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Le Wagon welcomes students from different walks of life and helps them transition into a role in tech. Get inspired and forge your own path today.

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10 years of experience
Le Wagon was founded in 2013 and has 10 years of experience teaching tech skills and helping people change their life, start a career in tech and thrive in their new job. More than 23,000 alumni have graduated from our bootcamps in 40 cities around the world, and Le Wagon is the most acclaimed coding bootcamp worldwide on Switchup according to student reviews. Feel free to reach out to any of our graduates on Linkedin to hear what they have to say about Le Wagon.

Making you team-ready
We've spent a lot of time improving our bootcamps to teach our students the core concepts and give them solid foundations, but also to make sure they learn how to collaborate in a tech team with the right methodology and workflow, and that they know how to use modern tools and apply best practices in Web Development and Data. This makes Le Wagon's graduates extremely interesting for tech recruiters since lots of other bootcamps don't necessarily teach these extra skills focusing their curriculum more on a specific technology or language.

A unique community
Le Wagon's community is the most active bootcamp network with more than 23,000 alumni, 213 startups founded by alumni (raising more than $1 billion altogether) and 1000 teachers in Web Development and Data. Once you graduate from Le Wagon, you belong to this vibrant family, you will keep learning for life with the support of this community, and access unique job and freelance opportunities.

Full-time schedule
The full-time bootcamp is a 9-week program, from Monday to Friday, 9am - 6pm. To get the most out of the program, you need to be fully committed to it as it is a truly demanding experience (360 hours of code in 9 weeks + the additional time for preparation work). Generally, people who keep a side activity during the bootcamp struggle to keep pace.

Part-time schedule
The part-time bootcamp is a 24-week program, where students can learn in their free time when it's most convenient for them. Keep your own pace by watching weekly lectures and completing quizzes at a time that suits you. You can choose two live learning sessions each week to engage with teachers and students.
The part-time program is a marathon of 24 weeks! It requires students to be rigorous, do their homework, and be even more committed than full-time.

Note that the part-time schedule can be slightly adapted in each city and include some breaks for public holidays.

We do not provide accommodation or catering. The price of the course only includes the tuition - and unlimited tea and coffee. Nonetheless, our city managers will be more than happy to recommend some great places for your stay as they are used to helping students find accommodation and have lots of good plans.

The main difference between an academic degree and a bootcamp is that we don't start from scratch and we learn with a lot of practice using modern tools and methods. In an academic curriculum in CS or DS, you will start learning all the theoretical knowledge (e.g. hardware layer of your computer for a CS degree, or advanced concepts of linear algebra and statistics for a DS degree) before moving to applied topics like web development or machine learning. This is only useful if you want to be able to navigate between these layers. However nowadays, you can build almost anything while only mastering the last part. That's why we designed our bootcamps this way. Of course you won't work at Tesla as a software engineer or at Google as a Deep Learning expert (unless you already have a scientific background when joining our bootcamp) but you will be able to work on your own tech products, web applications and data science projects or find a job as a junior developer, data scientist, data analyst or product manager with enough skills and knowledge to get started in your new company and bring value. Of course, that will be your role to keep learning in your new job and become more expert in specific topics.