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Once the bootcamps ends, you will benefit from our career services.

Our local team will help you prepare for tech interviews, meet the best local recruiters and connect with relevant alumni. You will also have access to a complete guide to kick-start your tech career after the course: boost your portfolio, prepare for technical interviews, leverage our 23,000+ alumni community, but also to lots of useful Slack channels to find jobs or freelance opportunities.

Our local team will introduce you to the right people depending on your goal and you will meet with inspiring alumni who will come back to share their post-bootcamp experiences, like how they found a job, started their own company or freelancing career.

These are some career services we will provide:

  • Networking events, job fairs, career workshops and office hours with alumni or tech recruiters
  • Coaching sessions with our Talent Manager or local alumni
  • Resources our Career Playbook
  • Introductions to our network of hiring partners through our Hiring Newsletter
  • Career week with practical workshops (from building a portfolio to inspiring talks)

Data scientists are experts adept at extracting valuable insights from large datasets to aid organizations in solving complex problems, including those encountered in AI projects. They collaborate closely with business stakeholders to pinpoint opportunities for growth and areas needing improvement.
Their role involves selecting and refining the appropriate datasets, and utilizing machine learning, statistical modeling, and artificial intelligence to analyze them and identify patterns and trends. In AI projects, they develop intelligent algorithms and predictive models, enhancing the business with data-driven strategies and automated solutions.
Data scientists convey their findings clearly to other team members, offering data-backed recommendations to guide organizational strategies and decisions.

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering exceptional career services to our students. With lifetime access to our premier learning platform, personalized career coaching, and an extensive network of local and global hiring partners, we are dedicated to ensuring your success. Our 1:1 interview coaching will prepare you to shine in any tech interview, while our powerful alumni network of over 25k worldwide opens doors to endless opportunities.