life

Take a look at our campus in Zurich

  • Zurich Campus
  • Zurich Campus
  • Zurich Campus
  • Zurich Campus
  • Zurich Campus
  • Zurich Campus

Meet the staff in Zurich

Why you should study in Zurich

It is not a secret that is very tough to get access to the Swiss Job Market. But when you manage to enter it, it is very rewarding in terms of quality of life and salary. By studying in Zurich, benefit from our connections with local hiring companies and start networking right from the beginning of the bootcamp with recruiters, alumni, teachers, event speakers and participants, etc.

The annual EIU report (Global Liveability Index 2022) provides a ranking of the best places to live in the world – 173 cities scored across five broad categories and ranked according to stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. Zurich has been ranked 3rd with an overall rating of 96.3, just below Copenhagen and Vienna. Often mistaken as Switzerland’s capital (that’s actually Bern), Zürich is its largest and wealthiest city, meaning it attracts people from all over the world looking to live a better life. Once they arrive, most quickly discover the city’s true appeal – yes, it’s efficient, clean and well run but scratch a little below the surface and you’ll discover a post-industrial cauldron of young and old creatives treading its winding streets, venturing into the surrounding mountains and lakes in search of adventure, bringing new ideas to life, and buzzing with the opportunities of what may be thanks to its ‘anything is possible’ atmosphere. Commuting to work by floating down the Limmat River is also a great way to start each day!

Switzerland is playing a key role in building the next dimension of the internet: the metaverse. Thanks to the influence of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Disney Research and Magic Leap have all opened offices or research laboratories in Switzerland's economic capital.

The city of Zurich is the largest technology hub with an impressive number of 100,000 registered software developers, and also the largest foreign community!

Switzerland is home to world-renowned universities and research institutes in the area of AI, such as the two federal institutes of technology ETH Zurich and EPFL in Lausanne, IDSIA in Lugano, IDIAP in Martigny, and many cantonal universities. This proximity to cutting-edge research is an important reason why global tech companies such as Google, IBM, and HPE conduct their research from here. Thanks to its traditional strength in the field of life sciences, Switzerland also drives AI developments in healthcare and pharmaceuticals. There is a closely-knit tech ecosystem in place that brings innovative products to the market quickly.

Its rich heritage of financial security, strong privacy laws and a pragmatic regulatory approach made Switzerland a vibrant hub for new business ideas in the field of distributed ledger technology (DLT) such as blockchain.

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