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Le Wagon welcomes students from different walks of life and helps them transition into a role in tech. Get inspired and forge your own path today.

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If you're unable to join our full-time course, you can consider joining our part-time cohort. Requiring an approximate commitment of 16 hours per week, enjoy a mix of pre-recorded on-demand lectures and live lectures while engaging in interactive sessions from the comfort of your home. This program is perfect for those looking to balance work and life, and it's led by expert instructors in a collaborative learning environment, complete with teachers, teaching assistants, and fellow students similarly to our full-time bootcamp.

At the end of the bootcamp, you'll be ready to take on roles in Data Science and AI projects. You'll know how to turn data into actionable insights and manage machine & deep learning models from start to finish using the best tools available.

Your next steps could be:

At the end of bootcamp, you will have a junior developer level. This means you will be able to quickly prototype your ideas by creating web applications on your own. For instance, you will know how to include authentication to your web application (simple signin/signup, or Facebook/WeChat connect), add an admin back-office, include payment features, automate e-mails sending, and much more. You will also know how to quickly deploy in production and you will have learned programming best practices used by the best tech companies. You will then have different options at the end of the course:

  • Find a developer job (front-end developer, back-end developer or full-stack developer)
  • Find a tech-related job (e.g. product manager, solution engineer, operations manager, customer success manager, etc.) in a startup or a tech company
  • Continue your entrepreneurial journey
  • Become a freelance web developer

You will learn some concepts behind mobile app development. Let’s be clear: you will not learn iOS, Android or Windows Phone development. We really think these skills cannot be taught (honestly) in a few weeks. We prefer teaching you the basics of programming and web development for many reasons. First, these are the core skills of a software engineer, even if you want to dive into mobile development later on. Second, the web is the open platform you need to understand. Thanks to Responsive Web Design (which is part of the program), you will be able to create apps that will display nicely on mobile devices. You will also learn to create APIs that will be used by your mobile apps. It will then be very easy for any mobile developers to code your iOS or Android interface starting from the API you’ve built.

The job title "Data Scientist" can correspond to very different roles depending on the company (startup, scale-up, big company), the product you're working on and the team you will join. After Le Wagon's Data Science bootcamp, you will be able to apply to data analyst jobs. For data scientist or data engineer jobs, it will depend on the company and their criteria. For instance, some big tech companies (e.g. Airbnb or Facebook) will only accept data scientists profiles with a PhD in Mathematics, so you will not be able to apply to these positions unless you come to our Data Science bootcamp with a strong background in Mathematics already. In lots of smaller companies (like early-stage startups or data agencies) they will accept candidates with solid foundations in data science but less academic background in Mathematics, so they will be very interested in your profile after the course.

We do teach TDD. Every day, students work on exercises prepared and refined for 8 years by Le Wagon’s pedagogical team. Those use the red / green / refactor methodology. Every evening, during the livecode, the class starts from a blank sheet and uses TDD to solve the challenges. We teach RSpec, the testing framework most used by rubyists.

Apart from a good internet connection, no! There are some tools to download, like Slack, but other tools (e-learning platforms and software) are accessible from your Internet browser.