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How it works: If you are a DI beneficiary, you can request them to finance the whole Bootcamp to help you retrain professionally. The DI fund can also continue to pay your daily indemnities and pay for transport and food.

Eligibility: For everyone who is a DI beneficiary.

Please contact your DI office for more information

How it works: In Switzerland, Temporary Workers contribute to a fund called Temptraining, which provides financial support for vocational training for temporary employees, enabling them to progress in their careers and preparing them for the job market. Le Wagon is registered as a certified training institute. Depending on your contributions, you can get up to 5000 CHF off the training cost and 2250 CHF for daily allowances.

: For everyone who has worked as a temporary worker in Switzerland.

Get more information here. 

How it works: Swiss Mountain Aid is a foundation financed exclusively by donations with the aim of improving livelihoods and living conditions in the Swiss mountain region. Thanks to that foundation, you can get 50% off the bootcamp cost.

Eligibility: You need to be working in a small company (less than 49 full-time employees) located in the Mountains (at least zone 2).

Check if you can benefit from the Aid.

How it works: You can get 1000 CHF thanks to the #lifelonglearning Boost program. A program co-developed by Digital Switzerland & UBS.

Eligibility: You must be employed and your employer must contribute to the training as well. It can also work if you are a freelancer.

How it works: Some of our students manage to get funded by their unemployment agency by insisting on upskilling their profile to find a job quicker.

Eligibility: For everyone who is registered as unemployed.

We advise you to contact us before talking to your unemployment officer so we can help you present your request in the best manner.

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