There's financing options for everyone

We make tuition payments easy and get financing options available to you.


How it works: Pay the full balance in one go and receive a 5% discount on your tuition fees. This is the best option if you want to use your savings and minimize the overall tuition fee.
Eligibility: For everyone applying to Le Wagon in Bali, you must just pay your entire tuition at the time of your enrolment to be eligible for the 5% discount. 

Pay your tuition in 3 instalments. Secure your place with your deposit, and then pay off the remainder in 2 instalments with 50% paid in the first month of the bootcamp and the remaining 50% paid halfway through the course.

Get personalized advice

Finances shouldn't be a barrier to accessing our bootcamps. We're always finding new ways to facilitate payments and fundings.

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